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  1. @SLPstudent1996They never gave an update. In May they said I was on the wait list, when I happened to inquire in August about it, they said the classes were full.
  2. My GRE scores were lower than what's listed on ASHA's edfind for some of the CUNY schools I applied to but my GPA was within their bracket. Some of the schools refered me to the right people who gave me the appropriate responses to my question. They pointed out that "some" of my grades were not competitive as they require B or better in all prerequisite coursework.... ALL OF MY GRADES WERE B or better (mostly A's & B+'s) except for ONE bad grade in Physics of Music and Sound (C+). Mind you - in my Speech and Hearing Science classes I got A's in. GRE score improvement was mentioned which I'
  3. That's a great idea as well! I don't know how I never signed up for care.com yet. I used to get paid $20+ per hour for one child I babysat in the city (big money + no tax deducted!) from one family that hired me off of teachercare.com - similar site. I'll look into that right now!
  4. Thanks. And I better love it after all this money I'll have to owe ? I'm trying my hardest to plan the best way to pay this off though to help ease the stress. Because there's no way I can "forget" all the years I'll spend paying off this unbelievable amount of debt. Then factoring us wanting to have children, moving and getting a house, plus other life factors... It'll be a looming cloud of doom for me if I don't figure out how I will tackle this. So I'm looking into loan forgiveness, working in hospitals instead of my dream of working in schools, since SLPs make more money in hos
  5. Unfortunately, no. The CUNY schools I contacted basically said I needed to retake the GREs and one of my prerequisite classes to be a more competitive applicant. I really don't want to delay becoming an SLP any more than life has already, so I will have to suck up the 100K for time sake smh. If it was just the GREs I would've given it another shot. But retaking courses at this point?? Nuh uh. ?
  6. Currently, I got responses from CUNY schools that there was no specific reason listed and therefore they had no pointers on how I can improve my chances the next time around. Another referred me to the graduate advisor of the program. We'll see what she says I guess ? this is not very helpful so far though. I'm trying to figure out if I should take the GREs again but none of these schools are responding ?
  7. For those of you who asked or plan on asking schools you were rejected from how you can improve your application for the next term...What did they say? Did they give any details or just a generic sort of response? Also, who did you email? One person from the department (i.e., chairperson, dean) or the department's email (i.e., graduate admissions)?
  8. Hmm! Okay I never thought of that. Thanks!! Hope it's not too late
  9. Is this possible? I've researched it and seen that it is I guess "possible" but in rare occasions it seems. My school is way too expensive, so if I could transfer to a SUNY/CUNY after the first semester of classes (12 credits), that would work much better for me and ease my loan anxiety. I looked up schools in NY to see if they have any info on transferring graduate credits but there is hardly any info out there on that. Would love to get some input on this and/or personal experiences regarding this.
  10. I just spent a bunch of time scouring through the financial aid page and you were right. I actually don't need the full 50K for the year. I will need 37K of that to pay for tuition. Which brings it down slightly but it's still well over 100K ?. Moving out of state is no longer an option for us, unfortunately. So it's NY or nothing. I went to CUNY schools in my undergrad so I am much acquainted with their refreshingly low tuition. I'm wondering if transferring out of LIU's program would be an option, but from what I can tell, it's not a common thing to do since most institutions do not have a s
  11. So.. I actually came to the most JARRING reality today. I just went on myLIU to accept my loans (which I thought were 25K/year) and they are instead - 25K per TERM! Therefore, I will not owe 95K as I originally thought. Somehow I overlooked the actual cost of attendance, so in addition to the 45K i have already, 100K will be added once I'm done... making it a whopping $145,000+ worth of debt!!!!!!!! I'm about to cry and throw up all at the same time. I live with my husband who pays all the bills (except my credit card bills). My income which is less than 25K a year which is NOTHING can not pay
  12. I'm trying to figure out some sort of plan to pay off the $95K of debt I will owe after SLP grad school in NY. So I'm very interested to know how some of you plan to do so or how some of you already have done/are doing so. Some pointers would be greatly appreciated since that number is daunting to me every time I see it ?☹?
  13. I'm a teachers assistant at a special education school. There are a bunch of integrated classrooms and the age ranges from birth-12. There are about 15 SLPs on staff and many other types of therapies. You get to go to goal meetings and meet with the team of educators/therapists to talk about how each child can make progress, etc. I've observed almost all of the SLPs there and have seen an incredible range of pathologies from doing so and also from when I started as a floater teacher's aide (I helped every classroom in the entire school within my first year there). I'm now a permanent TA in an
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