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  1. Is it worth it to go for the teaching certification to keep your job options open? I don't think I want to end up working in schools. Also aren't there further requirements after grad school to get your TSSLD?
  2. I'm a slave to my email lol, I really hope to hear something very soon
  3. I feel like it's kinda the same thing as people who accept an offer then choose to later go to a waitlist school they got in to. I don't reallly know what else to do
  4. I have an email tab open on my computer constantly hahaha the only thing getting me through is knowing that we're so close to finding out
  5. Probably at a solid 7. I put in a deposit at my backup school. The school I really want to go to I also put a deposit in at but they said they can't let me know about funding until after April 15th so I have no idea what I'm doing lol. I'm on the waitlist for a graduate assistantship.
  6. Congratulations that's so exciting!!!
  7. Do you think we will have to wait until that Monday to hear anything back because the 15th is on the weekend?
  8. I also feel like having a car in Boston, going to clinical placements every day, would be really stressful for me. I'm leaning toward a school with in-state tuition and a suburban setting instead. But I'm just too curious about what this scholarship involves lol. She's calling me in about an hour so I guess I'll find out soon!
  9. Congratulations! I'm assuming it won't be that much money. Northeastern is a great school but I think it'll be too expensive for me
  10. I emailed Lorraine Book two weeks ago and she just emailed me today telling me that I received this scholarship. She said she wanted to call me but I kind of wish she just told me the details via email. So I definitely recommend emailing her asap lol
  11. Has anyone else received a Dean's scholarship to Northeastern? I am supposed to receive a call tomorrow to learn more about it. I tried searching online but it is hard to find information related to graduate scholarships. They're really cutting it close to the April 15th deadline and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to make a good decision.
  12. I feel like I'm in the same boat. I decided to put 2 different enrollment offers down. The school I am on the waitlist for funding said they won't know more until after April 15th. I can't afford to go without the funding so if anything, I also have a deposit at my backup school. So nervewracking. Best of luck to you!
  13. Anyone else feel like they're gonna go crazy because we have to wait until after April 15th? I put in a deposit at another school but am really hoping to hear good news. How long after April 15th do you think we will have to wait? Good luck to everyone!
  14. Congratulations!! That must be such a relief to hear back. I'm actually 6th on the waitlist so I feel like it could really go either way. Best of luck to you!
  15. Right, I'm still hoping to hear back about the assistantship hopefully early next week. Where are you planning on going instead?
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