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  1. Honestly, anything that YOU want to do outside of academia. Your goal is to demonstrate that you have the required skills to complete the job that you are applying for. How the hiring managers/employers/recruiters view your degree is anyone's guess but know that unless they mention it, don't assume that it's your PhD degree that got you the interview.
  2. I'll wade carefully here as an old-timer. When I started my PhD in 2012, I was already ambivalent about being a professor or entering academia. I wanted to get my PhD and work as a historian in a very large museum, which was viable then. I didn't know what academia was really about. I had never run a classroom. I was told that to be a TA meant running discussion sections and grading but I had no idea that there were positions that involved only grading. Due to declining student enrollments, my department dropped discussion sections and added more grading positions. Opportuni
  3. Don't. Stick to your original plans. Do not throw in more applications because "COVID!" and "Dread!" What about ABDs who are finishing this year? They are really struggling to make decisions about whether to try to extend their funding because of the overall economic crisis and disastrous job market (except for a field that is in very high demand right now). They're trying to decide whether to use COVID as an excuse to extend their time in graduate school, even if their dissertations will be largely finished by Spring 2021, or how to come to terms with the reality that they will very likely
  4. Indeed... just because Germany was immediately demilitarized after it collaborated with the Ottomans during the Great War (including witnessing the genocide), Germany had other ways of maintaining ties with Turkey and that's where "soft" power comes in. Make sure you're asking questions that are interesting to you drawing from what you've been learning. No one needs to know more than a sentence or two about a book that was influential to you. I'd just want one line and if I was particularly interested, I'd look it up myself but in general, readers in your field will *know* about a lot of scho
  5. Without even seeing the structure of your SOP, it's hard to even suggest. If you had to give a 2 minute elevator speech, what would you say exactly?
  6. Honestly, this is your personal choice. What is your ultimate goal?
  7. Yes. The endowment is very complex. There are a lot of regulations and conditions tied to maintaining it. The real question is, how much liquidity is there for immediate use? What universities don't want to do is spend more than necessary. It is required by law that universities must use at least 5% of their endowment every year. Princeton increased its spending from 6% to 7%. While 1% doesn't sound a lot, one has to consider the expenditures that Princeton has, which go into billions of dollars and it will be years before Princeton can get their 1% back into the endowment in addition to na
  8. @Manana, been there done that! NBD. Just say hello, remind them of who you are, offer any update on your progress since last year, and let them know you're interested in re-applying and ask how admissions will be handled. It's also worth emailing the DGS to inquire about re-using your transcripts and GRE scores so you don't have to shell out unnecessary amount of money for another set. Somewhat good news from Ohio State: It looks like we will have a very small cohort for Fall 2021 after all. but it will be amazingly selective so be in touch with your POIs there about applying. Any ques
  9. Do you *have* to apply now? Can you just wait? A lot of the schools you're interested in are very likely not to admit anyone for F'21.
  10. News: UNC is not accepting students for fall 2021. Except a real trend here.
  11. PM me for more on J'lem's neighborhoods if you haven't found a place yet. I've lived there several times and studied at Hebrew U.
  12. I know it sounds really discouraging. But honestly, do you want to enter in a PhD program when departments are fighting for funds to help people finish their degrees once those people have exhausted their 4-5 year funding packages? Departments do want to be able to commit to their PhD students to the fullest extent, thus not abandoning those further along. To do that, they would prefer not to admit (w/ blessing of the Powers to Be) new students who they cannot provide the same amount of support for the next 5-8 years. They are also freaking out about graduate students who have recently passed
  13. Just a FYI, from the grapevines, There *is* strong consideration by a number of PhD programs, including at private schools and Big 10, to suspend admissions for Fall 2021, and perhaps 2022, to focus on supporting the current graduate students and helping them finish. Final decisions won't be made just right now but I'll expect to see them roll around October. Take this as you want in the way of how much effort you want to put in into writing your application materials between now and late October when most decisions should be made in time for December deadlines.
  14. At the same time, you can certainly frame your emails to ALL of them (individually!) along the lines of : Dear X, Blah, blah, blah. The department appears to be a strong fit to me. Professors Y and Z have research interests that complement mine. Do the graduate students in South Asian history typically work with all three of you in one way or another? How does this field function the way of offering seminars and preparing reading lists? etc. Then you can get a good sense ahead of time how organized the field is. Trust me, not all fields are organized, cohesive, an
  15. Can you read classical/traditional Chinese handwriting on top of simplified? Are you familiar with how Western scholars understand China and have analyzed Chinese and non-Chinese materials coming out from Western, Chinese, and Taiwanese archives?
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