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  1. I got the admission to international history also. But without scholarship
  2. I received the mail on March, 3rd....possibly they are still sorting out the remaining mails, I know some couple of people that are yet to receive also
  3. I am on the Reserve list for Euroculture as well. I don't know if there's a way to know one's ranking on the Reserve list.
  4. Is there anyone applying to U of C for Fall2020 admission intake. I'm applying for MA History, and I would like to know how they allocate funding (scholarships) and GA to International Students.
  5. I hope too. However, I took my time in going through the last thread for 2019 applicants, I think the most important factors are: your motivation letter, recommendation letters and academic comes last.
  6. Hello @Menocchio II I'm also applying to International History program, I have combed the past forums but not much of International History applicants so far........hope to see you in Geneva. Best wishes
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