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  1. @futurespeechpath1 Giving me so much hope ☺️ I appreciate it so much! I'm going to follow you! Lets keep in touch on the possible Graduate schools we'll go too. Thank you again you just took a lot of stress off my shoulders. ❤️
  2. @futurespeechpath1 I'm not taking the GREs again 😞 Do you think my scores will still get me within the pool of applicants? I have a other of experience and an internship with a speech pathologist as well.
  3. Hi @futurespeechpath1 thank you so much for replying! I am still waiting on the writing score 3.4 overall and 3.3 in my minor which was the SLP classes! Just super nervous for my GRE scores affecting my application 😥
  4. Hi I recently took my GREs and I got a 140 (Quantitative) 145 (Verbal) with the application deadlines coming up I am nervous of not getting accepted into a program. I am applying to 10 schools and my GPA is a 3.4 in CSDCAS, I have a lot of experience and I recently just finished interning with a speech pathologist at a school. I am just nervous about my GRE scores and I am not taking them again since I have to focus on the essays and submitting.
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