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  1. Yes, definitely apply!! I just completed my first semester of graduate school and I did NOT have the best stats. 3.2 overall, and a HORRID GRE score (less than 290). I believe what really helped me was my work experience. I've been a SLPA for three years and I was able to incorporate that heavily into my SOP. I think that along with my LOR from professors and supervisors increased my chances tenfold when it came to the competitive application cycle.
  2. Hi! I'm currently a student @ Baylor for their online cohort, and it took me a total of 6 weeks to hear back from them.
  3. @clc93 Hey there! I interviewed and was accepted to Emerson, but declined due to getting into another online program. I was pretty nervous for the interview but it's literally three questions (12 minutes to complete) and it's with your admissions counselor and it's recorded but laid back. Just be yourself and take your time to thoroughly answer the questions and don't rush, lol.
  4. Hi! I just got accepted into this program and I can tell you my stats aren't a 4.0 GPA or a 300 GRE. I had a 3.2 overall, 3.6 major GPA, 285 GRE, 4 in Writing. However, I've been a SLPA for three years and I wrote a detail letter of intent explaining my journey to this point. Also, my supervisors and a former professor I felt wrote strong LOR. It's pretty competitive what I'm gathering (I know a person in the on-campus program), but not impossible to try and get in. I personally don't think it should be all focused on grades (it's important), but really how a person can potentially do well in a graduate program in order to become a SLP. Also, have you taken leveling courses? That could make your grad program longer than most (and potentially more expensive), but I know several people who have done it.
  5. Thank you so much! It was definitely a journey, but well worth it in the end. This is just the beginning, and I can't wait for it to start! Yes, I will say they are excellent about communicating with you throughout the process, or even if you decide to reach out, they will try and get you an answer quickly. Oh yeah girl, I would say you should hear back hopefully no later than early July, if all goes well. Classes start in August, so they would have to finalize the cohort well before then, so you honestly may not have to wait as long as I did. You're very welcome, and I appreciate that so much! If you have any questions, you can just message me on here. Best wishes to you, and good luck!
  6. You're welcome, and that's good that you are doing your research; I was the same way! Continue to push towards your goal; I received a few rejections before I got my one yes! You can do it! No, an interview was not required! Just the application with the materials they asked for and that's it! I believe their deadline is July 1st, so you still have time to apply, and there is a webinar that is TODAY (6 PM CST, 7PM EST) that will go over everything you need to know about the program! I attended one a few weeks back right before I applied, and it was super helpful!!
  7. Hey there! I just got accepted into Baylor this week, and I can tell you that yes they were out last week, but my admissions counselor called me first thing Monday morning this week to confirm my acceptance. She told me it had been sitting in her files from last week, and wanted to let me know first thing when she got back to office, so they are behind just a little. With your phone call, I would just check to see where they are in the process. In all, it took about 7 weeks to hear something back, so I think it just takes a little time for everything. Hope this helps and good luck!
  8. Hi!! I was recently accepted into Baylor's online program this week! For me it took about 7 weeks to receive a decision due to finals, etc. My admissions counselor was super helpful and nice throughout the entire process and kept an open communication policy the entire time. She was the one who called me to notify me of my acceptance. The cost is daunting, but you have to remember that you are investing into your future and your career and you will pay it off!! The in-person program is super competitive and the same is to be said about the online, so I've heard. I'll be apart of the first cohort which begins in August, so I imagine it'll be some trial and error this first year online. I didn't have a super competitive GPA or GRE, but I have been working as a SLPA for three years, and received awesome letter of rec letters as well as I feel wrote a strong letter of intent. I don't have too much information on what happens next and will be meeting with my counselor soon for the next steps, but feel free to message me on here and I will try and be as helpful as I can! Good luck!
  9. Hey!! I haven't heard anything yet, but my admissions counselor was out on vacation all last week, and I know they are they point of contact to let you know of your admissions decision. So hopefully I hear this week!
  10. Thank you so much!! My admissions counselor is out of the country, but she told me that it wouldn't affect the admissions process for me. So I am hoping that I will find out something by next week for sure.
  11. Hey y'all!! So I had my interview with Emerson on Wednesday, and I am anxiously awaiting (hopefully good news) within the next few weeks. How was the process when you received an admissions response? I was told you have 48 hours or so to accept or decline whenever you got a decision with a deposit due shortly afterwards via email.
  12. Hey!! I had my interview this morning with Emerson and it was more or less the traditional questions I got than what other posters talked about receiving. It's with your admissions counselor and it's pretty relaxed, but you may still feel a little nervous (I did and it showed in my first answer lol), because you're being recorded and it's being sent to the admissions committee with the rest of your application. Be yourself, confident, and let your personality shine! A little cliche, but it's really true.
  13. Aww, thank you! You seem to have a really kindred spirit yourself, and I just wanted to be of some encouragement to you! I'm right there with and can empathize with you! I work in Texas in the school district I grew up in! Most of the jobs here are home health based or clinic. Getting a position in the schools is very hard to get and I honestly was in the right place at the right time, and knew a lot of the SLPs in the district because my brother had a speech disorder and received services! But my situation is very unique compared to others lol.
  14. @Mikaela25 don't give up girl!! I almost did this past year and it honestly would have been the biggest mistake I've could have done! I've worked as a SLPA in the schools going on three years and have gotten rejected twice from graduate school. I wanted to give up, but my family and supervisors have been so supportive and have encouraged me to keep going, so I'm encouraging you and anyone else who wants to stop, to do the same. Eventually a door will open, and all the while you're waiting for the opportunity,continue to build yourself in all areas to make sure you're the BEST applicant for the programs you're applying to!
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