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  1. For me it depended on the class. Some classes I printed out powerpoint slides before hand and then took notes on it. However, as I went on I got lazy and took notes on my laptop haha.
  2. I was accepted into graduate school with an overall gpa of 3.35 so yours is great!
  3. Are you referring to a medical placement in your graduate program or a medical placement during your CFY? If you are able to shadow I definitely think it would help as far as a medical placement goes and for experience to put on your resume. As far as I'm aware most graduate programs will provide you with a medical placement or have options for you to find one so I wouldn't be worried about gaining medical experience. As far as a medical CFY it's not impossible to get! I know a couple of my classmates that work in SNFs for their CFYs and in my experience/from what I've heard SNFs are more desperate/willing to take a CF compared to a rehabilitation clinic or a hospital unless you already have prior experience at that facility. However, if you don't get a medical cf that doesn't mean you'll never be able to work in a medical facility. You can work per diem to gain experience or shadow or take CEUs. I hope that helped!
  4. I bought a study guide book online and I also split 4 practice exams between a couple of friends! for the Praxis! Really just taking as many practice questions as you can helps! Also if you have to take it again it isn't the end of the world. I'm not a great standardized test taker and I had to take it four times. As far as comprehensive exams goes I always studied 1-2 weeks in advance and would study a little bit everyday instead of cramming the day before or couple days before. I used/made study guides. That personally helped me. I hoped that helps
  5. I don't know what you ended up deciding but before I started my clinical rotations I became depressed. My body and mind finally had to time to deal with the prolonged stress and anxiety to deal with graduate school. During graduate school I had multiple instances of self doubt, anxiety and a professor that bullied me and made me feel inadequate. The best decision I ever made was to utilize the counseling center through my school. Most programs will have free or reduced rates for services. It was my first time receiving counseling and was nervous but it was so worth it. My practicum was also a welcome distraction from my emotions. It was a process and sometimes I'm still learning to deal with my triggers (hello 2020 and a cfy during a global pandemic) but I'm so proud of myself that I invested in myself and my mental health. Obviously you know yourself better than any of us do online but I personally knew I needed to push through with help and let me tell you that it's a better world out their compared to graduate school. In my experience my clinical supervisors were so supportive and encouraging and helped to improve my confidence. Please pm if you need anything else! You've got this and you should be proud of yourself for recognizing you might need to take a step back.
  6. Like others have said it depends on your program but in my experience my first two years of my programs were classes and the last three semesters were experiences off campus since my program does not have an on campus clinic. My school placement was 13 weeks long My "special populations" placement (clinic, private practice, speciality school) was 11 weeks long My medical placement was 11 weeks long I hope that helps!
  7. So I currently work at a school for my CF so from personal experience I can't answer that, but I do know the slp that previously had my position worked in the school and then once she was done moved out to California and now works in a hospital. It may be more difficult to get a medical cf but it's not impossible. It all just depends on what you are looking out of from a cfy experience. Traditionally I know it's easier to get medical settings such as snfs compared to hospitals unless you have that connection with a hospital because snfs, especially during COVID are more open to hiring cfs but in this case you may be more willing to jump into the deep end with less support because of productivity standards. You could take continuing education CEUS during your CF but they won't count towards your CEUS hours needed after you obtain your CCCs. I hope that makes sense. I also recommend shadowing medical slps if you can if your goal is a medical cf.
  8. Title is pretty self explanatory but I"m a current CF and open to any questions you might have! Anything from applying to internships to picking a setting and more!
  9. @stressedNunimpressed I also agree to take advantage if you feel you need it to utilize the counseling services! My school offered free services for students and it helped me TREMENDOUSLY. You can get through this!! @smarieSLP2bI had not idea about the leaving feedback on programs for the council of accreditation. That's good to know!
  10. Personally I worked on campus through federal work study during clinical. I worked about 15 hours a week.
  11. I graduated from a cheaper, state graduate school and had a job lined up before I graduated from graduate school. I"m working through a contract company through a school and trust me they did not care where I went to school or my gpa. They cared about how I performed in the interview and if I had the skills to do the job
  12. Depending on the semester I had anywhere from 3 to 5 classes.
  13. I personally have worked throughout graduate school. I'm in my last internship and I still am luckily able to work. My program you have to complete your coursework first then the last three semester are full time internships. So during the coursework portion of my program I worked 15-20 hours a week and during the internship portion of my program I worked 12-15 hours a week. I worked through federal work study on campus so for me that was very convenient because I lived close to campus and employers were understanding of you being a student. My other classmates were G.A's and worked as well. I personally thought it was very manageable.
  14. My school had in state versus out of state tuition even for graduate school, however my school had the ability to apply for instate tuition if you were able to establish residency at least six months so see if the school you are looking at do the same thing!
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