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  1. Unlike undergrad, do some grad programs only cost one set price and do not differentiate between in-state and out-of-state? I've been trying to figure out the cost of schools I'm looking at and while many schools still list two different prices for in- and out-of-state students, I've noticed that a lot of schools only list one price for tuition. Is that what it means?
  2. Does anyone have insight as to whether or not the GRE will be required for all schools next year, given the COVID-19 situation? I will be applying to schools next year to then start grad school in the fall of 2021. With this timeline, I was planning on taking the GRE this summer, likely in August or September. I'm feeling discouraged because I was planning on taking a GRE prep course this summer (I haven't taken math since high school so I need all the help I can get for that portion) but that course now isn't being offered because of the virus. When I google it, I see a handful of schools are
  3. On the WRGP website there is an FAQ section that essentially says the tuition discount is not automatically awarded to all eligible candidates, and that even if you meet all of the program's WRGP requirements there are still no guarantees. 😕 I just wish I could know better what my chances might be because there are certain schools I could only attend if I was awarded WRGP so if my odds of receiving the tuition discount at one of those schools is low, I would just avoid applying all together. Guess it's something I will just have to work through and decide as I go!
  4. Hmm, makes sense. I figured schools with more applicants would have less WRGP scholarships to give out, and lesser applied-to schools would have more. I guess I will just have to apply and find out - fingers crossed I can get WRGP offered from at least one or two of my schools. Thank you for your insight! And congrats on receiving WRGP from those schools!
  5. Is anyone currently a part of this program? I am applying to graduate schools in the fall and quite a few of my options are eligible for this program. To be able to pay in-state tuition (or close to it) at an out-of-state school would be HUGE and is something I am really considering when narrowing down my options. But I am wondering if anyone knows how competitive WRGP is? I know not everyone automatically gets it, but if there is anyone who could speak to what my "odds" are of being chosen to be a part of the program, I would greatly appreciate it!
  6. Sounds great, thank you! I'm looking for research opportunities right now, and I plan on studying all summer for then GRE then taking it in the fall. I will definitely spend lots of time on my personal statement as well. Are there general guidelines for that, or is it sort of a "free for all" where you just explain more about yourself and your goals as an SLP? Also, which schools on my list did you apply to?
  7. I am so sorry you had those bad experiences in Mankato, and thank you for letting me know about them! I will definitely keep that in mind as I continue into the application process. While the university could be different, if that is the general culture in the town it doesn't sound like a place I would want to be. Small towns can either be great or very close-minded, and it sounds like Mankato is the latter. Thank you again for sharing your experiences.
  8. Wow - thanks for letting me know about that! I am an Oregon resident and I've heard a little bit about the Western Graduate Exchange Program, but I didn't realize it included CU Boulder. That is great to know! I'm super interested in Boulder but dissuaded by the cost so I will keep that in mind.
  9. That is great to hear about my list, thank you! That is very unfortunate about CU Boulder, I have a feeling I would fall in love with the area as well. I hope the application process is going well for you!
  10. Thanks so much for the advice! I already have a google doc going but I could definitely work on it some more I will keep that in mind about letters of rec as well and saving money to gear up for the application process!
  11. Oh awesome, thanks for the extra tip! I will definitely make sure to get lots of eyes looking over my personal statement. That's also great advice to not just restate your resume, I'll make sure I don't do that. thanks again!
  12. Thank you so much for the advice! How many letters of rec do schools typically require? I have a decent relationship with one of my CDS professors so I can ask her. I also have the option to ask the SLPs at my work (I'm assuming it would be beneficial to get letters of rec from practicing SLPs?) who I have built great relationships with. My next big focuses are the GRE and finding research opportunities, thanks to the advice from everyone on here! This community is awesome
  13. That is great, thanks for the insight! Ahh that is my biggest fear - not applying to enough schools and not getting in anywhere. I want to find a good balance of having lots of options but not totally breaking the bank either. I will definitely reserve my winter break for working on applications
  14. No need to apologize at all for the long response - I really really appreciate all of the info you gave me! I definitely want to have a wide range of grad school options but I don't have too much room to break the bank in terms of application fees, etc. But that is also a good point from your professor about the "$100 for a spot." What does worry me about what you said is to look at non-popular states, I am from the West coast and not sure how far I want to stray from that, and I am also mainly looking at larger, state schools which I'm not sure if that's a bad idea or not. Below is a list of
  15. You just made me feel much better, so thank you! I met with my advisor last week and she made me feel like I was not at all prepared (why do advisors do that?!?) so I really appreciate more realistic feedback from you. I do have some questions. With my stats/accomplishments/etc. how many schools do you recommend applying to that are "reach" vs "safety"? I know you mentioned applying to as many schools as I can afford, so now I guess I'm just wondering what my ratio of the type of schools I apply to should be.
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