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  1. Hello All! Just wanted to post a reminder that today is the first day that mentees can register for ASHA's S.T.E.P program. (You don't have to be a member of NSSLHA to join, but it's recommended) This program matches mentors to mentees in SLP or Audiology based on 6 preferences: skills that you'd like to focus on, areas of interest, areas of study, languages, work setting, and mentoring areas (career direction, bilingual service provision, careers in academia, clinical age population, conducting research, creating safe spaces and gender inclusivity, etc.). Mentors are ASHA membe
  2. Hi @Undergrad-student! I noticed you hadn't received a reply yet. There hasn't been much posted about the Queens College interview process, but I did a little digging and I'll @ people here that have stated in the forum that they've interviewed & you might be able to ask them more specific questions! @slpstudent777 @Sga71494 @slpinthemaking12 @speechie95 @ecfbbbrooklyn @goingtobeslp13 Good luck with your interview, I'm sure you'll be amazing!
  3. @futurespeechpath1 I looked around and it seems like all of their posts about acceptances were from 2018. I was just thinking they might not be worried about admissions committees seeing this thread if they were already admitted and relatively anonymous (which could explain the negativity, and lack of apology). It makes sense now that you were only trying to introduce that perspective. Anyway, I agree with you. You never know who might make the connection, and it's better to practice professional behavior.
  4. I believe they've already graduated: @Covidslp stated, "Chapman offered me so many opportunities to get a wide range of experience to the best of their abilities." Additionally, you can stay fairly anonymous on this forum if you choose to do so. Your name and personal information are not required to join, and TGC doesn't verify any information you provide. It's important to note that you can ask questions and offer advice on this forum anonymously, as that's part of the draw. Regardless, you're right. We're all stressed, we don't need to be adding to any negative or repetitive though
  5. Oh, @smarieSLP2b, I meant to follow up earlier! Can I ask what state you're in that you were able to practice as a bachelor-level clinician, and where you looked to find it (glassdoor, linkedin, word-of-mouth)? Would this sort of position be similar to practicing as a SLPA? I haven't been able to find available positions like this in my area! Thank you ☺️
  6. I've seen it used in and around to describe "medical based" SLPs online, but you're right, it wouldn't be used in in-person conversation! I was only referring to ways to make your application more competitive in medical settings, as these positions are notoriously difficult to secure outside of SNFs. Thank you for the correction.
  7. I do want to note that I found out yesterday that there is an optional practicum course that is offered at my school for SPLH that I will definitely be taking now that I know about it!
  8. The concerns that @roseyelephant raises are completely valid, and I'm happy that they are seeking out additional advice. Financial advisors charge, on average, $100-$400/hr, or one time fees of $1000-$2000 for a yearly financial plan. Suggesting that the woman going to food pantries seek financial advising is pretty out of touch. As @Xulaslp07 mentioned, the Financially Independent SLP is a great resource. It is also completely valid to choose a career based on prospective income. Several of my friends (in other majors) came to university as first-generation college students for t
  9. I did Elementary Education for my undergraduate degree! With an undergrad in Education, you'd have a lens for what students do in the gen-ed classroom, which can be especially helpful if you plan to be a school-based SLP. You would also head into grad school with: hands-on experience researching and applying evidence-based practice in your classroom (one of my classes centered around writing 50+ page case studies for individual student interventions) scaffolded practice administering one-on-one assessments to students (one of my classes even utilized SLP-developed phonological
  10. Hi @samthespeechie! I don't have much to contribute but noticed that you hadn't received any replies yet. They don't send the supplemental application to everyone: "You will be informed if you are required to complete the secondary Rush Application. Please do not complete the secondary application until you have been asked to do so." If you received the invitation, that means the initial review was favorable -- I doubt it would mean that your scores alone would put you out of the running. (keep in mind, this does not guarantee acceptance) GPA range of students admitted last cycle:
  11. Hey! If you're still looking for audiology courses offered online over the summer, I found a few. Keep in mind, at any school you're planning to go to, even for just one class, you'll have to apply as a non-degree seeking student. It's also very difficult to get student loans transferred to another school if you didn't have them on your FAFSA, so it might get a little expensive out-of-pocket: Miami University - online, no pre-reqs for the course, the form to apply as a non-degree seeking student is on the same page UNT - online, pre-reqs for the course, the info to apply as a non-d
  12. I put a list up of the online programs, you can check the topic "UVM SLP 2021." There are only 13 ASHA accredited programs that are fully online right now! Some are still accepting applications for this cycle.
  13. Thank you for your courage in speaking out about your experience. I do not believe that some of the replies that you've received are warranted, and I want to apologize to you on behalf of what is usually a wonderful group of future SLPs that are just looking out for one another. This forum is the future of the profession, and it is important that we listen to one another, affirm experiences and opinions, and offer the best advice possible. There are students with positive experiences and others with negative experiences at every school. Just because your experience differs from someone el
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