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  1. Well I know a lot of people around Boston do sub-lets and especially around the schools there are a lot of people who do a semester abroad and need people to fill their apartment specifically for a semester. Def takes some coordinating but its pretty common around here to get a subletter or be a subletter
  2. Is it possible to do some of your clinical externships in a different area? For example, I was accepted to UNH ( University of New Hampshire) and they have some clinical placements in the Boston/Massachusetts area.
  3. I wouldnt worry too much about the accreditation status! I have heard that you will still be eligible to take the praxis and get your C's even if something did happen with the accreditation.
  4. When is the meeting? I had filled out the google form but never heard about the meeting after that
  5. well I think the worcester deposit was only 200, so if you do get into UNH after putting the deposit, the worst that happens is only losing a little! But i feel ya , I was waitlisted at 4 schools.. and I havent heard at all from UNH so im not sure thats a good sign for me there, lol
  6. I think im like 75 percent sure I would go to Worcester. I also got into Emerson but its literally more than double the cost... and I really don't want to be in a ton of debt.. since also i think were about to enter a crazy recession lol. But I am hoping to hear back to see if I got any grants or anything
  7. got the official acceptance letter today from worcester!!
  8. Yes i got the letter in the mail as well! kinda unclear. it says welcome to worcester state and gave an ID number, but didnt really mention being admitted/ SLP lol but im guessing that means im in if it says welcome to WSU?
  9. I am still waiting to hear from 5 schools, so youre def not alone! I havent heard from UNH, UMASS, worcester State, or Bridgewater State, or URI
  10. I did email worcester and they said they would be mailing letters in 1-2 weeks.. very vague response lol
  11. I know some schools send out information in rounds. I did already hear back from Northeastern that I was waitlisted, but it cant hurt to call or email!
  12. I applied to 10, and have been accepted at 1, and wait listed 4 so far. If possible, I would probably only apply to 5, just because i have already spent thousands of dollars applying between CSDCAS fees, schools personal app fees, sending GRE to every school, and sending two transcripts to every school
  13. Has anyone heard from Worcester or Bridgewater ?
  14. I was accepted at Emerson! Did anyone hear about funding tho? I am excited to be accepted but nervous about the cost, and didnt hear anything about any scholarships or aide
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