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  1. Hi! Awesome No, I haven't checked recently. Maybe there's one now or will be in the near future.
  2. Hello all! I was accepted into Baylor's online graduate program for speech-language pathology back in January. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone who'll be in the program with me! Not sure if there is a Facebook group page yet..
  3. Good for you for talking about your experiences and warning others! One of my close friends had a friend/classmate who went to Chapman for their master's program and said they were not happy with their experience.
  4. I received an acceptance yesterday afternoon! I'm conflicted as I have committed to my top choice. MWU has a great program and it's 30 minutes from me, but it's pricy and full-time 🥺
  5. Hi! Congratulations on getting an interview! Everything is virtual. We completed a 30-minute writing sample (camera's on) where we received prompts in the chat, wrote the essay on a word document, and emailed it to the admissions counselor. We were called in groups of 3 doing individual interviews. They give you 15 minutes. It was relaxed and the professors want to get to know you and what inspires you to pursue a career as an SLP. I'd prepare a list of questions to help you prep and questions for them as well. Good luck!! Be confident and own it
  6. Hi! Congrats on your interviews. I've completed 2 interviews and I was asked questions like "What made you want to pursue a career as an SLP?" and "Why do you want to attend ___ University." I recommend googling interview questions to start and work your way from there Definitely think about your answers beforehand and know what you want to share with those interviewing you. I had to complete a time writing sample as well. I had 2 options: write about a time you experienced failure or write about your experience working with diverse populations. Lastly. Be confident and own it! Let me
  7. Hi! I did submit a personal statement. I figured why not do it and see what happens lol
  8. Very awesome! Thanks for the tips My GPA and GRE scores aren't anything to brag about. They're not strong but I plan to talk about my work and tie them into speech path.
  9. So I know this is over a year old, wanted to give an update. I reapplied and have an interview scheduled for next Friday via Zoom
  10. Hi everyone! I received an invite to interview with MWU in Glendale. I'm excited since this is my second time applying. I was on the interview waitlist the first time and my GRE stats are higher now. What should I expect (questions, suggestions, advice) and what will help prepare me? The interview will be virtual, so it saves a trip to the school. Thank you
  11. I understand feeling isolated and loneliness takes a toll on one's well-being. You gotta do what is best for you. If I were in your shoes, I could see myself doing the same thing. Always put yourself first. You shouldn't feel guilty for putting your mental health etc first. Best of luck to you! Congrats on getting into the NYU online program
  12. I have a question for anyone who wants to help! Part of my essay prompt is to discuss potential challenges grad students may face in an environment of constant evolving technology. Want to know if I'm on the right track and my ideas are following the prompt. Private messages please. Thanks in advance
  13. Do you have to resend your college transcripts to CSDCAS if you previously applied using their system? I applied in 2018. Not sure if I need to do this. I have green checks on everything and I'm able to submit an application. EDIT: I got my question answered!
  14. Coincidentally, one of my essay prompts asked me to write about a challenge or problem and describe how I worked through it. I have that essay drafted. If anyone wants to review it, send me a private message
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