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  1. @slptobe! I definitely want to work in the education side and SJSU is my top choice atm! I'll be sure to message you when its time to apply for the Fall! Thank you !!
  2. Hey I'm from San Francisco but went to SJSU for my undergrad. Both cities are very diverse and great to live in! Sf rent is DEFINITELY more expensive than Sj. As for the programs, I am not too sure. I am planning to apply to programs in Fall 2021 and I have a question about SJSU's program for @slptobe! that might be helpful for you as well. I know that the SJSU speech program is a Masters in Education with a concentration in speech. So If you plan on working in the school system and with pediatrics I think this program will be perfect for that. This might be a silly question but my question is do you think the title of it being a Masters in Education rather than a Masters in Speech Pathology matters? Does the program prepare you for all settings (exp. hospital)? I have volunteered at a hospital and I've worked in a special education classroom before and the techniques with both populations are quite different.
  3. @Madi544 Have the grad programs you've applied to accept the class? How do you know? I just want to make sure !! Thank you so much ❤️
  4. Hello!!! I am starting my post bacc in Speech Pathology soon and I read that for the ASHA physical science requirement is now only accepting Chemistry and Physics. I plan on taking Conceptual Physics at a community college. It is different from Intro to Physics... Conceptual physics apparently has less math ( I guess an easier version of physics?) Does anybody know if Conceptual Physics is acceptable or how picky ASHA is with the courses?? ALSO do you think grad schools will look at how I took the easier physics course instead of regular physics or chemistry? and judge...
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