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  1. TMP

    How to politely decline an offer?!

    While the train has left the station, I'd would have held back this statement. That PhD program thought you were already well-qualified and did not need extra MA prep work. It suggests that you would rather go to a more competitive program than to go there. So I'd hesitate to re-apply there. They'll then ask, "What if she gets into a school a notch above us? Will she still turn us down?" If the program offered you a funding package from the Graduate School, they likely have to report where declined offers chose to go and that can affect their ability to retain or gain more funding in the future. I'd use family as a driving force in this case..
  2. TMP

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    That's the kind of stuff you should be reading up on in the department graduate student handbook, which should be posted online on the department website (or contact the graduate coordinator for a copy). Really, really start familiarizing yourself with it because most of the time your adviser (and other professors) won't know/remember what's the standard protocol (blame on a very, very busy life of being a professor!).
  3. My university's dissertation completion fellowship.
  4. TMP

    U Delaware vs U Florida

    For this and given your family situation, I'd head to Delaware.
  5. TMP

    Cheaper MA vs. Higher Ranking MA

    @gorange94 Now I'm curious to know what your letter writers think about your current thoughts.
  6. TMP

    Cheaper MA vs. Higher Ranking MA

    So, what is the rush to get into grad school then? Why not take a year or two off to get a "normal" job and see what's out there besides being a professor? As you undoubtedly know, the PhD is a long haul and will take up a good portion of your 20s (assuming you're of traditional age). You can apply to both MA and PhD programs the next time around.
  7. TMP

    Cheaper MA vs. Higher Ranking MA

    What is your end goal?
  8. TMP

    Advice on deciding between schools

    Davis, hands down. Trust us, you don't want to take out loans if you don't really hav to. Davis is well-regarded but certainly much better than many, many other PhD programs that choose to exist for the sake of grad labor and as crutches for professors' ego and desire to pass their legacy.
  9. @Comparativist, since you down-voted me, I am now curious to know why and whether you actually have anything to contribute to this thread. My experience wasn't much different from @telkanuru.
  10. I've failed my exam before. I was rushing too much and I also didn't allow myself time to digest and integrate arguments (which @fuzzylogician mentioned). My committee, of course, got into a big argument over whether I should stay or leave. They settled that i should be given another chance. I buckled down and re-organized my notes, and then passed the second time. I was still left with so many doubts. I worked hard to pass the second time but I could not shake off the general comment coming from the first exam, "Do you want to be generalist or a specialist? If the latter, it doesn't make sense for you to be a historian." Ouch. Eventually, my favorite committee member reassured me that such a situation isn't going to define what makes a scholar great. Two years later with a number of accomplishments, I believe that she is right. Frankly, I am surprised that your adviser asked you to undertake an article for publication when you should be focused on studying (my adviser severely restricted what I could do during my third year, including grant applications and research). If you advise graduate students in the future, you have this experience to draw from as to how to advise at this stage of graduate students' career. Going forward, if you still have the same committee for the dissertation proposal/prospectus defense, you have this opportunity to truly shine. Go above and beyond with your prep work. Make use of books/articles that you had to read for your exams and show how your dissertation fits with those works. Once you pass this with flying colors, everyone will more or less forget about the exams themselves.
  11. TMP

    U Delaware vs U Florida

    What is your ultimate goal? Try to avoid debt as much as possible. It is perfectly normal to go through the process again-- your UDel MA may get you into strong programs, which you will need for the academic job market unless you do truly amazing work at UF. UF is a big school indeed but your life will be incredibly compartmentalized. You will only need to go to: department building, buildings nearby for classes, library, student health center, grad school building and student union. That's it. You won't be running all over the campus like the undergrads. Where I am, it's a very large school but most of what I need to get to are within 5-10 minutes walk from my department. I don't even think about how *big* the school is unless I'm talking with undergrads about their experiences. As for grandparents, it's very, very hard. I know. My grandfather was ill twice during my PhD. But I was also so busy and he was being well-taken care of by our family that I think that if I had attempted to be with him every weekend, it would not have changed things much for the better (and I would have fallen behind). But every family circumstance is different. At the end, my guess is that your grandparents will want you to go to somewhere that will make you happy-- they are already proud that you're going to get a graduate degree!
  12. TMP

    MA-->PhD vs BA-->PhD job market

    No difference at all. It's how you make the most of the PhD program that matters.
  13. TMP

    Genocide Studies in US or Canada?

    University of Vermont, Stockton University, Keene State University, Clark University all come to my mind. Google "graduate program" and "genocide studies" and you will see plenty. I don't believe there is a program in Canada.... yet. Most of them are quite similar in quality, I think, and it just depends what your goals are. You'll definitely want to check on their alumni network-- where do the grads go?
  14. TMP

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    Skip the jeans. Business casual. If you are a guy, don't worry about a tie-- it's a bit over the top. From my observation, prospective students look way more nervous in their ties than those who didn't. Ladies, you may be doing a good bit of walking so choose shoes that you are comfortable wearing all day. Dress in layers.
  15. TMP

    Stipend enough for NYC?

    I believe that is a question you should ask the housing people at Columbia who are in charge of graduate housing.

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