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  1. Hello! I received an email that the timeline for being notified if you are selected to schedule an interview for the distance program would be sometime between Dec. 17-22. My application still says forwarded to department. I am wondering if anyone has heard about being selected for an interview yet? Thanks!
  2. Hello, As I continue to plan for applying to graduate schools in the fall of 2021 I am spending more and more time researching what it takes to become an SLP in the NICU setting. I worked as a nurse for several years in a low-level NICU, which sparked my interest in the feeding aspect of SLP, and, ultimately, I'd love to end up back in the NICU. Does anyone have any advice and/or experience about how to go about fulfilling this goal? Thanks! -Amber
  3. Thank you for the helpful information! I have started doing more research into medical speech language pathology with the infant/neonatal population, specifically in the Kansas City area. It is exciting to see how diverse this profession truly is, and I am excited to hopefully become a part of it.
  4. Hi all! I'm currently in the middle of a post-bacc program, background in nursing, and am planning to start applying for graduate schools in the fall. The schools I'm looking at are University of Kansas, University of Wisconsion-Eau Claire (online), and University of Northern Colorado (online). Anyone willing to share any tips regarding applications or information about the programs would be much appreciated. One other question I had is, I am interested in going a medical route and working in the NICU as an SLP. Can you anyone shed some light on how to go about that route and
  5. Hello, Thank you for starting this thread. I am moving to Kansas City soon and hoping to start applying to graduate schools in Fall 2021. Did you end up getting in the University of Kansas program? I am not sure if you are still active on this thread, but I would love to hear about your experience and possibly stay in touch.
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