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  1. I did get the email, thank you! I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Did you guys get an email from Worcester about the Welcome Meeting for accepted students? I'm wondering if it was sent, and I missed it somehow.
  3. Hi! That's great! I don't think there's a group yet.
  4. I wish you luck with Emerson. This is really a bizarre time. I hope that we'll be able to start grad school as planned. If you do end up going to Worcester, I look forward to meeting you!
  5. That's great! I did as well! Do you think you might decide to go there? I probably will, since it's by far my least expensive option.
  6. I received the same letter. I wonder if they meant to send something about our admissions first.
  7. The email I get from USPS shows that I'm getting a letter from Worcester State that was postmarked on March 13. Most likely, it's a decision letter.
  8. Thanks for the update. In past years, I saw from this forum, that they dod not usually send out decisions until this week anyway. And the school is closing due to the virus, which will probably delay them further
  9. I applied to Worcester, and am also still waiting to hear back from them.
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