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  1. @sbram94no one can really predict what's going to happen next year. I heard another wave of the corona virus is might come. My advice is if you get in, then talk to them about deferring if you are not ready to start.
  2. @EdenThave you spoken to Rutgers about defering? are they able to hold your seat till 2021 fall? yeah everyone's situation is different.
  3. @MH13 I didn't think of that! you are right, its a good way of getting experience in teletherapy. I will definitely resume in the fall.
  4. @littlet4lksi will be moving and i have kids. I don't want to defer at all but I have to make sure schools will be open for my kids also. My friend informed me that her program agreed for her to defer and resume next year fall 2021.
  5. @futurespeechpath1i agree with you but i heard most schools will be conducted online this fall. Is your program going to be online this fall?
  6. Is anyone deferring admission due to the Corona Virus pandemic? Those that got into programs in NYC is it affecting your decision?
  7. @popcornlover722 I think your grades and experience are good. You can also apply to schools that don't require GRE or don't put a lot of weight on GRE scores.
  8. Hello, Who will be attending Yeshiva University fall 2020? Is there a facebook page? will classes be online in the fall?
  9. I interviewed and was informed during the interview that i GOT in!!! I'm excited! i recently moved from NYC to Texas...I might have to move back if i decide to accept.
  10. @aiqbal congrats on the new job! sorry u didn't get it...I just hope i hear back from them soon.
  11. @speechy18 when is you interview? Mine is next Friday. Emerson is one of my top choice also. I'm getting nervous.
  12. @MintyMin i hope i get in my interview is on monday. How was your interview? I will also be moving if i get in.
  13. I pray i get in my interview is next week.
  14. I have my interview next week. Any advice? what was the interview like and how long did it take them to let you know you were accepted?
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