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  1. samiamslp

    Adelphi Admissions

    Congrats, @sarah189! I'm so glad!
  2. samiamslp

    Come vent with me!

    I am so glad I am not alone. The application process was certainly not fun, but I never anticipated the extent of anxiety I'd be going through during this waiting! I know most schools I've applied to haven't sent any acceptances out until the beginning of March, so the obsessive checking is totally irrational and unnecessary, but I'm still doing it! Today I got an email from one of the schools I applied to with the subject "[University] Admissions", and I didn't know why I'd be hearing a month earlier than expected, but my heart started pounding anyway. Turns out it was just a generic email thanking me for my interest in the school, whether or not I'd applied. I didn't know whether to feel relieved or disappointed!! The waiting game is definitely going to be long and difficult. Does anyone have any tips for waiting it out? What do you do instead of checking for any news? What does everyone do for fun or to de-stress?
  3. samiamslp

    Adelphi Admissions

    I believe they had an earlier deadline last year, so that is why people heard back much earlier than they are this year.
  4. samiamslp

    Emerson Interview - Thread 2.0

    Thanks, @ubercool-RA! I see you listed the interview as taking place on 2/23. How do you know which of your preferred times they selected? Did they send you back a specific time? I requested times on 2/24, but I haven't heard back yet.
  5. samiamslp

    Emerson Interview - Thread 2.0

    Congrats! I just heard from Emerson as well! I have heard that it doesn't hurt your chances at all if you use Skype! Also, in the past people have said Emerson's interviews are only 5 to 10 minutes-- I don't know if that's still the case, but if so, Skype definitely would make sense. Does anyone know what kinds of questions they will ask during the interview?
  6. samiamslp

    College of St.Rose

    I got that email this week! Does anyone know to what percentage of applicants they send out the interview requests? It looked like there will be a ton of people at each interview date.
  7. samiamslp

    GWU Admissions

    Yeah, I saw it on the portal, then received an email later that evening. Congrats!
  8. samiamslp

    GWU Admissions

    Congrats, @slpsalaz! Good luck, @lilyslp!
  9. samiamslp

    GWU Admissions

    I submitted mine on December 1st.
  10. samiamslp

    GWU Admissions

    I didn't get an email, but just checked the portal! They have started sending out decisions! Good luck!!
  11. samiamslp

    Programs with late deadlines

    Here's a list of schools on CSDCAS that have deadlines after February 1st! Good luck!! Adelphi University 2/15 California State University-Sacramento 2/15 Francis Marion University 4/1 Hofstra University 4/1 Jackson State University 3/1 (verified) Kean University (Fall Start) 2/15 (verified) Long Island University-Brooklyn 2/15 Midwestern University-Downer's Grove 3/1 Midwestern University-Glendale 3/1 Misericordia University 3/1 (verified) Pace University 4/1 (verified) Rockhurst University 2/15 (verified) Salus University 4/1 Stephen F. Austin University 2/15 (verified) University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 2/15 (verified) University of Central Missouri 3/1 (verified) University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (Fall Start) 4/1 Western Carolina University 2/15 Yeshiva University 4/1 *edited to add more schools to the list
  12. samiamslp

    GWU Admissions

    When I was there visiting the school, they told everyone it would be mid-February, but it's very possible they said that to be on the cautious side! I guess we'll have to wait and see. Good luck!!
  13. samiamslp

    The CUNYS- Queens vs. Hunter

    Thank you!
  14. samiamslp

    The CUNYS- Queens vs. Hunter

    Thank you! Did you apply to either school?
  15. samiamslp

    Online Aural Rehab Course

    Does anyone know of an aural rehab course in the New York area?

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