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  1. Hello all, I made a last minute decision to apply to only one school for EdS in School Psychology at Texas A&M-Commerce. Does anyone know or have been admitted into this program? I've been very anxious because I saw that their acceptance rate was very low. Does anyone have any insight on this program?
  2. Thank you! I most definitely and I'm glad that you said they are very communicative because I wondered with COVID that I would being waiting awhile for a response. Ok that is good to know. I have taken an abnormal and lifespan growth and development psychology classes last year and got A's. I should probably add those to my list.
  3. This relieves soo much stress. I have thought about applying in the Fall but NYU@Speech doesn’t waive their GRE scores. I will probably have to retake my psychology class because I took it in 2013 and got an A. I already applied and will see what they say, if I don’t get in this year. I will retake those courses and apply again.
  4. Hello, I decided to take a leap of faith and apply to Emerson and NYU online masters speech-language pathology program. My overall GPA is 3.4. I have not taken the leveling course for the program and I haven’t taken the GRE. I have experience in the medical and school setting in which I have worked with a SLP. I am currently a special education teacher. As I was reading through post about Emerson, I didn’t realize how my general education courses for ASHA could affect my acceptance in the programs. I have a D in statistics and a C in biology. I fear these will give me an automat
  5. Hello all, This may sound like a dumb question, but are post-baccalaureate programs paid through graduate loans or undergrad loans? I've used all of my undergrad loans and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able pay for a post-baccalaureate program. Has anyone gotten a grad loan for their post-baccalaureate program?
  6. Thank you shaktibhakti13! Your response wasn't at all long but informative and helpful. I was able to decide if this program will fit into my lifestyle. It's been hard to find programs that will 100% allow for you to work. But I'm not giving up.
  7. I’m looking into CSUN Pre-SLP/Post-Bac program as well. Everything about it sounds like the best fit for me. My other option was Idaho State University Post-Bac. However, I have many questions about CSUN’s program. I don’t know if the classes are transferable. Also, the Pre-SLP program is 2 years and I saw that the masters program is 3 years. Is it a 5 year program or 3? Im in the same boat. I have to work full-time and have a 1-year-old. I’m doubtful that 3.8 GPA is realistic for me to maintain. The program says it’s flexible for people working, but I wonder how flexible.
  8. I’m not a BCBA but I’m a SPED teacher and I’m looking to take leveling classes at St. Augustine as well. This is the only school you are applying to? Which location?
  9. Hello all, I just wanted to talk to people who got into TWU’s SLP Distance Program cohort 2020. I know they accept every two years and I wanted to know how hard was it to get in. Im an out-fielder undergrad at TWU and I plan to take my leveling courses there. How was the process? How are the classes like? And any other feedback you can tell me. It would be much appreciated. I plan to apply next cohort.
  10. Hello ya’ll, I’ve been trying to find someone who has taken their leveling courses at Texas Woman’s University. I currently go there as an undergrad and graduate this summer. I plan to apply to their Masters in Speech-Language Pathology distance program. I was wondering if anyone knew if the leveling program took financial aid. How much is the program? Also, how is the course work and do they provide a course for observation hours ( the 25 hour required for grad school) Thank you for anyone that helps.
  11. I didn’t know you could apply as graduate leveling student. Where did you take your leveling courses?
  12. I will look into this. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to get loans either. I’m going to look into Pacific University and USU. thanks!
  13. Hello! That’s not a bad price. St. Augustine’s courses are $550 each class. I’m fearing I won’t be able to get financial since I’ve used it for my Associates and now Bachelors degrees.
  14. Has anyone taken their leveling course at St. Augustine? I will have to pay out of pocket for leveling courses and I think they have cheaper classes. If anyone has taken them: How are they course caseload wise? Are professors able to give letters of recommendation? How were you able to get your observation hours? Thanks!
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