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  1. Just declined my offer at the University of Utah due to finances. Best of luck to those on the waitlist.
  2. I did and was accepted, but turned down the offer due to finances. My stats were: GRE- 305, GPA- 3.93, research, shadowing, leadership, and volunteer experiences
  3. I just declined University of Arizona and University of Maryland-- College Park! Best of luck to everyone
  4. Hi all! I am a senior undergraduate student making my decisions about graduate schooling. I applied to 9 schools (more than most!) with the hopes of gaining a graduate assistantship. I wanted a new experience out-of-state but at a reasonable price. I applied with a GPA of 3.93 and a GRE score of 306. I figured this breakdown might help future applicants get a more realistic breakdown of costs. Additionally, it may be helpful for future students hoping to obtain a GA assistantship. If I could go back and give myself a word of advice, it would be "retake the GRE!!" Although my score was high enough for admission, I've learned that most schools grant funding, in-state waivers, and GA positions based on GRE scores so if that's what you're going for I would highly recommend studying hard for the GRE. Several of these schools told me that my GRE scores were not high enough to offer an in-state waiver or an assistantship position. Again this advice is obviously only true to some of these schools and not too all schools across the country... All of the tuition costs are broken down by the credits of these specific universities and housing costs were based on an average found at rentjungle.com. Obviously housing costs differ significantly depending on your living situation. Ultimately I totaled the cost of my full degree with the cost of 20 months of rent at any of these locations using the averages. I was a WICHE applicant from CA and was shockingly surprised by the expenses of these schools even with the WGRP Waiver. Obviously travel costs and distances will differ depending on your home location. I calculated most of these on Google Maps or Google Flight. I really wanted to post this more to let other students know about the true costs of graduate schooling because I felt really in the dark like I had no idea what I was jumping into. I wanted to be fully aware of how much graduate student loans I would be pulling out. Feel free if you have any questions or would like me to send you the template for your own decision-making process.
  5. I was recently accepted here with funding! I would love to learn more about ABQ and UNM!!
  6. It's really hard to say. I've had people tell me that every accepted out-of-state student receives WGRP and I've also been told that each university has a limited number of WGRP funds to give out. Off the top of my head I would say that schools like University of Washington (UW), CU Boulder, and University of Utah (UU) might be more difficult because all these programs are higher ranked on US News and World Reports and tend to receive more applications. That said, I recently received WGRP from Eastern Washington University (EWU) and UU.
  7. I am in the same boat as you! I would love to attend here, but unfortunately can't justify the out-of-state tuition. I was hoping we'd here by the end of the month.
  8. Just declined the University of Texas Dallas due to high cost for out-of-state. Best of luck!
  9. I personally applied to 8, but most of my friends applied to five or less. I was really set on trying to see if I could get funding from a program. I was just accepted at the University of Maryland and don’t know much about it yet, but would love others to comment as well!
  10. Today I declined offers at MGH, Emerson College, and Eastern Washington University. I also withdrew my application from St. Louis University. I hope this helps some people!
  11. Hello all! I have been accepted to this program as an out-of-state student. I have read that this program funds a good portion of their applicants so I am waiting to hear back if I am offered an assistantship or in-state waiver. In the meantime, does anyone know any information about this program?
  12. Hi all! I recently have been accepted at University of Arizona, University of Utah, and University of New Mexico. I am also relatively high on the waitlist at CU Boulder so I am considering it an option as well. Do any current grad students have insight into these programs? I have been offered in-state tuition at Utah through the WICHE and a research assistantship at UNM. I am still waiting to hear on funding from UA and I believe that I would receive in-state tuition through the WICHE at CU Boulder if I was accepted off of the waitlist. I am excited about all of these possibilities and am incredibly grateful to have so many options to choose from. I'd be appreciative of any information you all might be able to contribute as it will help with my decision making process.
  13. I would look into each program and see what special programs or research labs are unique to they’re school. I am an under grad student at WSU which is essentially joint with Eastern Washington. I’m also considering Utah and am third on the waitlist at Colorado. I would also consider calculating out the differences in cost based on tuition and average cost of living. Ultimately they’re all good programs and I think you’ll be happy with the choice you make. Choose the program that’s interests you most & you could picture yourself living in that location:)
  14. Does anyone know if there are additional funding opportunities through the department outside of the WICHE/WRGP scholarship?
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