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  1. babykoala


    A couple points regarding p287's post (sorry, it's not letting me quote individual sentences on mobile): I'm a US citizen and Canadian permanent resident. If you become a permanent resident of Canada, your status would only be revoked if you did not meet your residency obligations in Canada (2 years out of every 5). Also, while you'll need to file US taxes each year, it's unlikely you'd need to pay taxes in the US and Canada - you can deduct a certain dollar amount of income (more than 100k USD, I believe). If your income were to exceed that, there are also tax treaties in place to avoid double taxation. Your best bet would be to find an accountant who specializes in US/Canadian taxes.
  2. babykoala

    Distance Learning Programs

    California State University Northridge, Eastern New Mexico, Western Kentucky, University of Northern Colorado, Emerson, University of Montana, Idaho State, University of South Carolina, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, NYU, Nova, Tennessee State, East Carolina University...
  3. babykoala

    How do you decide?

    Congratulations on your acceptances! I didn't know Emerson offered scholarships for their online program -- I wonder if they would award enough to defray the hefty price tag (or at least make them comparable to CSUN)!
  4. babykoala

    SLP major with a 3.19

    Louly posted above that s/he got into the following programs: University of Oregon, U of Memphis, U of Utah, and Florida State.
  5. It sounds like OP is not a CA resident, so s/he would be ineligible for state grants for residents.
  6. babykoala

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    University of Minnesota has a distance program? Whaaat?
  7. babykoala

    2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    I know some programs can't accept applicants who aren't Canadian citizens or permanent residents -- UBC and Toronto come to mind. Also, keep in mind that schools in Canada can be even more competitive than those in the states; after all, there are only seven programs where English is the language of instruction in the entire country.
  8. babykoala

    2017 Applicants Here!

    I'm curious about their clinical placements and whether they have more of a medical or school focus--my thought is that it's about equal? I'm planning on applying there next year and appreciate any insight! Thanks!
  9. babykoala

    Best city to go to grad school in

    I agree with @Crimson Wife. Plus, you'll probably be far too busy to enjoy all that a cool city has to offer. You should also be able to find a coffee shop to your liking in most (all?) college towns. I'm actually targeting programs in urban areas myself--not because I want to move to some elusive dream city, but because cities and urban areas tend to have more clinical opportunities. That seems more important than whether I find x city desirable.
  10. babykoala

    2017 Applicants Here!

    If you've been accepted to UNC-Chapel Hill, can you please share your stats? Also, are you in-state? Thanks!
  11. babykoala


    How much of a bonus do you get if the people who click on your referral link apply and get hired?
  12. This might be wishful thinking, but does YU offer any merit or need-based aid other than loans?
  13. babykoala

    How many grad schools did you apply to?

    To be fair, there are >250 programs in the states and all of 7 (I believe) programs in English in Canada.
  14. @wcslp: I agree that 90k is pretty extreme, but if you don't receive an assistantship/scholarship/etc. and have exhausted all other options, what's the alternative: switching fields?

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