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  1. AlwaysaFalcon

    Gap Year Job Ideas/Advice

    I volunteered at an integrated preschool that had typically developing and children with different speech and language disorders. It was nice to work in that team setting and also gain experience working with the younger kids. I also got to observe an SLP which confirmed that I was going down the right path.
  2. AlwaysaFalcon

    Gap year & then application

    I had unintended two years off between my undergraduate degree and pursing my masters degree. I discussed my continued interest in the field and my experience involved in populations related to speech language pathology. I volunteered at an integrated preschool where I observed an slp that worked with the preschoolers. I believe programs like varieties in their cohorts so for me I think the experience helped me stand out.
  3. AlwaysaFalcon

    Things you want/needed for grad school

    I love my dry erase board. My friend got a me a bunch of items that she wished she'd had in grad school and that was one of my favorites. I used it a lot when practicing transcription in my speech sound disorders class. Very helpful!
  4. AlwaysaFalcon

    Should I give up??

    I understand! It's totally up to you. I guess the only thing I can say is there maybe a different cost of living between the two.
  5. AlwaysaFalcon

    Should I give up??

    I really like Governors! I have a great class of guys and girls! It's affordable and I like how you focus on classes first then do your practicum. Unfortunately the only thing is this makes your program itself a little longer than traditional programs.
  6. AlwaysaFalcon


    The Sallie Mae application was very easy. Probably took 5-10 minutes and was approved the next day. The also have options for you to pay during school on a payment plan or can wait until after school to pay it back.
  7. AlwaysaFalcon

    Is it really worth going into debt

    I personally chose a cheaper state school vs a expensive private university. However, like others stated I also had undergraduate student loan debt so this is one of the reasons I chose the cheaper school, to take out as few loans as possible. The difference was at least $25,000 not including living cost. Personally this was enough of a difference for me to matter.
  8. AlwaysaFalcon

    Still waiting on a decision

    I know how you feel with the frustration. There were a couple of schools that I never ended up hearing back from.
  9. AlwaysaFalcon


    I've heard discover can be quite good. I've also heard that you should check with your local bank or credit union to see if they have individual loans at lower rates. I personally got one private loan through Sallie Mae and then the other loans I had were graduate federal loans when I applied for FAFSA.
  10. AlwaysaFalcon

    Should I give up??

    @Rezzy S. Yes that is what I was referring too. Thank you for the clarification. Programs may take a significant amount of time to go through their waitlist to decide who they want to take off of it. That was the case for me when I was accepted off a waitlist in July. I know other people that were taken off of waitlists later as well.
  11. AlwaysaFalcon

    Should I give up??

    Do not give up! I got off the waitlist for one school at the end of July! The April 15th decision day was not that long ago and the department is still trying to go through their cohort. It's not over till it's over.
  12. AlwaysaFalcon

    Good friends in grad school?

    Of course it will depend on the different personalities and the feel of the cohort itself, but in my experience once you get to grad school you have a "we're all in this together mentality". I get along with a lot of my cohort and I'm lucky to be going through this program with some of these awesome women! ❤️ . Personally I feel that the competitiveness that happens with undergrad is gone and that you're more willing to study and help one another out.
  13. AlwaysaFalcon

    Who's trying again?!

    I was in your boat once! Do not give up! For me third time was the charm
  14. AlwaysaFalcon

    Will getting 1 C ruin my chances for grad school?

    I believe I had 3 C's total in undergraduate, 2 in classes not related to CDIS and 1 related to CDIS. My last cycle of applying I got into 3 graduate programs!
  15. AlwaysaFalcon

    So I didn't get in.. Now what?

    Do not give up! It took me three application cycles to become accepted into graduate school! Maybe you can take time to volunteer or work in areas related to the field. Take time to improve your application. Feel free to PM me!

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