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  1. HI Birmingham University does really good distance learning programs. They even fund one visit to campus during your degree as part of the degree. I almost did a distance learning masters there but ended up accepted to a different school.
  2. Yeah my research looked at how Nigerian women used western education during the 1960s and 1970s to advance in society. Yes I read the Invention of women during one of my courses this year. It would be interesting for you to read Bibi Bakare-Yusuf's article 'Yorubas don't do gender' which is a quite well none critique of Oyewumni's work. Ife Amadiume Male Daughters, Female Husbands: Gender and Sex in an African society. I have my fingers crossed for you as I saw Northwestern results have just come out in the last few days.
  3. hey welcome to the website. Yeah I applied for History PhD with a focus on African history. I'm currently doing a masters in the UK. January has been so long but February is when I expect hear back from programs. Fingers crossed for everyone. I have been learning more about African-American history the last few weeks AS I think I would like to do some coursework on the topic in grad school.
  4. Ah so exciting, University of Ibadan is really cool. I want to spend time there at some point in the future to access the National Archive. Yeah gender and women studies in West Africa, that was the focus of my masters research. Some edited volumes I really enjoyed were Hafkin, Nancy J., and Bay, Edna G. (eds). Women in Africa: Studies in Social and Economic Change., Cole, Catherine M., Takyiwaa Manuh, and Stephan F. Miescher, eds. Africa after Gender? , and Falola, T. and Aderinto S., Nigeria, Nationalism and Writing History, has a chapter on gender which is interesting.
  5. Hi everyone, Looking to connect with others who work in African history or are applying for African History this application cycle? How many schools did you apply for? What region and what do you study? I applied to 3 schools in the United States on the East Coast my top choice is Yale! and 3 in the UK my top choice is Oxford! . My region of focus is West Africa and thematically I look at environmental history. I went to Small Liberal Arts College for Undergrad and did a masters in the UK. The waiting is killing me right now!!!!
  6. Hi, Cryloren. I've applied for PhD in History for this application Season. I've heard back from Yale to schedule an informal chat, but haven't heard back from other programs. I believe February is when we'll start to hear back properly. It feels very long though right now for sure.
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