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  1. I don't think places begin to accept people off the waitlist until after April 15th. At least I know that's the case with Elmhurst and the other schools I've applied too. Some do accept people before and have a rolling waitlist. From what I know Elmhurst is not one of them. I did remove myself from the waitlist, so I hope that helps you!
  2. She said there were open houses throughout the week. There was 1 other girl there too and I guess there were more earlier that day
  3. Update: Pointdexter forwarded Hammen my email and she said she's having a virtual open house today at 1 and I can join
  4. Thank you for letting me know! It's a little annoying that she hasn't gotten back to me but at least it'll be up soon
  5. I emailed Pointdexter an hour or two ago. I think that'll be my last email to them, since I never seem to get a response. I've emailed grad admissions once in December, Dr. Hammen twice (once 4 days ago and another time March 9th) and of course today's email. I'm scared if I keep sending emails they'll get annoyed with me, they might already be annoyed since they haven't been responding. Hopefully the waitlist is posted soon! I might remove myself though.
  6. They haven't replied to any of my emails, I'm not sure why. Did you email Dr. Hammen about the waitlist being up? I did when I asked about the open house but I still haven't heard back.
  7. I'm not sure what the prompts are, but if you go to "past programs" on CSDCAS it might let you see them? Good luck!
  8. A 3.4 GPA isn't low. I have that in the major and it's actually considered average. I heard anything below 3.4 is considered to be on the lower side. I got into about half the schools I applied too with that GPA and wasn't rejected to any.
  9. Just declined my offer to Midwestern in Downers Grove and I will be declining my waitlist spot to Indiana State soon! Good luck to everyone on the waitlist!
  10. I hope she answers soon! This is my second time trying to reach her...did you ever receive a respond about the waitlist?
  11. I don't know of those schools either, but how I narrowed it down was: Cost Cohort Size GA Positions offered If the university has an on campus clinic What sort of clinical placements are offered How is clinical education run Average amount of classes per term Research opportunities Location It helped me to make an excel sheet of every school I applied too listening all the things I was looking for.
  12. Maybe something like: Good Afternoon/Morning/Evening, My name is ____ and I recently applied to ____ masters program for speech-language pathology. I am emailing you to ask if there is a set date for when admission decisions will be sent out? Thank you for your time,
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