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  1. Most grad schools want someone within the CSD field such as your speech science, phonetics professors etc.
  2. It's never too late to get experience!! Try getting involved with your university NSSLHA chapter or an organization which helps out kids or adults or both with special needs or volunteering at a hospital. ABA might look good too since you're working with your own clients.
  3. Yeah I do have an undergrad degree I'm sorry I don't think I'm explaining it correctly so I'll attach a picture of what I mean! So in the picture for this graduate school would the courses listed under prerequisites to apply carry more weight than the courses within the CSD major that aren't listed?
  4. I meant like prerequisite to graduate programs. You know how programs require certain classes to be considered for admission? Such as anatomy, speech science, audiology, etc.?
  5. I took the test twice! My writing stayed the same (4) but my overall score went up 4 points thanks to Magoosh.
  6. Hi everyone! So I know all courses matter prerequisite or not, along with a ton of other factors when it comes to grad school admissions. But would the grades received in prerequisite courses carry more weight than grades within the major that are not prerequisites?
  7. I would definitely talk about those things in your personal statement and discuss the skills they've given you or enhanced that'll help you be successful in grad school!
  8. A really high GPA can make up for a lower GRE at least at some schools! Everyone's experience is different but I have a friend who had a 3.9 commutative, 4.0 in the major, 289 on the GRE, and a ton of experience and she got in 4 schools, waitlisted but later admitted into one, got an interview then rejected from another. I don't think you should retake it because I really don't think your scores are bad, especially since your GPA is excellent! Oh and another thing I heard somewhere SLP programs tend to look at your verbal score or your overall score more but that might just be some schools.
  9. Oh! I did not know that was a thing, that's good to know! I wonder if other programs do that as well.
  10. This worries me too but remember speech-language pathology is one of those career paths where you'll always have a job and be able to pay off those loans. It's scary but if it's what you truly want to do you should do it. It's super expensive and loans are scary, but you'll get a job that pays well enough to pay them off.
  11. How do you know you're on the high waitlist? Do they tell you?
  12. Oh wow thank you! I do have a ton of experience/volunteer stuff and I still haven't taken the GRE so who knows maybe I'll do super well on that.
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