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  1. futurespeechpath1

    How to get Speech Language Pathology work experience?

    I volunteer at the children's hospital right now, and I know a lot of my fellow peers are either working at a preschool/daycare or doing ABA! I'm also a literacy tutor as well as a volunteer at Gigi's Playhouse (special needs achievement center focusing on down syndrome mostly) they're always looking for volunteers and there are a few locations in every state, you mostly work with children. But if you want a paid position I recommend getting into ABA! Just remember volunteering is also good so maybe you can do ABA and volunteering on the side. Most ABA places train you upon employment.
  2. futurespeechpath1

    What do you think my chances are of getting in?

    Thank you so much! Governors is probably my top school that I'm hoping to get into!
  3. futurespeechpath1

    What do you think my chances are of getting in?

    Thank you!! I don't think a 3.5 GPA awful but just kind of average. But I know I've been lucky enough to have gotten so much experience and I really hope that'll be a selling point in some way , I'm trying not to get discouraged.
  4. futurespeechpath1

    Graduate Programs, is my GRE going to hurt me?

    I know a girl with the same stats as you that got into all the grad schools she applied too! Everyone is different though as is each application cycle, but I think your stats are really good. Just be sure you also have experience!
  5. futurespeechpath1

    What do you think my chances are of getting in?

    Thank you! I'm trying to study at least three times a week and I plan to take it over the summer. Right now I'm trying to do my best in my current undergrad classes. The stories are making me nervous about people only with 4.0s getting in.
  6. futurespeechpath1

    2019 Speech Pathology Graduate Applications

    I'm from Illinois and I plan on applying to SXU, Governors, Midwestern, and Lewis! My biggest concern right now is my GPA...it's a 3.5 which I know isn't a bad GPA but it's not a very competitive one either. I haven't taken the GRE just yet but I'm hoping I get at least a 290.
  7. futurespeechpath1

    How do you become an slpa?

    It depends on the state, but in Illinois you'll need an associates degree from a community college typically and then pass the licensure.
  8. futurespeechpath1

    What schools do not require gre?

    Governors State University in University Park, Illinois
  9. I've been reading forum after forum about people who got accepted and rejected from speech path grad schools. I'm kind of freaking out because the people who were accepted have such higher stats than me. I'm double majoring in communication sciences and disorders and psychology, have a 3.5 GPA, I am only a junior so I have not taken the GRE but on practice tests I've scored a 285 which I know isn't that great but I've been studying hard. I have over 100 volunteer hours at the children's hospital, on the board of NSSLHA, president of my school's psychology honors society, am a campus student ambassador, on the board of 3 humanitarian clubs, volunteer once a month at a center for adults with special needs as well as a center for children with special needs, I'm a psychology research assistant, I speak Arabic as well as know sign language, and occasionally volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. I know my extracurriculars are fine but everyone seems to have a 300 on the GRE and a 3.7-4.0 GPA I feel so average. My top schools are Saint Xavier University, Midwestern, Lewis University (they're opening a new program during my application season.) and Governors State all in Illinois. Has anyone gotten into any of those schools with a similar GPA and GRE? I'm freaking out I know my GPA isn't horrible but it's also not the best...it just seems so average.
  10. futurespeechpath1

    Decaf, Mocha, Latte, What does it all mean?

    I accidentally posted something in the wrong category and don't know how to delete it, I'm new here sorry!

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