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  1. Hello @opieandlola & @Ilovedogz3! Admissions decisions for Fall have historically been sent at UTD around mid-March to early April. Admissions decisions for Spring have historically been sent at UTD around mid-November to early December. That being said, it looks like decisions are not sent all at once. It's more of a trickle. Someone received their decision mid-October for the Spring '21 cohort, for example. Keep in mind that all bets are off this year: professors are dealing with a lot more than usual, just as we are! On the off chance you haven't checked out the res
  2. Hello @selfmadeslp! In short, yes, but you should expect to lose your deposit. I don't believe you are overthinking it, this could be a tough decision to make. Don't be hard on yourself! Some considerations: If you're going to rescind your acceptance, do so as quickly as possible. Universities, at least at the MA level, still function more or less as a business entity. They'll want to fill your spot. You gave them your word, but ultimately they want students who want to be there. You need to make the decision that is best for you and your future. I only recently felt tha
  3. @SLPending State licensure takes precedence, you can hold ASHA's C-SLPA and still be unable to practice in your state if you have not met the state's requirements. (TL;DR at the bottom) On the other end of the spectrum, you might be able to practice without the rigorous requirements of the C-SLPA certification if your state does not yet require it. (Some states only require a high school diploma.) Illinois would fall in the middle: https://www.ishail.org/illinois-licensures This is because state laws and regulations govern the schools and medical facilities where you'd be workin
  4. Thread for those interested in gaining work experience working as an assistant before applying to grad school. Advice/tips/info/questions/etc. So that all of the most relevant information is easy to find, I've compiled some resources for you all. I'll add to it over time as people respond: ASHA's state-by-state licensing/certification requirements. (click your state, then support personnel to figure out what is required for certification in your state. Keep in mind, this is only updated annually so your state's regulations might have changed) Important to note: State
  5. Dr. Suzanne Swift is the Professor of Communicative Disorders, Department Chair, & Graduate Program Director and Coordinator at ENMU.
  6. An overview of Lewis University: GPA: 3.0 minimum for admission, 2.75 for provisional admission, range of GPAs for students admitted: 2.69-3.94 Interviews are conducted after applications are reviewed, a writing sample will be collected during this interview Total Cost for 73 hour program (required coursework; program fees, university fees): $61,510 (not including living costs or books) Coursework Faculty (pretty wide range in faculty research topics) Average GRE stats: Verbal - 146, Quantitative - 144, Analytical writing - 3.8 Less than an hour drive
  7. In addition to @meadymalarkey's advice, you could also try some of the following ideas! Jobs/Volunteer Positions: Volunteer or apply at a preschool: this experience will improve your knowledge of child speech and language development Volunteer or work with adults with intellectual disabilities: working with adults with communication differences will ready you for work in the field. In this sort of a position, you will likely gain experience with data tracking and goal setting as well. The process that we use to create and track goals at the company I work for is incredibly sim
  8. Piggybacking off of @futurespeechpath1, I'd look into your current university as well. You might be able to use some of your undergraduate degree credits or current MS-SLP credits if your university offers an SLPA (or SPA) 2-year program. After looking into the requirements, most gen-ed and introductory courses seem similar for most programs and might be transferrable. Get in contact with an advisor from some programs that look good to you at community colleges as well and see if they will allow you to transfer credits you've already received. I doubt you'd need to do much more than the fieldw
  9. Hi! I'd like to write specifically on Speech Pathology. I don't have a lot out there yet, but I'm going to start pushing more consistent content and think that this would be a great place to start with interested readership. The SLP forum is incredibly active, so I think I'd be able to speak on a number of things that people here would be interested in. Posts in the works: Tips for getting observation hours completed for SLP applications Managing working multiple part-time jobs while going to school National scholarships for SLPs Why you should join ASHA as a
  10. I can't speak to these exact programs, but I'm in a similar predicament. I'm applying for a SLP program and a grant opportunity, and didn't want to ask for multiple letters from my recommenders because they are all pretty busy. I think that having letters that specify your dedication to a specific program is beneficial, but not necessary. Plenty of people apply to multiple programs, and through looking around on here there are more than a few people that apply for SLP and AUD. Take this with a grain of salt, but I'd say that you could ask your recommenders to write two letters for you, and spe
  11. Hello! I'm starting a thread for KU, as I haven't seen much in here regarding this program. I'm currently applying for the Fall 2021 cohort, but I don't think that my application is very competitive this year. I will apply for the following year if I'm not accepted, and make changes to my application depending on what the admissions committee suggests. A little about KU: The University of Kansas has a dual-campus program: Some classes are in Lawrence, and some are in KC, at the KU Med Center. From what I've gathered, classes are held at KU Med on Monday/Wednesday and at the Lawrence camp
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