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  1. Your best bet would probably be to get in charge with the admissions office/whoever is in charge of prereqs since that course is so unique. Usually that would be split up into at least two different courses for undergrad. Best of luck!
  2. For UWM- I applied last year, so there's a chance this year may be different... I was sent an email in late February that my application was under review, but nothing before that. So don't worry if you don't hear from them for a while! Good luck.
  3. I love it! I honestly can't speak highly enough about the faculty whom I had last semester for my courses. One of the benefits of going to a school where most if not all of the faculty are still in the field is one minute you're discussing theory and the next minute you're hearing stories about how they integrated those aspects into their practices. (Plus some of the stories are often hilarious so they will stick with you!) And the fact that they are experts in their specialties... that's pretty incredible, especially if you end up doing research with them. I was following the work of a professor long before I looked into grad schools, and now I get to have her as my professor- I'm still kind of starstruck, lol. Also I love having a dyad in the clinic for the first year, honestly it was so comforting to me when we first started sessions and now that a new semester is starting, I will be taking lead on the client who she had fall semester and vice versa, so I'll be able to see the progress both clients make throughout the course of the year directly.
  4. Also, feel free to message me any questions you have about the program! Good luck!!
  5. Hey @Emehteg1! We're on vacation right now, so no guarantees that someone will answer, but please call tomorrow. I honestly think you should be fine, but it's worth it to double check. Best person to contact is Rachel Harshaw- she's basically in charge of everything CSD admissions. I'm putting her email in here too. Email: rharshaw@mghihp.edu Phone: (617) 643-5195
  6. I just reread your post-- are you saying you used the service where CSDCAS enters your grade instead of you doing it manually? If you did indeed enter your grade manually, you are completely fine. If not, talk to the program and hope for the best!
  7. NYU requires that everything be submitted for your application by the deadline, but the application doesn't need to be verified yet. In which case, your applications are both fine!
  8. Hi @MadisonMachelle, I think you might have sent your resume to me instead of @Queene92. Good luck to you both!
  9. In case you haven't submitted yet, please apply! 149 is not a bad score, especially for the quant portion. Northeastern also looks at the whole application, not just at your scores, so as long as you really sell it in your personal statement, you definitely have a shot! Also sidenote, if you have any questions about living in Boston for grad school, feel free to ask me about that as well😀
  10. Which program did you apply to? Check on your program's requirements through https://help.liaisonedu.com/CSDCAS_Applicant_Help_Center/Starting_Your_CSDCAS_Application/Getting_Started_with_Your_CSDCAS_Application/04_Participating_Programs_and_Eligibility. Like others have said, different programs have different requirements-- only some (green label) require verification to take place before the due date, which can take up to a month. Most programs only require that you have every document received (orange label).
  11. I broke mine into parts, so I had "professional experience" as my heading before giving employment and then "clinical observation experience" as the heading before I gave my shadowing experiences. I also had a third heading for "leadership and community involvement". Your resume is your chance to really show them what 1) you've done related to your future career and 2)~something that they may not see otherwise~, what jobs/activities/duties you've done that may not relate to speech but provided you with skills that you'll need in life. You've got this!
  12. You could always call and ask! I found this on EdFind: Email Address: slhs@csueastbay.edu Phone Number: (510)885-3233 Program Director: Shubha Kashinath, PhD., CCC-SLP Hopefully you'll be able to get some answers soon.
  13. Check out this forum! https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/96-audiology/
  14. You will need to get the same degree (MS or MA) regardless of whether you are interested in a specialty. That being said, you may look into programs that place more emphasis on one aspect of speech which you're interested in. For example, my program offers elective courses and opportunities in voice beyond those that are required. If you are interested in working with a specific population, you can definitely apply to schools which have more courses or practicums in that area.
  15. University of Memphis! Incredible program and they try to make sure all students get some form of a GAship at one point or another of the two-year program. I was offered a GAship which came with the added bonus of in-state tuition. Ultimately it was too far for me to attend, but you should definitely consider it!
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