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  1. MassSLPwannabe

    Coming out of student retirement

    I graduated in 2016, so I basically had 2 and half years of no school,, and then started taking perquisites online this semester... it was definitely rough at the beginning, especially since all of my friends are out of school, and don't have to spend time doing homework on the weekends.. but if you have good time management than you should be okay!!
  2. Anyone know of programs that have an AAC focus ? For example, I know the University of Akron has an AAC concentration, and you receive a certificate of AAC training . Just looking for similar programs 😊 Thanks!
  3. MassSLPwannabe

    School Based Program vs Medical Based program

    Thanks for the detailed response ! As of right now, I am not super interested in dysphagia as well, but maybe after some shadowing I will be !
  4. Hello all, As someone who is an out-of-field applicant I haven't had too much exposure to either school or medical settings. The shadowing I have done so far has been at a day center for adults with disabilities. I am planning on doing more shadowing this upcoming summer and fall, but I was just wondering what people feel are the pros and cons of the different settings? What do you like about the different settings etc.
  5. MassSLPwannabe

    Aural rehab online summer course?

    UMass Amherst has one, but I don't think its cheap if youre from out-of-state
  6. MassSLPwannabe

    Employer Funded Masters

    Yes that's amazing! I am planning on apply fall2019 so I debating a career change into ABA in the next month or so..hoping to find a company like the one you interviewed for !
  7. MassSLPwannabe

    Employer Funded Masters

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone here as received funding from an employer to get a Masters in SLP? I know its common in Education, ABA, MBA programs... but haven't really heard of anyone doing this for SLP? Just wondering if anyone has done this ?
  8. MassSLPwannabe

    Observation Hours !!

    Thanks for the info!
  9. MassSLPwannabe

    Observation Hours !!

    Which school did you do the online course through? UMass does not have this option
  10. MassSLPwannabe

    Observation Hours !!

    Hello all, So I am planning on applying in Fall 2019 and would ideally like to start in Fall 2020 if accepted somewhere. I am currently working on my perquisites through UMass Amherst online, but I know I need to also start working on observation hours. I currently work full time Mon-Fri 9-5 so I am not sure how to go about finding or doing the observation hours. I know some people had mentioned they did them online somehow. If anyone has done this, would you mind sharing how and through what sites. I am an out of field applicant so I don't really know any professors to ask. Any information helps ! Thanks,
  11. MassSLPwannabe

    Less Competitive Schools

    My undergrad was in public health. I am currently taking 2 prerequisites, and I am planning on taking 2 more in the summer, and 2 more in fall.
  12. MassSLPwannabe

    Less Competitive Schools

    Hello, I have gone through a few pages of the forums and I have seen a few times that people with low GPA and low GRE are encouraged to apply to "less competitive schools". I was wondering if people could tell me which schools they think are less competitive, and schools that look at overall application/experience. ? I graduated undergrad in 2016 with a 3.2 I have 3 years experience working with people with disabilities, which is what encouraged me to try and join the SLP field, but I am worried that I wont get in anywhere. I have just begun the process, and I am hoping to apply in fall 2019 and start in fall 2020. I am from the Boston area..and would love to stay.. but the Boston schools are so competitive

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