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  1. I am applying to Yeshiva University in New York City and Saint Xavier in Chicago, IL. As a grad students are budgets are tight and cities like Chicago and New York are expensive. What do you do for rent costs? Especially for NY.
  2. I saw them after I posted my question lol Thank you for responding 😊
  3. Same situation with me!! I am a post bacc student. My undergrad GPA is low but my CMDS GPA is higher. Where are you applying?
  4. Congratulations!! Where were you accepted to? If you don't mind me asking what were all the schools you applied to?
  5. I am looking through ASHAs stats for grad programs and its depressing!! Majority of the schools are for students with high GPAs and those with low GPAs might not get it!!
  6. There is a Fall 2014 thread for "Less Competitive" grad schools. I thought it was a good idea to start a new thread and hopefully it can be updated if there are changes. I live in CA which is one competitive states for grad programs. I wanted to see if there were applicants who were applying to the "less competitive" schools that are not part of the bigger programs. I know a lot of these schools are in the midwest and south are easier to get accepted to. Any one else out there applyig to less competitive programs? What is your reason? I am doing it because I have a low overall GPA and most of these schools look at your last 60 units GPA. Let's get this going because I know there are others who can benefit from this thread.
  7. Hello all. I am considering applying for UWEC's grad program. I looked through their page and could not find much information on professors who have experience working with children. There are some long or short bios. I would like to answer one of their questions required for grad applications with a bio/experience of a professor that has experience working with children. Does anyone know any? Please send me their name! Thank you.
  8. Hi! I am considering applying to a couple of schools again that offer Spring and Summer applications. Does anyone know if I have to do anything different the second time I apply? What tips do you have for making myself stand out the second time I apply? My letter of intent will have more experience as I have worked as an Instructional Aide, Substitute Teacher and started my own tutoring business.
  9. @SpeechGoddesslol. HI! Sorry but I dont want to name the school but its in the Northeast. Why do you ask?
  10. Thank you @snoves. I will definitely look into that.
  11. Hello! I was wondering if anyone has transferred grad schools for speech master's programs. I am done with my first semester and I feel the faculty are not supportive of me. How can I transfer grad programs? What steps do I have to take? Thank you!!
  12. I contacted my #1 school. The graduate coordinator responded and said that they cannot offer me any decision because their deadline is Nov 1st. Only after that date will they review all application documents and then make a decision
  13. You bring up a very good point. The deadline is Nov. 1st and I waited as long as I could
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