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  1. potsupotsu

    EALC / EALAC / EAS 2019

    You aren't the only one! I am mostly applying to History programs, though one application is for a joint EALC-History program.
  2. potsupotsu

    What are the benefits with co-supervision

    I can confirm this as it has happened to me and it made everything very uncomfortable.
  3. potsupotsu

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    It is quite late in the year, but I would just like to encourage everyone to contact the advisor you are interested in studying with before you submit your application. So far I have received replies from every person I have e-mailed and they have all been enormously helpful in different ways. One POI who I thought was a good fit sent me a polite but fairly discouraging reply (basically hinting that she didn't see herself as being a beneficial supervisor for my project), and now I can save $100 on that application and the grief of rejection that would likely follow in February. Other POIs were very encouraging, confirmed I would be a good fit for their program, and have given me advice on what they think would make a good application. One thing this process has done (and I am not sure this is a good thing) is cut out many programs that are great but just don't feel like a perfect "fit." My thinking is that if I am having trouble writing an enthusiastic justification for e-mailing them, I probably should not waste their time with an application. So now I have cut down a list that was previously 6 schools into a list of 3. I have been advised to apply to a few "safety schools," but the process of e-mailing POIs has made me feel that I would rather take my chances and apply to 3 schools where I feel would be the best fit for myself and my project. But I can't help but feel this is risky.

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