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  1. I got denied, but I *did* apply literally on the day of the Final Deadline, so the cohort was probably full.
  2. Thank you!! I'm thinking that I got denied to NYU because I literally applied on the day of their final deadline, so the cohort was probably full. 😬 Overall GPA: 3.18 CSD GPA: 3.16 Minor (SPED) GPA: 3.75 I haven't taken the GRE yet, so I waived it on both applications.
  3. Hi everyone!! I'm super excited (and nervous) that after getting denied last week from Speech@NYU, I just scheduled my Speech@Emerson interview for Friday morning! Does anyone have tips or suggestions? This will be my first grad school interview, and I'm typically really bad at interviewing in general. 😕
  4. I'm applying to both (trying to finish my NYU application the night before the deadline, oops)!
  5. @ItowinSLP @nwslp thank you!! Panic writing my Personal Statement the night before the deadline...darn procrastination and ADD! Any tips for the "Additional Information" optional section? I think I know what I'd put there but I want to make sure it's ok. "If you would like to provide additional information to the Admissions Committee in support of your application, please submit it here. Providing additional information is optional and is not required. Submission or non-submission will be considered equally during the review process."
  6. I have a question about deferring. I'm taking advantage of COVID and applying to Speech@NYU and Speech@Emerson while they're waiving the GRE for Fall 2020 admission. In reality though, IDK if I'm ready to start in a few months; do you think (a) they'll be extending the waiver to next term, or (b) if I get in I can defer?
  7. Hi everyone, Is anyone here familiar with Howard’s program? I live locally as a MD resident and was never really considering them until I found out that they have a Technology track (I love AAC). Before I add them to CSDCAS, can anyone tell me anything? Thanks!
  8. Congrats! I’m probably applying for the next cycle. Do you live in MD?
  9. Following as I’m considering UMD as well! Do you know if they allow part-time?
  10. I know you decided on a different school, but congrats on getting into Edinboro! I went there for undergrad and absolutely loved the program...I wish I could go back for grad school but their program’s not fully online and I’m from out-of-state.
  11. It might not be the exact same, but their online program has a list! https://speech.steinhardt.nyu.edu/academics/
  12. Congrats! Do they still have an AAC track?
  13. Via JMU's program site http://www.csd.jmu.edu/dlve-slp/index.html: "Admitted students progress as part of a cohort, and follow the curriculum as outlined. Academic coursework is offered online. Students will enroll in 2-3 courses per semester, over a three year period."
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