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  1. Why SDSU over other programs (for prereqs)? Flexibility: Courses are completely online and asynchronous. There are no dedicated class times, only weekly assignments, according to the website. The flexibility allows me to continue working. Affordability: The cost per unit is on the lower end, though depending on where you live and what programs you are looking at, a dedicated postbac program may end up being more cost-effective due to eligibility for federal assistance. With private loans, even a small loan could end up costing much more in the end due to the higher interest rates.
  2. Financial aid / Cost of attendance Total units (credits) for all eight courses: 32 Cost per unit: $345 Total estimated cost: $11,040 More info here. The SDSU financial aid office seems to be pretty disjointed and unfamiliar with aid when it comes to those enrolled in Global Campus courses. They ended up referring me to the "Cashier's Office" (contact info below). I haven't yet heard back from them - will post updates. Global Campus - Registration and Enrollment Services Office (link here) SDSU Gateway Center Building, Hardy Avenue entrance. 5
  3. Hi All, I had trouble finding detailed info about individuals' experiences at SDSU's Global Campus SLP essentials courses and MA program - hopefully this thread will be helpful to others in my position! My background: Undergrad: Bachelor of Science in STEM field, Bachelor of Arts in foreign language Grad: Master of Science in STEM field 3 years working in clinical research No prior coursework in SLP California-based Planning to begin a masters program in 2023 My plan is to take the 8 SLP essentials courses offered through the Global Campus, whi
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