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  1. Hi. I go to a different school but we have the clinical methods class. For our school it's where you hand in your 25 hours of observation. It's not for a grade but if you don't hand them in you don't get credit for the class. Not sure if this is helpful but I thought I'd let you know.
  2. I have been debating if I want to apply to be a GA. I know not everyone gets one but I was wondering if anyone had any pros and cons of working as a GA. I guess my only concern is timing but I didn't know if anyone had any insight?
  3. I need to also look for housing. I will only be moving over one state but I have lived at home throughout my undergrad so this is all new to me.
  4. Interesting topic. I like to think about it like this. I you go on ed finder on asha you can see class size for masters programs but also class sizes for undergrad. In comparison to each other most schools will have a large undergrad and a MUCH smaller grad. No granted some people do choose to do masters in different programs but it looks like out major is super hard to get into (yay for us). I imagine that if people keep trying they'll eventually end up somewhere however.
  5. Thank you for the answers and I'm so glad I'm not the only one who had these questions. Idk if it's just me but I was stressing about getting into grad school, thought that once I got accepted I wouldn't be as stressed, but I'm still stressed LOL
  6. Okay people! Many have chose a school or waiting to hear back or just are curious (like I am). Any former or current grad students have any insight that is not usually talked about such as: 1. What supply's are needed during grad school? 2. What is the schedule of a grad student like? 3. How is clinic in either your onsite or placements? Any advice on how to handle the stress? 4. Any advice on time management? 5. How do professors treat you in grad school compared to undergrad? 6. When do you actually start working with a client? 7. Is there anything that is done to help prepare you for clients or are you just kind of thrown into it and need to figure it out? any other insight would be great and thank you so much!
  7. For anyone whose already been through the process or in the starts of this process how do you go about finding a place to live? I live 2 hours away from the school I will be attending so I need to find a place to live. I have orientation soon and is this a topic discussed there? Do I start looking now? Any insight would be approximated
  8. I just got accepted into mercy. I'm waiting to hear from my other waitlist a but will most likely be attending
  9. Anyone else constantly checking your mail even though it's Easter Sunday?
  10. Only a couple more days till April 15th. Getting nervous!!
  11. Waiting on mercy and Worcester (waitlisted both here). I wish I knew what the waitlist was like. But I'm trying to be optimistic!!
  12. Thank you for the clarification. One of my schools has a target size of 40 and sends out 40 admissions. So it sounds like people on the waitlist will gets spot but it seems like everyone got waitlisted! Hoping for the best tho!!
  13. On ed finder, there's the topic "admissions offer" and "target class size" . So does that mean that the admissions offer and how many acceptances they send out at first?
  14. Hello everyone, Silly question but im confused as to what the "portal" is referring to. Can someone explain it to me? Thank you
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