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  1. feeling very stressed.. especially since some of my applications arent marked as complete . I have two schools that I have tried to call/ email and have not heard back. I sent my GRE scores over 6 weeks ago and they still say not received.. so not sure my application is even getting looked at.. very stressed.
  2. I'm applying to a lot.. Umass Amherst, Boston university, Emerson, MGH, Northeastern, UNH, Worcester State, George Washington, Yeshiva, University of South florida, Temple University,
  3. I have the opposite but same position.. I am also interested in Northeastern, and I have a high GRE score, but below the required GPA. I emailed somebody from Northeastern and they said that they would still consider the application
  4. Hello everyone, One of my professors who is writing a LOR for me was asking how it works with CSDCAS, as she was a sociology professor, she is not familiar with the system. She said she typically puts the name of the program/school in the Letter, but since I have 7 schools on CSDCAS, does she need to put the names of all the schools or just address it to CSDCAS?? Any tips appreciated
  5. I had been using Magoosh for a few months, and they estimated my scores to be 10-12 points lower than my actual GRE score . I also felt like the math problems on Magoosh were a lot more difficult than the math on the real test. So in the end, I did better than I thought I would. Would def recommend Magoosh , I think the video lessons are super helpful!
  6. yeah I'm considering trying to do ABA on the side.. unfortunately working as a para would mean a significant paycut to my current job, so im not sure I am going to go that route
  7. Thanks so much! I didn't know there was an option for degree + 18 credits ! I am planning on taking two more classes in the fall anyways, so it seems like after that I could apply!
  8. Hello, I was wondering if any out of field applicants have successfully become SLPAs. I completed my undergrad degree in a different field, but by August I will have finished 4 prerequisites, and 25 observation hours . I was looking to gain experience as an SLPA while I apply to grad school for next year, but it seems that in order to get the license, at least in MASS, that I would have had to do the associates, or get a 2nd bachelors in the field. I am wondering if there's anyway to get the license with just having completed prereqs and hours?
  9. if anyone knows about this in Massachusetts I'm interested!
  10. bumping this! I have a 3.28 undergrad GPA and I am hoping to apply in the fall.. starting to do research on schools with lower GPA range. Love hearing the success stories, they make me less anxious !
  11. I am not taking that specific class, but I went to UMass for Undergrad, and took two of their online classes in the fall. Their online program is through Blackboard, which is where the lectures and syllabus would be. I believe I received a link to my Umass email. They might not be accessible until the official 1st day of class, so maybe that's why you haven't received a link to blackboard yet. I would email Gwenyth Roost about any issues, she's usually pretty good about getting back to me!
  12. I asked if they accept applicants with a GPA lower than 3.35 and this was the response "When you apply to our Master’s program, the admissions committee looks at an applicants entire application. We have had applicants in the past who have had lower scores in some areas, but higher scores in other areas and have been accepted into the program. We have also had applicants with undergraduate degrees in areas of study outside of communication sciences and disorders. The admissions committee does review the entire application and will score the application based on certain criteria" I just feel like they didn't specifically say yes.. but maybe I am reading too much into it
  13. Hello, Has anyone here been accepted to Northeastern with a GPA less than 3.35?? On ASHA it had stated that they take applicants between 3.0-4.0, and I have a 3.285, however on Northeasterns website it says that you need a minimum of 3.35. I emailed the school and asked if they would accept applicants with lower GPA and I got a vague response... so just trying to see if it is worth it to apply there in the fall
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