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  1. You guys.. I am beyond frustrated.. I have only been accepted to RMUoHP which is SOOOOOO expensive, but I have been waitlisted at UNoDak, USoDak, IdahoSU, and WashingtonSU. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that is in this position.. It's hard to talk to my family, friends, etc. about the confusion because it's such a weird situation to explain. Basically, I'm wondering if anyone has advice on what I should do? what you did/are doing? ..anything else that would give me or anyone else in this same situation guidance/hope to get through this period of uncertainty? GPA: 3.76 GR
  2. I got accepted here, but I'm unsure about the program.. I'm interested to know what you have heard or know about the program !
  3. I got an interview with them as well! I'm not sure how I feel about a brand new program.. but I'm not wholly in a position to say no if accepted.
  4. So, ISU-Pocatello = April 1st...WSU-Spokane = 1st round of interviews done & sending letters March 24th...Ball State = ???... anyone know when most have to send in acceptances is.. just curious on when I can maybe start to expect my waitlist positions to be moved up..
  5. Where are they sending emails to?! the WSU portal or the emails on our applications?!
  6. This wait is awful,. my acceptance pattern is rejected or wait listed so, i'm hoping for people to choose to pull their applications haha.
  7. I'm still waiting on Ball State, Idaho State University- Pocatello, Washington State University, & MSU-Moorhead.. this is taking foreverrrr! - Does anyone know when MSUM is sending out the second wave of interviews or if this length of time is just in anticipation of a "no"
  8. ISU- Pocatello.. what a long process they have us trailing down
  9. I noticed this was a topic from last year and I figured it would be helpful for some of us to know; if we're ACTUALLY still waiting, if interviews are being given, if we need to check on their app., etc.
  10. I'm curious as to when you found out that you were waitlisted at WSU ?? Obviously this was last year, but timing seems to be similar this year among many colleges!
  11. Has anyone heard from Ball State, Idaho State University, or WSU?
  12. Don't get too discouraged!! There is still time. My fingers are crossed for you
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