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  1. Hi! I am starting to research places to complete externships for next spring. I am from NY, but I am looking to move to either Boston or DC for my externship. Do you guys have any advice on places that would be good to complete an externship? Any places to stay away from? I am looking for different types of placements, so I am open. Thank you!!
  2. I can't speak to their post BA program but I am about to go into my second year!! With COVID they really tried to accommodate everything that was going on and understood that there was a new layer to our lives. I will say I like how small my cohort is and it's nice that it's a small program. It has been really difficult to experience everything they have to offer because everything they had before COVID they really don't have now like aphasia choir. In the spring we got to stay home but we'll be back fully in person and i am so excited! Right now I know they are looking for more supervisors, b
  3. i'm just seeing this. is it too late to help???
  4. hi!!! I am from Long Island and i went to SB for undergrad for bio and psych. I can't tell you anything about their SLP program because it had just started when i was looking into schools, but i personally did not apply because of how they were over the phone. This was back in december of 2019 and i wanted some idea of what the program would be like and they were disorganized and just said look online. I thought i'd called the wrong number at first. I'd be interested in knowing how the program is. My friend went to LIU post and loved it. When i was looking into colleges she told me she loved
  5. yeah my stats really did not align with st. johns but i know it's a good school so i applied. I was debating on LIU brooklyn because of how in depth their program is especially with cultural diversity. Ultimately i went with SUNY Plattsburgh because i liked their professors and the fact that my last semester is an externship almost anywhere i want and my first semester i already had a client to work with. I do like the program but with covid i am not able to really get the full feel of it. They are open to what can be done better and what we are struggling with. They also work with you through
  6. I took courses at longwood university and worked full time as well. It was manageable even when I took a full load one semester. Like any course you just need to stay on top of everything. I am not sure if they’ve changed anything since last year, but we were given slides to read and sometimes study guides then the test. For the tests we used honorlock so our screen was recorded and so were we. I’m not sure if an actual person watched us but sometimes i received like a message to look in the camera or something of the sort.
  7. Hi!! The previous poster has some really good advice especially looking at colleges that are a good fit for your current scores. I was very focused on finding a school in NY especially a SUNY and a program I liked. I know NY schools are highly competitive to get into but doable. You really have to play up your strengths and what you bring to the table for each program. I applied to LIU Brooklyn and got in, SUNY Plattsburgh and got in and Iona and got in. I was rejected from the CUNY schools and st Johns like I figured. My speech prerequisite gpa was a 3.4, GRE 290ish, undergrad gpa 3.0(I was a
  8. My undergrad GPA in psychology was a 3.0 and my CSD GPA was a 3.4. My GRE was I think 290ish and years of experience in ABA and working as a teaching assistant. I am currently attending grad school and was accepted into enough programs that I got to pick which one I really wanted to go to. I did not get into my top choice but I still got in. My CSD grades were a BIG improvement from when I was in undergrad and I was told they liked to see that change. That I had found something I really liked and worked hard for it. Sometimes if feels like you have to be perfect to get into grad school but you
  9. I think there’s a lot of hope for you especially since your manor GPA is so high. Don’t sell yourself short. But I’ve heard it’s harder to get into the school you did your undergraduate in too. Idk how true that is though.
  10. I would say retake phonetics because I know a lot of programs at least want a B- in all of the core communication courses. I say at least a B- because I got a B- in one class (can’t remember which one) and it wasn’t an issue. Why would you take a 5th year? I don’t think colleges care about how long it took you to get your degree to be honest. My friends took 5yrs because of many major changes and they all got into different post grad programs. I took 5yrs undergrad then 2yrs in a post BA program and got into schools.
  11. I applied to a lot of schools that I honestly can’t remember them all. The ones I applied and go into are LIU Brooklyn, suny Plattsburgh, Buffalo state college, Iona, and one I can’t remember. I was rejected from saint john’s university, queens college, Brooklyn college, the university of Rhode Island and one in New Jersey I believe . I was waitlisted at the university of Redlands, western Carolina university and a small school in Pennsylvania that was supposed to be an “easier” program to get into.
  12. Salary also depends on where you live. My friend who’s an SLP in a school in upstate NY makes less than my other friend who lives in downstate NY. An SLP I worked with has a friend in a school district who makes 100k but that’s also downstate NY and probably after many years since the SLP I know is over 50 years old.
  13. At my school we start clinicals our first semester. I personally haven’t been working yet but I know some girls are. They mostly work at the school (which i am going to try and do next semester but there’s like no on campus jobs), restaurants, teaching English online, and in special needs homes. Clinical hours can be so up in the air but I’m hoping maybe I’ll be able to work online at a preschool or something that’s not too many hours.
  14. I think if you can fit it in then you should do it but not to the point where it might take away from your essay. Like if there’s something specific about the situation mention it briefly and see how you like it or how others like it and if it works for your essay. It’s probably better fit for an essay that specifically asks about a challenge or overcoming something.
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