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  1. Thank you! So for GRE scores, I would definitely send all scores. I did that and I think it helps because admissions can see if you tried again to take it. That probably looks good.
  2. @SpeechLaedy @twinguy7 @AlwaysaFalcon @Louly @panda1991 Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments! I am so glad I started this thread and was able to read other comments with similar stories. You are all amazing and congratulations on the acceptances! Hard work definitely pays off (:
  3. Thank you!! I did see that on asha edfind about eastern Washington, that's why I thought I wasn't going to get in. But because they had a lower gpa, I figured I would give it a shot. I was waitlisted before I got accepted, but honestly don't believe everything you see on asha edfind. Some schools may look at other things besides the gpa and GRE. That's what I think eastern Washington did with my application. Also, I did really well on my interview. So just prepare for your interviews and focus on your letter on intent! You can do it!
  4. Well, I promised myself if I ever got into grad school I would post on gradcafe to help others out there that are trying to as well. Hopefully this information inspires you to pursue your dream of becoming an SLP. Back story: When I was younger, I was diagnosed with a learning disability (auditory and visual processing). I always had to try harder in school than the average student. I went to community college after high school because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I always had a liking working with kids. In the back of my mind, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but I hated subjects so I wasn't sure how that was going to work out lol. After researching Speech Pathology, I realized I wanted to be an SLP. I observed a few SLPs before I made the decision to transfer to a University and pursue a Bachelors degree in Speech Pathology. I was only accepted into one school in California because my cumulative GPA was a 2.6 (did I mention I HATE subject courses). After two grueling years pursuing a Bachelors degree in Speech, I managed to graduate with a 3.7 CDS GPA and 3.2 cumulative GPA. During the two year program, I had the WORST faculty. They were not supportive at all and had their favorites. It was terrible and I am so glad I am not going there for grad school. Ok, so this is how I got into grad school: I worked my ass off during my two year undergrad program by volunteering at a school (classroom and SLP), hospital (child life department), NSSLHA events, reading program, and an aphasia support group. I applied to three grad school programs my senior year, scored extremely low on the GRE and didn't get accepted. I even applied to my undergrad summer SLPA program and didn't get accepted. I knew I had to take a gap year and work in a related field. After I graduated, I worked as a behavioral therapist. It has almost been a year now since I started, and honestly, it was the best idea. It reassured me that I was meant to work with kids and become a therapist. I don't necessarily love ABA, since I have long in-home therapy sessions, but I believe this experience helped me get into grad school. I applied to 12 schools this time. I retook the GRE and scored a little higher, but still low. V:140, Q:145, A: 3.5. I researched literally every single program on ASHA edfind with low GPA and GRE scores. Also, I rewrote my letter of intent and had it proof read from sooo many people. I was determined to get in. I ended up being accepted into one school, waitlisted for 3 schools and rejected from the rest. The school that I was accepted to is literally my number 1 choice. I was in shock. I finally did it. So what I am trying to say here is that, YOU CAN DO IT. Don't give up. If you really want it, you will make it happen. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me! Grad cafe really helped me research my schools and kept me up to date on the grad school process. I am so thankful for all the support on here.
  5. When I was younger I was diagnosed with a learning disability (auditory and visual processing), so I have always had to work harder than the average student. I usually don't tell my professors that I have learning difficulties, but since I am starting grad school this fall, I will most likely tell my clinical instructors. I am sure they will be understanding about it.
  6. I am in the same boat. I was accepted into an amazing Special education program and I was extremely excited to attend because I FINALLY got into a graduate program. I felt fine about going to grad school for spec ed instead of speech. I have been working as an ABA therapist this past year and I thought that maybe being an ABA therapist led me to pursue a masters in spec ed. I started to envision myself working as a spec ed teacher. I was really excited and I forgot all about even applying to speech and I knew It would BE EASIER than speech. The only doubts I had about Spec ed was burn out and not making enough money. Well, two weeks later I got accepted into graduate school for Speech Pathology. It was my second year applying to SLP grad programs (12 of them) and I was so in shock that I got accepted! After going over the pros and cons of spec ed v.s. speech, I realized that I worked so hard to get into a grad program for speech and that I should attend grad school for Speech. As soon as I decided to do that, I haven't stopped thinking if I made the wrong decision to go into speech. But I can't go into spec ed now because I would regret not doing speech and I would have lots of what ifs. So I figured I would try grad school for speech and see how it goes. Its a lot easier to switch majors from Speech to Spec ed, since Spec ed is not that competitive. I would like to know if anyone else is feeling the same way?
  7. I am waitlisted at 3 other schools still as well. I accepted yesterday to a school that I love but idk about the cost of money.. so I am still waiting on the other schools.
  8. I agree with you @Speechster ! Thank you for sharing this. I'm so nervous to start grad school but so is everyone else! We are all in this together, we just need to take it one day at a time!
  9. I interviewed with EWU yesterday... so I am assuming they won't let everyone know for a few more weeks
  10. Congratulations! I had an interview this past Saturday and they said they would let us know this Friday... did you have an interview last weekend?
  11. When did you have your interview for West Texas A&M? I had mine on 2/23. I'm hoping I will hear back this week!
  12. I applied to West Texas A&M and New Mexico State as well. I received a phone call this morning from the department of West Texas A&M and have a web interview on the 2/23. I'm very nervous too! I hope we do great!
  13. Does anyone know if we can take a physics/ chemistry course for a pass or no pass? I really don't want to take it as a credit class...
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