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  1. I am feeling super relaxed right now after having seen my acceptance from International History with a generous scholarship. I hope all of you will receive good news very soon! Take care.
  2. Hello guys, can you share your comments if any of you have fulfilled studies in CEU?
  3. Good luck mate! I hope that both of us will be accepted. By the way, I am a bit curious about the general profile of the applicants. Because I have seen that there are certain people coming from the most prestigious US universities with pretty high GPAs. Personally, my university has the highest reputation in Turkey and my GPA is hopefully good enough, but its international recognition is limited in comparison with an average European or American institution. In short, I am slightly stressed as the deadline is approaching 😁
  4. Is there anyone accepted by this program who is able to share us his/her opinions? I couldn't find many comments.
  5. Hi folks, also I am planning to apply for International History program at IHEID. In the forum, I haven't seen any post written by an applicant of this program. Does it mean that history program is less competitive? Is there any former or prospective applicant who is able to inform me? Thanks a lot.
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