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  1. Hi everyone, Is anyone here familiar with Howard’s program? I live locally as a MD resident and was never really considering them until I found out that they have a Technology track (I love AAC). Before I add them to CSDCAS, can anyone tell me anything? Thanks!
  2. Congrats! I’m probably applying for the next cycle. Do you live in MD?
  3. Following as I’m considering UMD as well! Do you know if they allow part-time?
  4. I know you decided on a different school, but congrats on getting into Edinboro! I went there for undergrad and absolutely loved the program...I wish I could go back for grad school but their program’s not fully online and I’m from out-of-state.
  5. It might not be the exact same, but their online program has a list! https://speech.steinhardt.nyu.edu/academics/
  6. Congrats! Do they still have an AAC track?
  7. Via JMU's program site http://www.csd.jmu.edu/dlve-slp/index.html: "Admitted students progress as part of a cohort, and follow the curriculum as outlined. Academic coursework is offered online. Students will enroll in 2-3 courses per semester, over a three year period."
  8. James Madison has one...CSUN...there's a few others!
  9. Does anyone else here do the distance program? I'm really interested in AAC but live in MD and can't go out of the state for personal reasons.
  10. I'm trying to do this in Maryland...ours is 100 hours total: 25 observation hours (which I have through my undergrad program), plus 75 "clinical assistance hours". That's what I'm having trouble getting; SLPA's are new in my state, so no one is hiring. Any suggestions?
  11. @kendalllynn I can't comment on your application at all (sorry!), but I just wanted to thank you for puppy raising for GDB! I'm a CCI service dog applicant. ???
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