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  1. Yes! the National Archives at Ibadan housed lots of records on colonial history and their huge database of colonial and postcolonial Newspaper is bonus. Recently, I have been doing some archival search there. Interesting to know that your Masters research was focused on gender and women studies in West Africa. Could you interest me more on the research? Those are interesting reads you highlighted. I'm presently reading Oyeronke Oyewunmi "The Invention of Women: making an African Sense of Western Gender Discourses" I do hope we bump into each other as well to have a comprehensiv
  2. Hello, I applied to African history PhD at Northwestern et al with research interest in gender and women studies, and geographical focus on West Africa. I have both Bachelors and Masters in History from Nigeria (University of Ibadan). Sincerely, the wait for admission decision hasn't been funny at all. Checking my email almost every day. Nice to know I am not alone. It is just safe to accept that admission decisions are not rolling out till late January and mid-February.
  3. I got the admission to international history also. But without scholarship
  4. I received the mail on March, 3rd....possibly they are still sorting out the remaining mails, I know some couple of people that are yet to receive also
  5. I am on the Reserve list for Euroculture as well. I don't know if there's a way to know one's ranking on the Reserve list.
  6. Is there anyone applying to U of C for Fall2020 admission intake. I'm applying for MA History, and I would like to know how they allocate funding (scholarships) and GA to International Students.
  7. I hope too. However, I took my time in going through the last thread for 2019 applicants, I think the most important factors are: your motivation letter, recommendation letters and academic comes last.
  8. Hello @Menocchio II I'm also applying to International History program, I have combed the past forums but not much of International History applicants so far........hope to see you in Geneva. Best wishes
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