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  1. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Eh, I *have* seen occasional typos in books by top notch scholars..... And they had copy editors Didn't stop reviewers from raving about the books (although I recall one unfair reviewer of one book in the American Historical Review who complained that the author (French) had a terrible editor. And the book was published by Cambridge. Seriously? Didn't this reviewer have better things to do?).
  2. TMP

    Deadline for Recommendation Letters

    Dec 1 is a big deadline for A LOT of things like graduate students' and colleagues' fellowships and job applications and those are of higher priority. Those tend to be less forgiving of late letters.... I've been very fortunate that my letter writers get their stuff in before the deadline but I have heard of one colleague who was immediately rejected because her adviser didn't get his letter in before the deadline. So, yup. Just a reminder to your letter writers will do. I've been contacted by grad administrators in January about missing materials "just to complete the application." This is exactly why your SOP and writing sample are so important-- the LORs are very important but they serve as a supplement to round out your application. If the POI/committee is already convinced by the SOP, writing sample, and the first 2 letters, the 3rd oen is just a formality.
  3. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Congrats--- always tell your family first though! Trust me, even if they don't understand what "grant" does, just say "I got money!" they will immediately understand and celebrate
  4. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I cannot LOVE this enough. So much truth in here. Also, please, please enjoy your senior year of college. You'll never get that excitement again (no, no, your final year of the PhD program will NOT look like it at all.)
  5. TMP

    Questions on GRE and SOP

    In addition, I'd change your username if that is your real name. This is an anonymous forum.
  6. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    What do the instructions specifically say for letter of recommendations? How many letters are from academics do you have already? Why did this professor change her mind when she already agree to write you one?
  7. @Hypnautical I think you are many a lot of assumption grounded in your anxiety as a non-traditional student. Being anxious about fitting in with young people and the faculty is completely normal. I'm not sure how you are seen as "conservative." If your personality comes across as "neutral" (in your view), you can simply respond that you are a reserved person by nature. People who take the time to get to know you will recognize that you also share the same passion for exploring the question of justice within Asian American Studies and respect you. The faculty will be much more mature and take the time to work with you. You will visit them in their office hours and participate in their classes and they will get a fuller view of who you are, what you are interested in, and why you came to graduate school. Your (younger) peers will be a toss-up but you will be (I hope) inspired by their energy, even if "angry." I would truly recommend contacting Judy Wu at UC Irvine. Her program doesn't have a graduate degree for non-UCI students but I think you will be intrigued by her research and activist experience. She might be able to offer insights what Asian American Studies grad programs are about and post-graduate avenues. (https://www.faculty.uci.edu/profile.cfm?faculty_id=6123) And, I agree with you, Asian Studies tends to be focused on the Asian continent and its transnational ties. So if you are interested in Asians within the context of US, then Asian-American Studies or US history/American Studies program will be better fit.
  8. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Everything becomes risky from the time you make your choices regarding PhD programs. Evey step you will take as a PhD student is a risk because you are trying to set yourself up for a good path to your own success. There will be many, many elements out of your control. As you contemplate your final list, also consider what you will do if you don't get in anywhere this year. Will you be okay? What will be your plan? Many applicants don't think about this element of the PhD admissions because they *expect* to get in somewhere. People have been applying for 2-3 cycles just to get in including myself. You need to be emotionally and mentally ready for this possibility (as you will need those coping skills later on when you get rejected from fellowships/grants enabling you to focus on research and writing and you end up having to teach, which can suck up a lot of time).
  9. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    In the last round of PhD applications, I used my journal article as my writing sample. At the time, it was "revised & resubmit" and I think I put a note on it to give context (that it's just a chapter from my MA thesis that had been revised into a journal article.)
  10. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I agree with Sigaba. My POIs ALL read my SOP and commented on it. In terms of my writing sample.... my adviser most definitely read it-- the whole damn thing. My other accepted program...I don't think my POI really read the whole thing as he commented that he liked the questions I raised in my SOP. I'd still put in fair amount of work into the writing sample as it gives your POIs a chance to see how much "work" you need to do to be better trained in the PhD. If you show that you know how to do research, they'll probably be a bit more hesitant. The SOP is what they want the most because you're arguing for why and how you belong in their program and they want to be convinced that they can work with you and help you grow as a scholar in productive ways.
  11. TMP

    Emailing Graduate Students

    @gsc, all I can say is... unbelievable. Who do these people think they are??? To add: DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Do read every page on the Department's website. Do consult university student resources. Do some Google Mapping to see where things are and what's available in the area.
  12. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Take a break from the writing sample. Don't do another one; your job is to polish what you've got already. I finished my own writing sample for a dissertation completion fellowship 3 weeks ago and never looked at it until 2 days ago (deadline was yesterday). I printed out the whole damn thing and then found all the small mistakes. Now I have no doubt that it's perfectly fine and acceptable. If your professor has spent plenty of time with you and thinks well of the sample, breathe. Move on.
  13. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    @ashiepoo72 Truth! I wasn't told at first that one might not get dissertation research fellowships at first or the big ones at all and one must cobble together many small grants. I had to learn the very hard way to believe the advanced graduate students. I was then prepared to be flexible about how my dissertation would look if I didn't get the major dissertation fellowships the second time around (thankfully, I did and I am getting the dissertation that I want). So.... many.... things out of one's control.
  14. TMP

    reapplying to a Ph.D. program

    Hmmm have you reached out to Alice Conklin at Ohio State? She did a book on the Museum of Man (in Paris) during the Third Republic which she focuses on issues of nationalism, racism, and colonialism. She's a historian interested in anthropological methods and she might have ideas for which directions you could go with the research questions you have.
  15. TMP

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    two words: search function; old threads

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