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  1. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I agree with the above advice. I also had similar situation. Essentially, it depends how open your POI will be. if s/he is trying hard to recruit you, s/he will very likely bring up the search as one did for me (which I declined partly on the time table of that future search). The other program (the one I accepted) was mum about the ongoing search because she felt that the department as a whole was a very strong fit that the search wasn't really going to make-or-break my decision. So I never heard anything about it but only later through the graduate students.
  2. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    @Historiker Take the PhD offer. Other than just the ranking, what is really the advantage of doing a MA at a 1-5 if it's not completely funded? As you can see from the boards (and perhaps my cynicism), getting into a PhD program itself is very difficult and it's not unusual to apply several times. Schools in the "top 20" are still very solid. It's what you make of the opportunities while in that the department and within that university. You e-mail the DGS and your POIs a sweet, short note that you will be declining the offer to attend elsewhere (or whatever other plans you have) and THANK them for their time in reading your materials and hope that your paths will cross in the future.
  3. TMP

    Advice for Fall 2020 Applicants

    Everything matters. Going forward, strengthen your SOP and writing sample and have honest conversations with your professors if they can write a strong letters of support for next cycle. Unlike last fall, you have gained more knowledge and understanding of history and historiography to articulate your interests and questions more clearly.
  4. TMP

    Advice for Fall 2020 Applicants

    If you had applied just as you were starting your MA last fall, your application then didn't change much and it was too soon to re-apply to PhD programs. You need to finish your one-year MA with a completed thesis (or at least a strong chapter for writing sample) and a set of in-depth letters. Your professors in your MA program likely wrote surface-level letters because they didn't really get to know your work as well as they could have. People in MA programs wait until their second (or third) year for best shot into PhD programs.
  5. TMP

    Programs for Modern British History

    @gsc should be good resource here.... since there aren't overwhelming numbers of British historians in the US, you may be best served to seek a British historian and an Europeanist doing cultural history (perhaps French or German).
  6. TMP

    420 Friendly in Graduate School

    There is a very, very fine line between maintaining decorum and rocking the boat. I have seen working-class and/or very liberal students attempt to rock the boat. What will make a difference in the eyes of your colleagues and professors is whether you will be willing to engage in a civil discourse, understand the limits of historical research, and protect your time and energy as a graduate student. First, learn your department and institutional cultures including how drug use is discussed. This acclimation will take about a year. Then you can act accordingly to your beliefs (thought my recommendation is pass the exams first and then you will have a bit more leeway). If you are, however, the type not to be willing to trust the BTDTs on the basic level and follow their sensible advice on a variety of matters (including professionalization), then you will be very unhappy. I have seen one case which a graduate student who deeply believed in anarchy and that rules did not exist (in their world) end very, very, very badly.
  7. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    (a) Then.... why did you apply to Harvard? (b) If it makes you feel better, it's really much better not to do BA and PhD in the same institution unless the degrees are from two entirely different departments. Many well-meaning professors know and understand the perils of being in one place for a long time: one doesn't get such a wide variety of perspectives to improve and bolster one's scholarship. While I'm sure it'll be nice to go back to the familiar, it's better that you go to Yale.
  8. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Unless School 2 is absolutely, absolutely your top choice that you would turn down School 1, I'd keep mum.
  9. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    It's Crimson.
  10. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    My reaction to any PhD program that I applied to with a strongly related MA in hand. Made me wonder if they double checked my CV before sending that letter of rejection... Yeah, I was a bit insulted.
  11. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I'm living in DC right now! PM me ,
  12. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Every school handles decisions differently for whatever reason it chooses. As you will learn in academia, everyone will run their own race, including receiving decisions.
  13. And to be blunt, there were quite a few posts back in the fall that dealt with the very questions that you are bringing up now such as "how do I justify wanting to do a PhD in XZ when my thesis deals with YZ?" and those folks who listened to the advice of the experienced have not had such a problem. FWIW, US history is quite impossible to get in for PhD compared to European history simply because many people want to take the "easier" route to completing the PhD. (it's true, Americanists take at least a year or two less than other fields). To be very competitive, one needs to ask insightful, carefully thought out questions informed by secondary literature and personal experiences. European history is highly competitive but there's a bit more flexibility. Just because there doesn't seem to be as many Italian historians in the US, it doesn't mean it's not popular. Examine their work to see how they are surviving in the sea of French, German, Russian, and British historians.
  14. I'm out of upvotes today for @OHSP! Your thoughts, @historygeek are on point and absolutely appropriate for an undergraduate. I thought I wanted to do US history but a little time off and a MA made me realize that I strongly preferred European history. Of course, once I realized that, I had to get pretty serious about language trainig (Hello German!) to show my commitment to studying European history.
  15. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    YES. Office staff do have very long memories like professors. They don't always get treated well by the faculty and graduate students alike (i.e. ignoring them, don't see them as valuable, or worse, abuse them). Make their day by noticing them and the time they took (even if it's part of their job) to send you an e-mail welcoming you to the program. Especially if one is doing the assigning of TAs to courses, ordering the files for committee review for grants.... and, oh, they do talk to advisers about your behavior. #hardlessonslearned

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