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  1. So when you request a letter you go on CSDCAS, go to supporting information, click on evaluations, then create an evaluation. Once you put in all your professors info (be sure to include their email) she'll be emailed a link to fill out info for you and upload your letter. Does this help?
  2. I'm applying to 7 schools! SXU, Lewis, Elmhurst, Midwestern-Downers Grove, Indiana State, Governors and Saint Mary's
  3. I'm applying this fall! I already submitted my applications, just haven't submitted transcripts since I'm waiting on fall grades. Good luck to everyone applying!
  4. SXU only denies if your CSD GPA is below a 3.2! If it's above the worst is a waitlist. NIU is pretty competitive tbh but it's worth a shot! My friend got in off the waitlist but declined last year and chose to attend SXU. SIU isn't very competitive I know that's not on your list but just throwing it out there!
  5. Your stats are super good I think you'll be fine with just 3!! I'm applying to 7
  6. I've been receiving emails from grad programs I didn't even send my GRE too advertising their speech-pathology programs and encouraging me to apply. Is there a reason for this? Was it something I selected while filling out my GRE? Did these schools receive my stats somehow and now want me to apply?
  7. Not necessarily! Yes they look at numerical first but they look at personal statement and experiences second so if you have a GPA an GRE that aren't "perfect" but solid experiences and a golden personal statement it'd help a lot
  8. Most grad schools want someone within the CSD field such as your speech science, phonetics professors etc.
  9. It's never too late to get experience!! Try getting involved with your university NSSLHA chapter or an organization which helps out kids or adults or both with special needs or volunteering at a hospital. ABA might look good too since you're working with your own clients.
  10. Yeah I do have an undergrad degree I'm sorry I don't think I'm explaining it correctly so I'll attach a picture of what I mean! So in the picture for this graduate school would the courses listed under prerequisites to apply carry more weight than the courses within the CSD major that aren't listed?
  11. I meant like prerequisite to graduate programs. You know how programs require certain classes to be considered for admission? Such as anatomy, speech science, audiology, etc.?
  12. I took the test twice! My writing stayed the same (4) but my overall score went up 4 points thanks to Magoosh.
  13. Hi everyone! So I know all courses matter prerequisite or not, along with a ton of other factors when it comes to grad school admissions. But would the grades received in prerequisite courses carry more weight than grades within the major that are not prerequisites?
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