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  1. I know that for my school as a non degree seeking student you need to pay for school out of pocket. Check to see if your school has a payment plan. I know that mine does even for non degree seeking students.
  2. Personally I didn't have the "perfect" high gpa. My cumulative gpa from undergrad was a 3.34. It took me three application cycles to get into grad school but I got there
  3. Definetly get some experience even if it's not 100% speech. I volunteered at an integrated preschool and was able to observe the slp and also interact with the ot and preschool teacher! It was a great experience and really confirmed my interest in the field
  4. You ranges for gpa and gre are almost identical to mine! Feel free to message me but like others have said I think that you need to work your strengths. Talk about that research experience in your letter of intent and experience. There is more to a future clinician than grades
  5. I'd be happy to help you Feel free to message me!
  6. Personally lingustics is a field that is related to being an slp so I think as long as they are able to write you a strong letter of recommendation then it's ok! Definitely still try and get someone in CDIS too.
  7. I personally did it to try and stand out. I was also trying to be the best applicant I could be and it could be helpful if deciding between your application and another applicant. However like @Lwc23 mentioned some schools might only look at the letter required. I'm not sure how it was handled by CSDCAS which letters were sent out but I just did it anyway.
  8. I personally had 2 letters from work supervisors and 2 letters from academics (a professor/academic advisor & professor). However, likes others have said make sure you follow the requirements depending on what the school requires. I personally submitted more letters of recommendation because I thought it would make me stand out.
  9. I took it 3 times. I don't recommend taking it that many times because for me it ended up being a waste of money since I only improved the verbal and quantitative sections by a couple of points. The one benefit it is brought up my writing score from a 3.5 to a 4. Ironically, I ended up attending a graduate program that didn't require the GRE lol.
  10. I did too! It took me 3 tries but I got in! Don't give up! Try and gain experience in the field and also try during research of programs statistics of acceptance on ASHAedfind!
  11. Personally what I do is rent the books first from amazon or chegg or see if it is cheaper to buy off amazon. I can't afford to buy my textbooks and keep a copy of the syllabus with the textbook name in it in case later on I want to buy the textbook when I have more money haha
  12. I personally work on campus as well through federal work study and it is very convenient! Plus the departments are used to working with students. I usually work about 15-20 hours a week and it's doable!
  13. Personally as a part of my program it is recommended that you take the Praxis around the same time as when you take our qualifying exam (which is our final exam). Personally I would talk to your academic advisor about when to take it to make sure. I believe in taking it ahead of time so it doesn't mess up your licensing.
  14. I bought a gre practice book and also utilized free online practice questions!!
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