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  1. BlackGirlSpeechie

    When to give up? SLP Grad School

    Aww, thank you! You seem to have a really kindred spirit yourself, and I just wanted to be of some encouragement to you! I'm right there with and can empathize with you! I work in Texas in the school district I grew up in! Most of the jobs here are home health based or clinic. Getting a position in the schools is very hard to get and I honestly was in the right place at the right time, and knew a lot of the SLPs in the district because my brother had a speech disorder and received services! But my situation is very unique compared to others lol.
  2. BlackGirlSpeechie

    When to give up? SLP Grad School

    @Mikaela25 don't give up girl!! I almost did this past year and it honestly would have been the biggest mistake I've could have done! I've worked as a SLPA in the schools going on three years and have gotten rejected twice from graduate school. I wanted to give up, but my family and supervisors have been so supportive and have encouraged me to keep going, so I'm encouraging you and anyone else who wants to stop, to do the same. Eventually a door will open, and all the while you're waiting for the opportunity,continue to build yourself in all areas to make sure you're the BEST applicant for the programs you're applying to!
  3. BlackGirlSpeechie

    Emerson Online vs. NYU Online

    Hey! Thanks for responding back!! I'm from Texas and work as a SLPA in the schools, so I would have to work something out with my SPED Director at the beginning of school year! I have flown a few times before growing up with family, but strangly enough I have anxiety about possibly flying alone going to the immersions. I feel like it would be such a great experience though
  4. BlackGirlSpeechie

    Emerson Online vs. NYU Online

    @SLaurP Hi, I'm looking into applying to Emerson and wanted to know how you felt about the interview and how do you feel about having to attend immersions on campus?
  5. Hey everyone! I would like to apply to Emerson College, but tuition is steep, and I would like to know if any funding opportunities have been available to those in, or just accepted into the online program. I already have quite a bit of undergrad debt, and I'm not too sure if I want to take on more than I can handle for graduate school loans.
  6. BlackGirlSpeechie

    Baylor Online Masters SLP

    Is anyone thinking about applying to Baylor's Online Masters SLP Program. The price for the program is so expensive 😓
  7. Hi!! Does anyone have any information about University of Akron's online Masters Speech Pathology program? I haven't read anything about anyone in the program, rigor of coursework, etc, so any feedback would be helpful.
  8. Hey y'all! Received a rejection from an online program this past December (still kinda bummed), but I'm thinking about giving it one more go and applying to another online program for next year. This is my 2nd year working as a SLP-Assistant in the schools and I would like to apply to CSUN this summer. My stats: 3.1 GPA, 285 Q/V 4.0 Writing. I know I have BELOW average stats, and I want to take the MAT this time around, but I'm afraid there's not much I can do with my GPA in before the June deadline. Thoughts or advice on what I can do to best prepare to apply this year? Thank you.
  9. BlackGirlSpeechie

    TWU TETN Cycle 10

    I'm keeping up with all of this information!! Thank you, and I don't know how I would be able to keep up with you! Can I PM you?
  10. BlackGirlSpeechie

    TWU TETN Cycle 10

    I haven't applied anywhere else! I don't know where else to apply to, honestly lol. Suggestions?
  11. BlackGirlSpeechie

    TWU TETN Cycle 10

    "We considered your application for Cycle 10, and as you know we are a competitive program, but we are not considering you for admission into the SLP program" or something along the lines of that. Very tough pill to swallow after a very stressful week for me. I'm gonna explore career and school options for the time being. It just wasn't my time. Thank you, I appreciate that! Best wishes to you in Cycle 10!
  12. BlackGirlSpeechie

    TWU TETN Cycle 10

    Thank you! Yeah, I def cried a bunch yesterday, but that's life and I have to choose to either let this one thing define me or keep trying! Prayers for your acceptance!
  13. BlackGirlSpeechie

    TWU TETN Cycle 10

    I got rejected yesterday evening, but best wishes to all of you!
  14. BlackGirlSpeechie

    TWU TETN Cycle 10

    Still no word! Is it wrong to call and inquire considering the fact we were suppose to find out by the 15th of this month. Don't wanna be pushy though. They may be behind though.
  15. BlackGirlSpeechie

    TWU TETN Cycle 10

    Let the waiting commence!!!

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