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  1. I applied to a lot of schools that I honestly can’t remember them all. The ones I applied and go into are LIU Brooklyn, suny Plattsburgh, Buffalo state college, Iona, and one I can’t remember. I was rejected from saint john’s university, queens college, Brooklyn college, the university of Rhode Island and one in New Jersey I believe . I was waitlisted at the university of Redlands, western Carolina university and a small school in Pennsylvania that was supposed to be an “easier” program to get into.
  2. Salary also depends on where you live. My friend who’s an SLP in a school in upstate NY makes less than my other friend who lives in downstate NY. An SLP I worked with has a friend in a school district who makes 100k but that’s also downstate NY and probably after many years since the SLP I know is over 50 years old.
  3. At my school we start clinicals our first semester. I personally haven’t been working yet but I know some girls are. They mostly work at the school (which i am going to try and do next semester but there’s like no on campus jobs), restaurants, teaching English online, and in special needs homes. Clinical hours can be so up in the air but I’m hoping maybe I’ll be able to work online at a preschool or something that’s not too many hours.
  4. I think if you can fit it in then you should do it but not to the point where it might take away from your essay. Like if there’s something specific about the situation mention it briefly and see how you like it or how others like it and if it works for your essay. It’s probably better fit for an essay that specifically asks about a challenge or overcoming something.
  5. I chose the SLP route because it was the only job I’d ever seen and had a passion for. When I saw my first SLP and what they did, I just knew it was right for me. I also chose it because the pay is good. It might not be as high as some of the other professions listed but considering I was making like 20k a year I’m happy. Lol also I really liked audiology but it’s 4years sooooo I dropped that dream after I googled it. I love that as an SLP I could work with different populations whenever I wanted and it’s such a broad field. I honestly don’t think there’s many scholarship opportunities. I did
  6. My undergrad GPA was a 3.0 only because I switched from bio to psych and took up a minor. I was afraid my post bacc GPA (3.4) wouldn’t be enough to get me into colleges and it was. Why? One of the professors who did my admissions interview said that they saw growth from my bio days to my CSD days and could tell I had found my passion because I had consistently been doing better. I applied to schools who wanted higher undergrad GPAs too and got in. I’d say keep pushing through and working on those speech courses. When applying to schools search broadly and know you can get in. I got into progra
  7. All you can do is ask them. In the time of covid I know some schools are more lenient for some things. Like I only halfway finished an application but the school accepted me anyway and I turned them down because it was too far and another school gave me a scholarship. You might have to start your classes over though. My friend who transferred OT programs 3X had to start over each time so SLP programs might be the same.
  8. I’m not from Canada but your GPA isn’t low! I’m not sure what schools there like to see but a 3.7 is good. When I was applying to American schools I pretty much had my prerequisites done but not completely. Maybe you can take one course in the winter? Just to give them examples of your work.
  9. I wrote my personal statement and letter of intent for my top school and then tweaked it for each school I was applying to. I’m not sure about focusing on medical or educational. When I applied to programs i guess I focused on school based speech but I also wasn’t applying to programs that were heavily medical. I focused on my love of speech and working with children. You’re not at a disadvantage if you don’t go the medical route. If you know for sure you don’t want to then don’t. If you’re undecided then that’s fine too because we all receive the same foundations and then through clinicals,
  10. You shouldn’t have a problem as long as you make sure you get your degree. Most of my friends who were accepted into grad programs, medical school, and what not, applied and got in before they finished their degree. Schools just want you to actually finish then send them proof. I would say try and finish the first summer session as it gives you peace of mind.
  11. One of my greatest achievements was the amount of experience I had before grad school. I wrote about that in all my essays and what it meant. My resume I pretty much kept the same as the ones I apply for jobs with. I did make it more “speechie” by emphasizing time I've worked with SLPs and stuff like that. I’d be interested in knowing what other people did.
  12. You should see if they REALLY want those academic recommendations letters. I applied to schools that required them but to be honest I didn’t think any of my professors knew me so I just went with all professional. Contact the schools and ask them.
  13. Ahh ok! Do you know why they aren’t doing their core program until 2022? Could it be because of covid and the lack of in person clinicals? My clinicals this year are online. We mostly do it on stimucase and we have one actual client over teletherapy.
  14. I’d say if the program isn’t giving you what you want than apply to different schools. I think it’s great that some schools have specialized focuses but I’ve been told so many times that grad school changes where you thought you’d might like to work. You don’t seem to want to do medical or educational. Would you be fine with doing a research focused program? Why do you want to go to U of Washington? If they aren’t clicking any of your wants then maybe it’s not the right school for you.
  15. This is old but I figured I’d answer as someone who chose Plattsburgh out of other NY colleges. I chose Plattsburgh because the previous cohorts and professors are very tight nit and having that support system is extremely important to me. I chose them because my last semester will be an externship that I can complete pretty much anywhere. Everything is nice and close together and it’s a smaller SUNY so I get SUNY pricing but not many distractions. The location isn’t really ideal tbh though. It’s about 6hrs away from me and I live in NY. Though it is cool it’s so close to Canada and I’m hoping
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