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  1. I'm in modern Europe. Information online points me in the same direction re: funding unfortunately. I also applied to all the other schools in your signature (among others), so let's hope we both get good news from them soon
  2. If the other UWM admit is here, I'd be interested in talking about your impressions of the program!
  3. Most of the non tenure-track jobs out there will be part-time adjunct positions. These usually come with no benefits and are paid quite poorly, even if you manage to cobble together enough contracts to reach a full course load. I agree that full-time lecturer positions with benefits aren’t so bad, but those are not especially numerous in US academia.
  4. I find that unlikely. The process is in full swing, the deadline for most programs has passed. Add the general pandemic fatigue and I don’t think anything that drastic is going to happen.
  5. This is history, look here: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/29-biology/
  6. I’ve similarly been asked to let one professor know when I submit my application. I can’t imagine it would hurt to send an email thanking them for their time talking/Zooming/emailing.
  7. I’ve been thinking about this too. I think attempting to start with an anecdote or quote is just too corny in my case. Maybe if someone has an actual relevant and interesting personal anecdote that would be good to start with, but I think I’m going to begin pretty straightforwardly.
  8. Professors contacted, DAAD scholarship application almost done. Next is the SOP. It’s going to be a long few months.
  9. Wonder if this is any reflection of application trends? Time will tell I suppose.
  10. Question: during my undergrad I worked as an archives assistant at my university’s archives and special collections. I didn’t work on my proposed area of study specifically, but it’s not entirely dissimilar (modern American social history) and a large part of my job was archival reference research. Is this something I should include on my CV?
  11. Now that we’re well into October, where are other people at in the process? Finalizing lists, preparing SOPs? I think it’s kind of interesting that this forum is relatively quiet compared to last year.
  12. Interesting Twitter thread with a Google Doc of history MA programs offering funding:
  13. From my limited experience so far, emailing with and speaking to potential advisors has definitely helped me get deeper insight into individual schools and the application process in general. Obviously some professors want a lot of pre-application contact and others don’t, so it probably behooves applicants to pick up on that when and if the POI responds to their email.
  14. Of the schools I’m planning on applying to, only Rutgers seems to be asking for the GRE. I hope that when they update the site for this cycle they will remove the requirement, seems strange for them to keep it when everyone else is dropping it.
  15. For those of you who learned or are learning (to read) a new language for research: how did you do it? What methods are successful for acquiring reading knowledge, outside of formal instruction?
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