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  1. @Cece93 Which schools did you apply to, if you don't mind sharing?
  2. I believe UT Dallas puts everyone who was not offered admissions on a waitlist. If applicants decline offers, they go down the waitlist and send new offers until their cohort is full. I may be wrong, but it's been a while so I don't doubt that's their system. Fresno sends out notifications the first 2 weeks of November. We should hear back soon.
  3. I believe post-bacc programs do not offer loans or financial aid. I paid for my courses out-of-pocket. I just worked and saved up for each semester. I hope this helps
  4. From what I've learned, there's no point changing your hook/intro, past experiences, and current experiences. These should be set in stone. The only part of your statement that differs for each school should be the last paragraph, connecting your experiences/ambitions to the specific school. I hope that eases the anxiety on writing "multiple" letters. (because you really don't!) When doing your research for schools, look at what concentration the program highlights! If they emphasize Med-SLP training, but you're interested in education, most likely their faculty's researches and clinical
  5. Congratulations everyone! I completed my application on September 15 (due date). My evaluators emphasized submitting their letters on the deadline date even though I asked for the letters back in May. They said there's no point submitting early, but from your early acceptances I think it would have made a big difference. Anyway, I'm still waiting to hear back from UT Dallas. Just staying hopeful
  6. Hi! I think you have a pretty good chance Like you said, some schools have waived the GRE scores entirely so your other experiences should stand out. Don't forget to link your experiences back to speech! Good luck!
  7. I would suggest calculating your last 60 credits GPA to see if that GPA is higher than your overall. Then, research grad programs that will base your application off the last 60 units. That will increase your changes! Also, highlight in your letter of intent your research, work, volunteer, internship experiences. Don't just list them, but write a story and make sure they flow together. The idea is to not tell them what you did, but rather what you've learned from those experiences and how it's influenced you in the field. If you still think you're not a strong candidate, don't be d
  8. I would recommend keeping it to speech-related experiences. Unless there are huge gaps between your experiences, then provide other non-related work/volunteer experiences, but describe how you incorporated speech/language components during those time. For example, if you worked during the summer at a coffee shop you can put something along the lines "providing effective communication and services with team members and customers." I'm applying this cycle as well! Good luck!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm interested in UT Dallas's program. Can anyone share their personal pros and cons to the program? The website had a lot of information about the facilities and services provided, but I was hoping to talk to someone who is currently attending or have attended the program. Thanks in advance!
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