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  1. I decided to commit to IU today!!! If anyone else commits there let me know! Good luck to everyone in their decision making
  2. Heard back from two more schools in the last 24 hours! SOO SO excited! Wish I knew at least something about funding though, but they say it'll come in the mail for all three programs. They really aren't going to give us much time to decide, are they? Wishing everyone merry acceptances!
  3. I got waitlisted from University of Minnesota today sad because I know they have a good bilingual program but I also understand that I am coming from out of field. Thankful that I have been accepted to one program and still have to hear back from six more! Really curious about UT Dallas because apparently some people already heard back.
  4. Thanks so much!!! Ooooh I hope you get in! I still haven't received my letter either so the only reason I know is from the email about STEPS. Hopefully they come soon! I'm still anxious about the possibility of funding.
  5. You'll probably get a letter in the mail soon! Best of luck to you
  6. IU mails letters normally but for STEPS they email acceptances. I did not get my mail acceptance to IU yet but they emailed me with my STEPS acceptance today and also congratulated me on being admitted to the program overall.
  7. Thank you so so much! I was accepted to the Speech Therapy Education, Practicum, and Services for Latino Children and Families (STEPS) Spanish bilingual program. It's for people interested in working with bilingual clients and it is a specialization you can apply for at IU!
  8. It won't let me post in the actual results page, but I just got my first notification and I was accepted to Indiana University's program & their bilingual STEPS program! I am absolutely THRILLED!!! I found out about STEPS through email, but they said I will get my official acceptance letter to the program and info on funding in the mail. Best wishes to all of you!
  9. Dang is anyone else starting to get super anxious? I know that in less than two weeks I will have heard from most of my programs. It seems like a few people received notification from UT Dallas but I have nothing. I just want to know that I got in somewhere and I currently have heard back from no one.
  10. I got an interview at Emerson!!!! GAH so excited to even be considered! Anyone else doing a skype interview? I go to school in Ohio and can't afford to buy a flight to Boston this close to the date.
  11. Does anyone know of a list of schools that do interviews? As far as I know Emerson is the only school I applied to that interviews, but no one else even mentions it on their website.
  12. Thank you! I just checked and mine was thankfully correct (probably the first issue I haven't had with CSDCAS).
  13. Same here, I've been wondering the same thing! I've searched everywhere.
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