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  1. Hello all, I just wanted to talk to people who got into TWU’s SLP Distance Program cohort 2020. I know they accept every two years and I wanted to know how hard was it to get in. Im an out-fielder undergrad at TWU and I plan to take my leveling courses there. How was the process? How are the classes like? And any other feedback you can tell me. It would be much appreciated. I plan to apply next cohort.
  2. Hello ya’ll, I’ve been trying to find someone who has taken their leveling courses at Texas Woman’s University. I currently go there as an undergrad and graduate this summer. I plan to apply to their Masters in Speech-Language Pathology distance program. I was wondering if anyone knew if the leveling program took financial aid. How much is the program? Also, how is the course work and do they provide a course for observation hours ( the 25 hour required for grad school) Thank you for anyone that helps.
  3. I didn’t know you could apply as graduate leveling student. Where did you take your leveling courses?
  4. I will look into this. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to get loans either. I’m going to look into Pacific University and USU. thanks!
  5. Hello! That’s not a bad price. St. Augustine’s courses are $550 each class. I’m fearing I won’t be able to get financial since I’ve used it for my Associates and now Bachelors degrees.
  6. Has anyone taken their leveling course at St. Augustine? I will have to pay out of pocket for leveling courses and I think they have cheaper classes. If anyone has taken them: How are they course caseload wise? Are professors able to give letters of recommendation? How were you able to get your observation hours? Thanks!
  7. I've heard that TWU's SLP program is really competitive. I do plan to apply, but I don't think I will get in. I currently go to TWU as an undergrad.
  8. I have, but I've leaned more towards online schools. I will be working full time because my wife has entered her Ph.D. program and cant work. So we need my income
  9. Thank you. I didn't realize they had an article out about their policy. Regardless of their change of policy, I don't think I want to attend a college that doesn't accept ALL of me. It's not worth me going into debt for.
  10. I'm in my senior at Texas Woman's University. My current degree is in Health Studies. The original track was to go for Occupational Therapy, but I feel my passion is closer to Speech-Language Pathology. 2 of the 6 schools I'm applying to are Christian (Baylor University and Abilene Christian University). I currently reside in Dallas, TX with my wife and son. So, I wanted at least 3 programs that were close to home. Before I decide to fill out their applications, I was wondering if it were possible to be denied because of my sexual orientation. As a lesbian, my wife and I do attend church and have a strong relationship with God. I asked my wife if she thought it was possible and she said how would they found out? My thoughts would be listing her as an emergency contact and financial aid. Any thoughts? Should this be something I ask the school?
  11. Wow, the program is nice! Your stats are really good. This is definitely your path! I can see the passion, amazing. Congrats again on getting in! I'm looking to applying.
  12. Thank you for this information! I had heard how hard it is to get in. Do you mind providing your stats? I plan to apply there as well. Dang, that's a lot of people who leveled. What is the location of your cohort? I know they said that Dallas is pretty competitive. Thank you for that app refer, I didn't know where to look for GRE help. Congrats on your acceptance and good luck in your program. I hope you enjoy it.
  13. Thank you! Your stats are not bad! Your experience definitely came in handy. I'm a reading teacher and I work with dyslexic students as well. I'm hoping that makes a difference. I haven't taken my GRE yet and my GPA right now is 3.4. I figured it would be competitive since it's the shortest online program for SLP. I haven't taken leveling courses yet and I'm planning for it to be longer. Thank you again and Congrats on getting in!
  14. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has gotten into Baylor's Masters Online SLP Program and how competitive is it. I just did an informational webinar for prospective students. I live in Dallas, TX so I know that the tuition will not be too much but still expensive. I currently go to Texas Woman's University majoring in Health Studies. I was going for Occupational Therapy but I have more of a love for Speech-Language Pathology. Also, could you provide your stats? I'm trying to see if I have a change. Thanks!
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