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  1. Rush University is a very strong program in Chicago, IL that is heavily focused on the medical side of SLP. They are associated with their own hospital Rush Hospital. That's the only one I can think of at the top of my head.
  2. Were you taking 3 or more classes and clinic at the same time??
  3. How many courses were you taking while working?? I believe I'll be taking 3 in addition to possibly 3-5 clients in the on campus clinic
  4. SXU Class of 2022 GroupMe: https://groupme.com/join_group/59707781/SSZgQWRT
  5. Have you ever gone past 12 hours? Did you do clinic at the same time? Sorry for all the questions
  6. I understand it's recommended not to work at all during grad school. But would working 10-15 hours a week as an ABA therapist be too much on top of 3 classes+2-5 clients in the clinic?
  7. I got into 5 of 7 schools and wait listed to the other 2 with a 3.4 in the major so I actually think that's a pretty good GPA or at least good enough to get you into a decent amount of schools. I have a 3.6 overall but also had a ton of experiences and was a double major. But I really wouldn't beat yourself up over a 3.4...I don't know your chances for that particular school but don't lose hope on being removed from the waitlist yet. A lot of people are deferring admission because of covid which'll open up seats. I was accepted off the waitlist for 2 of my schools, SXU took me off a few weeks ago. Apply to newer programs too if you can. Lewis University is running it's first cohort this coming year and it seems very promising. They also accepted several students with GPAs and GREs on the lower side! I do know of a lot of people who were waitlisted or even rejected to schools one year and get in the next. It really depends on the applicant pool. What gets you in one year might not the next and vise versa. I would keep building up relevant experiences and apply to schools who's deadlines are rolling or have been extended. Retaking the GRE doesn't hurt too!
  8. I'm assuming the GRE is still going to be required since some centers are doing an online version of the GRE. At least my local center is. I agree with the poster above that Magoosh is highly helpful!! I can't really see the GRE being waived maybe deadlines extending to allow more time to take the GRE.
  9. Yeah I agree! Programs are doing their best to work with what they can but regardless the program is running so we should go if we got in. This is what we've been waiting for and I know I'm not guaranteed admission again.
  10. I'm not sure I haven't heard anything but the university itself sent an email saying they'll be back in person with a chance of a bigger hybrid/online component
  11. I really don't recommend deferring because you aren't guaranteed acceptance for the next round. Programs are working hard for their programs to run flexibility so I think it should be okay to enroll.
  12. The new applicants are being considered alongside those on the waitlist. At least Indiana State has said this on their website. Maybe contact the schools and ask if that is what they are also doing?
  13. CSDCAS does not calculate your last 60 credit hours GPA to my knowledge. So graduate schools will only see your cumulative GPA from the time you apply as well as your major GPA. Unless some schools calculator last 60 credits on their own I just did not see that on the GPA chart on CSDCAS and the schools I applied to looked at overall+major GPA not last 60 credits. Your writing and verbal scores are pretty good it looks like quant just brought you down. I think if your overall+major GPAs are strong+strong and relevant extracurriculars you'll be okay. I would definitely retake the GRE again when you can. My testing center is allowing the GRE to be done at home but it's via a webcam I don't know much about that though. I recommend Magoosh! It brought my score up by 4 points and if you get the premium subscription and have already taken the GRE once before and don't get a 5 score increase they give you your money back! I've heard people get in with similar GRE scores as you so don't get discouraged! It helps to apply for less competitive schools and go out of state if you can. A weak GRE can balance out with a strong GPA.
  14. Only some of them opened not all. They extended the deadlines but the majority already had deadlines past April 15th or were rolling prior to COVID. I did notice a few changed to rolling though. This is my first time applying so I can't really say what's normal or not, but maybe COVID is a factor I can't say for certain.
  15. Declined my waitlist offer to governors and de-committed from Lewis to attend SXU!
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