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  1. Yes, I've done quite a bit of research since this posting and have found the same thing about the salaries and competitiveness of the field. I have taken this test and many others and the suggestions are nursing, OT, rec therapy, and similar fields. I have been trying to find more encouraging posts and people who love the field, which has been helping my anxieties. And you are so right about the job security!! Thank you for the additional comment, and apologies if my other one came off a rude in any way. I appreciate your advice.
  2. It isn't based on just her--that was one example. I've been contemplating this career for years now and have been allll over the internet. She also was not irresponsible and expected to make a decent living, which is why it scared me because I have a similar view that she had before she got into the field. Again I am not basing my career choices on a few comments here and there. I've really looked at every website possible about this field and have seen similar stories, so I do not think it is immature to do my research..but thank you for the reassurance otherwise.
  3. I read this and didn't reply for some reason. It was really helpful, so thank you! I have researched salaries a lot but still worry that I will be the outlier. I have spoken in person to an SLP near me and shadowed her, as well as done some virtual shadowing. I just get very anxious and am indecisive so I also go searching online, which isn't the best idea, I guess! Thank you!!
  4. I know this sounds bad but I'm terrified after reading the slp reddit because of all the stuff I read about low salaries...a big reason I'm going into SLP is for stability. I don't need to be rich but I want a stable, comfortable income. The schools seem to be the lowest paying and I'll likely end up there. It made me think that, I might as well go for dietetics if they make around the same amount. I used to want to be an RD for a long time but was scared off due to the hard science requirements (biochem). It looks like RD's make a bit less but honestly not much from many forum posts I've read
  5. Helllooo😊 I'm a major flip-flopper and have changed my career goals an uncountable number of times. I recently narrowed my options down to recreational therapy, ultrasound, teaching, speech therapy, and nursing. This week, I ruled out rec therapy (salary and lack of licensure), teaching (respect, education system, salary), and ultrasound (just shadowed and do not want to do that for the rest of my life). So, my two options are speech and nursing. I love helping people and giving advice (but, no, I do not want to be a counselor). I am extremely empathetic, understanding, helpful, and
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