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  1. @nas7 I looked at the results page from last year and it seems that people starting hearing back from Northeastern about interviews as early as Jan 28th! BU and Emerson were the first week of February. I am so anxious waiting lol!
  2. Hey guys! MGH IHP is my top choice school so I wanted to know if anyone else applied there for Fall 2020. I am anxiously waiting to hear back. I applied to other Boston schools too!
  3. I am applying to Boston University, MGH IHP, Emerson, TC Columbia, and Northeastern University. GRE: 156 V / 150 Q / 5 AW GPA: 3.92 overall / 3.91 major GPA MGH IHP is my top choice!
  4. Hello all! I would like to know the stats of anyone who was accepted to or is attending MGH IHP. It is my top choice right now and I am nervous about my chances. I have a 150Q, 156V, and 5.0 AW. I have a 3.8 GPA overall (only 1 B in speech science). I also have extensive volunteer experience and am involved in NSSLHA.
  5. I've heard from some people that attending open houses can lead to them giving you a fee waiver. Does anyone know if NYU or Teacher's College does this?
  6. Yeah my top choice is Northeastern University and they require a minimum of 151 V and 150 Q so I am definitely retaking.
  7. What did you guys do to prepare? My results are sooo bad and I am not even in the 50th percentile for quant.
  8. Does anyone have any information on the programs in either of these universities?
  9. For those who were accepted or are already attending grad school, what did you do to prepare for the GRE? What materials or books did you use? I feel so hopeless because I just did the ETS practice test and.. yikes! I really want to attend grad school in the Boston area and a lot of the programs there are competitive so I'm open to any tips!
  10. Can't speak on the program itself because I'm an undergrad at a nearby university, but one of my professors who I adore works at the grad school at St. John's. She never really says anything negative about it, just that they get some interesting clients.
  11. I saw on the website for NYU that it says that applicant need to have "A minimum 3.2 GPA in any communicative sciences and disorders foundation courses you have taken". I have a B in speech science, so should I bother not applying? I still have a 3.9 GPA since I have always gotten A's in my CSD classes until this semester.
  12. Hi guys. I am going to be a senior undergrad next year in the major. I recently got a B in speech science and I was wondering if I should retake the class? I have a 3.9 and have never gotten below an A- before so I am pretty bummed since I want to apply to competitive schools. Any thoughts?
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