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  1. thanks! Gallaudet is primarily for deaf/hoh students especially at the undergrad level, but for the SLP masters program it is not a requirement that you are deaf/hoh or know sign language BUT it *is* a requirement for their students in the program to learn about deaf culture and take ASL classes that are built into the curriculum. I have a background in ASL and regularly immerse myself in the culture and although I am not fluent, I do manage to get around haha. frabcis Marion and University of Delaware are not accredited, but they’re in candidacy. When I asked about this, I was told
  2. Noted! I have a 3.7 and I will be retaking my GRE this summer cause I didn’t like my scores the first time around. Everything else is pretty good.
  3. Thank you! I’ve slowly been narrowing my school list (it was originally 13 schools). I’m leaning more towards a schools that would prepare me for working in a hospital AND that has a multicultural/bilingual emphasis. But I have some schools outside of that for other reasons.
  4. I did something similar with undergrad. Applied to around 20 schools. I’m currently fighting the urge to do the same thing again cause it was EXPENSIVE.
  5. Hello! I'm pretty new here haha and I was wondering how many schools you applied to? I start applying for Grad schools this summer/fall for the fall 2021 application cycle. I currently have 7 schools o my list (See below) and was wondering if that's a good amount to apply to? Also, if you know any info about attending these schools, the surrounding area, etc, I'd love if you would drop a comment as well! Francis Marion University University of North Carolina: Greensboro Longwood University [currently attend here for undergrad] Gallaudet University
  6. I am also interested in applying to this school and would like to know know info/opinions about the school, surrounding area, and the program!
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