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  1. For those of you who learned or are learning (to read) a new language for research: how did you do it? What methods are successful for acquiring reading knowledge, outside of formal instruction?
  2. As I do more research, I think I will settle on a list of about 8 (PhD) programs, and expect to drop a few of those because of bad fit/POI not taking students. I think figuring out fit is a big reason to contact professors before you apply.
  3. I'll break in the thread! Longtime (mostly) lurker here. I'm a senior history major applying this fall (decided to take a gap year). My interest is in social and economic history of 17th and 18th-century northern Europe, specifically northern Germany, including peasant societies, the history of capitalism and commerce, maritime history, and the North Sea and Atlantic worlds. Right now I'm planning to apply to PhD programs at Brandeis, Brown, UChicago, Northwestern, NYU, Columbia, and Fordham. I've also identified Portland State, UW - Milwaukee, and UMass - Amherst as MA programs if my PhD apps
  4. Hey everyone! This does feel a bit like a ridiculous question, but I thought I'd ask. I'm a senior history major planning to apply to grad schools next year. I just got my fall semester grades back and I got a B on one of my history courses. This semester my university gives us the option to switch the grading basis from A-F to pass/fail after we get our grades back. I'm considering changing that B to a pass, which would very slightly improve my GPA, but I'm more concerned about having the B on my transcript when applying to history grad programs (it would be my lowest history grade). But on t
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