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  1. L13

    2019 Visit Days/Decisions

    No, don't do it.
  2. L13

    Applications 2019

    The fact that professors are nice to master's students doesn't make the program something other than a cash cow.
  3. L13

    Do top grad schools care about your course load?

    When doing an Oxbridge doctorate, it’s harder to get teaching experience, especially in a group setting. People have mentioned this to me specifically when lamenting their chances on the US job market.
  4. L13

    Do top grad schools care about your course load?

    UK universities will barely understand your transcript, let alone count the courses you took each semester, and neither UK nor US universities will care.
  5. L13

    420 Friendly in Graduate School

    As a counterpoint to some of the responses you've gotten... there's a person at my department who passed their dissertation defence while high and the whole department knows it. And people smoke marijuana occasionally at departmental parties (and, I'm sure, more regularly in smaller groups). It's not a big deal. Grad students are pretty open with each other about drug use.
  6. L13

    Applications 2019

    No one would tell that to an applicant just to fuck with them. If they said it, it's true. Hope it works out for you!
  7. L13

    Applications 2019

    You can DEFINITELY get rejected from a program even if you’re a ‘perfect match’ for a number of reasons. That doesn’t mean professors assess applications randomly or without care; it just means it’s a complicated process with many factors determining the outcome.
  8. L13

    Applications 2019

    This is certainly not the case in my department, and the information I was given when I was applying suggests it's not the case elsewhere either. Departments finalise their lists together. The only exception I can think of is when a certain subfield represents its own administrative unit, which is essentially what history of science departments are (no offence). In medieval history, I imagine schools with medieval studies programmes like Notre Dame and Fordham might have a more convoluted acceptance cycle, but that's it.
  9. L13

    Applications 2019

    Re. the alt-ac resources stuff mentioned on the previous page, I wouldn't ask this particular question in an interview, especially if my interviewer is a senior academic at a department that considers itself 'elite.' Some older academics may view any mention of careers outside academia at such an early stage as a red flag; younger historians tend to have a more sympathetic and realistic attitude. Departments are working hard to destigmatise this conversation, and most faculty are fundamentally caring and decent, so they're trying to get with the times, but just in case I wouldn't bring it up in my first interaction with a potential advisor.
  10. L13

    Applications 2019

    No. Your tuition and fees are covered and you get 28K in addition to that. This is a standard funding package at the schools Berkeley competes for admits with.
  11. L13


    My advice is to prepare some questions about the department (after looking through their website to make sure the questions aren't too basic and won't make you look like you didn't do any research). Also look through your interviewer(s)' CV(s) and make sure you know what kind of work they're doing right now and, if that info is publicly available, what dissertations they're supervising and what classes they're teaching. (If you can't find this info on the internet, it could be a good question to ask.) You don't need to actually read their work, but you may feel underprepared if you have no idea what they're up to, which is how I felt in one of my Skype interviews.
  12. I did not propose a model for others to emulate. I said nothing about my application process; what I mentioned were my circumstances at its outset, to illustrate the point that being clueless about the state of the field can change pretty quickly (unlike being ready for grad school, which I consider a different matter). As to the criticism you and others are making, what I tried to say is that if you don’t see enough evidence that someone on the internet deseves your advice, you’re free to disregard their request for it. Preaching about the importance of due diligence is performative, not constructive.
  13. I applied out of undergrad and knew absolutely nothing about the relative strength of/stand-out names at different departments when I started the process, yet I ended up with an amazing advisor at a great department. Your level of professionalization says little about your academic preparedness or your odds of acceptance and saying things like "if you have to ask, go away" is not helpful. Obviously applicants need to do their own research, but pointing them in the right direction, or even just a direction, when they have zero idea what to look for is not going to jeopardize the fairness of the application process or cause them to be accepted on false pretenses and flunk out or whatever. OP, I'm not in your field, but I've gotten the impression Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford and Berkeley dominate job placement in the US, with Columbia being the most successful, though your specific subfield and interests should narrow that down considerably.
  14. L13

    Stipends and External Fellowships after comprehensives

    This is university-specific, but almost always the university will consider you externally funded for the duration of the award and you won't receive your usual funding package. Your funding for that semester or year will roll over and extend your financial coverage in the program. At my university, though, it's not uncommon for people with external fellowships that don't cover tuition to get tuition waivers from the university, which is something.
  15. L13

    Applications 2019

    There's really no template for SOPs. Mine didn't have anything resembling a hook because I thought all the opening source quotes and attempts to personalize one's research that I'd seen in sample SOPs were contrived and too reminiscent of college application essays. So I submitted a pretty direct and dry description of my interests and ideas. It was well received and got me where I needed to go. Again, this is a matter of personal preference, not an objective criterion. For what it's worth, @historygeek, I've only skimmed one of your drafts, but it didn't strike me as boring or stylistically deficient in any way.

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