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  1. I'm sure you will hear back very soon, fingers crossed for you! I just heard back on 2/12 that I was admitted to a program with a Jan. 15th deadline. Good luck! Keep us posted.
  2. In the future, this is a much better response to someone who is in the position of the OP.
  3. Thanks for your comment! I've been in your shoes and have stayed there for far too long based off of Reddit or people online in very specific situations, sometimes we let those comments box us in a little. I was only put at ease when I voiced my concerns in the real world to SLP colleagues and some of them shared how much they've been able to make in certain settings/niches. It's daunting picking a career but it sounds like you have some good options lined up. Even if you choose one thing and decide it's not for you it's never too late to switch gears.
  4. I'm happy that @roseyelephantis seeking additional answers as well! You can't believe everything you read online, which is where my comment was stemming from. I still stand by what I said, it would be childish for anyone to take one statement from one person on the internet and run with it as truth. It's mature to look at all aspects such as the fact that not all SLPs will end up on food stamps and struggling to make ends meet. Also, it is not out of touch for me to suggest that the particular struggling SLP in question seek financial advice. Free resources can be found online if you look
  5. And to answer this question, yes I have considered RD among other allied health fields(including nursing). I decided against RD because it was not an available major at my undergrad university and decided on CSD. If you look at job postings and do some research you'll find that the field is known for having a pretty low average salary even though it requires X amount of training, however there are also some happy RD's out there as well! Regardless, you should consider taking a career aptitude test and look at your options but also I wouldn't be completely driven by income. I have friends with
  6. I'm sorry but I'm just going to point this out... do not base your entire career/life decision off of some random person on the internet. Finances are a VERY individual and unique subject. We do not know all of the pieces of that particular SLP's puzzle. I have so many questions: did she already have a crap ton of student loan debt from undergrad? Did she attend an expensive private university or pay out-of-state tuition? Does she have irresponsible spending habits such as never saving a dollar of her monthly income, thus living paycheck to paycheck? Does she live in an expensive luxury apartm
  7. I applied for Fall 2021 and I am taking the CASper test soon. Does anyone know how long they give to accept/decline admission if it's offered? I'm hoping to have a chance to hear back from all of the programs I applied to before making a decision. Also, I wanted to add this for anyone considering the ENMU SLP program and searching all over the internet for more info, several weeks ago I reached out to a few current students in the program regarding their experience. This is some info I was able to grab from them: The program is very rigorous/time consuming, extremely affordable, he
  8. 🤣 How easy is it to sit behind a keyboard and anonymously tear someone down who is clearly overwhelmed and hurting? You must feel so great about yourself, congratulations on being a bully, just what our field needs! Another miserable SLP I see, I've met quite a few like you.
  9. I appreciate the warning! Not many are willing to speak out about these programs. I know the Council of accreditation takes feedback on programs from students when it is time for them to go through their review. You should look up what your program's date is or even if they accept anonymous complaints on their website. On another note, I'm sorry you are having a hard time with your program, lack of diversity is common in almost all SLP programs. The field is 96% caucasian. It's just something that you have to deal with temporarily, however once you practice in the field or live in certain area
  10. I applied to ENMU and I'm applying to WKU, both online programs. Emerson has been on my radar and I've heard nothing but good things. I really appreciate that they have rolling admissions and seem organized. I haven't submitted an application yet because I can't get over their price!
  11. Does anyone know if online programs help with securing or finding clinical/externship placements for their grad students? I'm considering applying to some online SLP programs but I am concerned if I will have to cold call 50 places on my own when it comes to the clinical portion of the program. I've heard of situations where some grad students have to temporarily relocate due to not being able to find placements.
  12. Well, Emerson College does not use CSDCAS for their online Speech@ Emerson program, I assume that's the online January 2021 cohort you applied to? I am pretty sure if the admissions counselor told you directly that everything was received/fixed in their system that they will still be considering you for their Jan. '21 cohort. Otherwise they would've let you know if it was incomplete and not being considered. If I were you, I'd consider finding another back up recommender for your CSDCAS apps. Deadlines on CSDCAS are more harsh/strict and the last thing you need is this professor submitting the
  13. Yep, salary always depends on location, years of experience, and speciality (schools/SNF/hospital/private practice/tele-therapy etc.). Regardless of location, it is a common misconception that becoming an SLP means earning a high salary, while it is definitely possible it's not the reality or the norm in our field unfortunately. That's why I advised the OP and anyone looking specifically for a high paying career to understand SLP is a field where you definitely don't enter it for the money or you'll be in for a rude awakening. Across the United States, SLPs working in school districts are typi
  14. Coming from someone who worked as a school SLP (bachelor level- we get a 2 year temp license) you may want to rethink the school SLP thing because we aren't any more respected then teachers are in the public school system. There's a TON of paperwork as someone else mentioned before but it is definitely possible to not bring work home if you have good time management skills. Being creative in school therapy can become exhausting, real therapy in the schools doesn't look like what you see from IG and FB therapists. Cutesy stuff can be fun, but saved for holidays or as a treat to keep kids engage
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