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  1. You need to put an SLP since in order for the hours to count someone with their C's has to sign off.
  2. Thanks for your reply! Yeah I can see that now. I originally I commented it as a means to defend them but I guess bringing up the waiver made it more sound like something negative. I just hope nobody holds it against me but after it got cleared up and the comment was deleted etc. The clinic director said nobody was made she just seemed annoyed because she said she had a lot going on and was overworked and this took time out of her day when she could've been getting things done.
  3. Hello @Sigaba Thanks for your reply. I decided to wait at least 24 hours before coming back and I'm feeling a lot calmer. I did delete the post on Sunday after I had spoken with the dean of the school of nursing and health sciences. I did try asking why while meeting with the clinic educator. She didn't really give me a reason aside from telling me to see it from all perspectives. I did talk to a few people regarding this issue and one person told me that since the first thing the read was the other girl's post who was actually badmouthing the university they were most likely feeling
  4. I understand I'm full of emotion right now and probably shouldn't be making any rash decisions so maybe this thread will help me if i still feel this way when I calm down or help someone else down the road. I'm looking to transfer out of my current graduate program and into a different program. Is it possible to do and if so what are the steps? I thought about emailing a few schools I had been accepted too but declined their admission offers to attend this program and asking them to defer, would that work? I'm a first year grad student and I'm about five or six weeks into the first semest
  5. You don't have to double major but you should do the CSD degree if you can since you would need to do a post-bacc to cover the prerequisites needed for the grad programs you apply for. You could major in anything you want as long as you eventually take the prerequisites since some programs won't consider you and others will still admit you but require that you take them before the start of the program. I'm not sure if it'll be difficult getting into a program as long as you have a good GPA and GRE. But you don't need to double major at all I just did it because I like psychology.
  6. I recommend linguistics since that's closely related to speech pathology. I was a double major in CSD and psychology and although a few of the prerequisites overlapped (psych 101, child development, stats, etc.) you still need to take specific CSD courses. If you don't pursue a speech pathology degree like CSD or speech and hearing science etc you'll need to enroll in a post-bacc program once you graduate with your bachelors. But if you're just looking to double major I'd do linguistics or psychology or language development I think those would be very capable. Education is also good but if you
  7. My overall was higher than my CSD (stats in my signature) and you have a higher GRE than I do and I still got in more than half the schools I applied too! I had very similar experience as you. I would apply to schools within your stat range and apply out of state if you can.
  8. It really depends where you apply and on the applicant pool. I would try applying out of state if you can. Check out different schools and see if you can find their average GRE and GPA acceptance ranges and if you fall slightly below it then don't be discouraged you should still apply! If you can I would retake the GRE using magoosh helped me bring my score up! Your major GPA isn't bad at all and most schools require just a minimum of a 3.2 or 3.0 which you meet. Build up a bunch of relevant volunteer experiences through NSSLHA or hospitals or organizations that service populations SLPs common
  9. I took an honors anatomy class which I think was very useful when it came time to take undergrad anatomy! Yes there are differences between the courses but I think having some background knowledge gave me an advantage. I would start volunteering at places too such as with the medical population (retirement home, hospital, etc.) or with the special needs population. But of course if you begin in high school be sure to stick with it in college too. Or you can wait to volunteer in college. I took child and human development classes as my electives and Spanish classes too which I thought having th
  10. Usually it says on their website but if you email programs and ask they'll tell you.
  11. I really don't know much about those scores but your GPA is great! I think you'll be fine so much depends on the applicant pool that year since what gets you in one year might not get you in the next. But I've noticed people with your GPA usually do get into at least one program if not more!
  12. Rush University is a very strong program in Chicago, IL that is heavily focused on the medical side of SLP. They are associated with their own hospital Rush Hospital. That's the only one I can think of at the top of my head.
  13. Were you taking 3 or more classes and clinic at the same time??
  14. How many courses were you taking while working?? I believe I'll be taking 3 in addition to possibly 3-5 clients in the on campus clinic
  15. SXU Class of 2022 GroupMe: https://groupme.com/join_group/59707781/SSZgQWRT
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