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  1. I am somewhat in the same boat. I do not plan on retaking the GRE as I think my Verbal and Writing will supersede my abysmal quant score. I have a 3.97 GPA but believe it will go down due to the neuroanatomy class I am undertaking :/ How competitive are the schools you are applying to? I have spun my work experience as a substitute teacher, English tutor, and ASP tutor to fit skills and abilities desired of SLPs.
  2. Anxiety about reapplying

    Do you reside in the South? Schools in MS and AL tend to be easier to get into. Valdosta State, University of Southern Mississippi, University of Central Arkansas, and University of Southern Alabama comes to mind. I would totally apply to these schools but I am in California. Hey, did you send a rough draft of your personal statement to your letter writers? I feel like it's all over the place and will make my letter writer change her mind. I took the GRE yesterday lol. I took a 5 hour energy during the 10-minute break and felt dizzy during the remaining verbal and quantitative sections. I hope I get a 4.5 or 5 for writing.
  3. LOR questions

    Did you send your letter writers a rough draft of your SOP? I feel embarrassed to do so since it's quite rudimentary, but I have to send her something lol.
  4. Who to ask for LORs?

    One did and declined my request. Just two left, but after asking on Facebook pages about people's experiences asking for LORs from ENMU professors, it is looking quite bleak. I am feeling forlorn as I am an online student and therefore ineligible for even a generic LOR :/
  5. Who to ask for LORs?

    Yeah the spanish professor would be able to reflect on your potential as a potential graduate student. I e-mailed three professors yesterday asking if they would be willing to write me a few LORs but have yet to hear from them. I'm hoping I hear back from them by the end of this week. Should that be an ample amount of time?
  6. Number of school's you're apply to?

    That's so interesting! I'm having to start from scratch but it has came out okay so far. Goodluck this season
  7. Number of school's you're apply to?

    That's a lot of schools! lol how are your SOPs coming along? It feels odd writing SOPs for out of state schools since I plan on working in California so idk if I'll be rejected out right if the AdCom feels that I will not stay and work in the state. I've researched counties that are Medically Underserved and have written that I have a predilection for serving these communities, but I have an inkling that they will see right through that.
  8. Choosing the right fit School for me

    What were your GRE scores, if I may ask? I have about two months to study and plan on taking neuroanatomy this fall so idk if I will do well in it. I don't plan on applying to uber-competitive programs so I am hoping my GPA will compensate for less than stellar GRE scores.
  9. What's your day job?

    Sometimes we'd get paid 150 if the district had common core training so it's not a bad gig at all. You'd clock out at 2:30-3:15 depending on the school site.
  10. What's your day job?

    I'm a substitute teacher. Pays way more than being a Para and I've subbed for SPED and Intervention classes. All you need is 90 units or a degree, LOR, CBEST, and TB to work as one. Going rates in my area are 125 a day. I'd take my classwork when I subbed for Honors/AP classes since there is nothing to do. Im near Fresno, CA so it may be different if you're OOS.
  11. ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    I am hoping to apply to these schools: University of South Dakota, Eastern New Mexico University, Truman State, Fresno State, Fort Hays State, University of Central Arkansas, Idaho State University, University of Central Oklahoma. California is very competitive so I am hoping I can get into Fresno or I will have to go out-of-state. How many months did you study for the GRE? What resourrces did you use? magoosh?
  12. ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    454 is alright. I got an A thankfully! I ordered the online version of the textbook which helped me a lot. Damn, I had issues with Dr. Wilkerson and the TA since they thought I resubmitted a paper so I am hesitant to ask him. Which schools did you apply to?
  13. ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    Hi, I just finished the spring semester with a 4.0 (454 and 434 were rough) but who wrote your LOR's if I may ask? I am for sure going to ask Dr. Hall since I took two classes with her but idk who else to ask. Thanks in advance.
  14. Adding More Programs to CSDCAS

    That's great! I didn't know that. I can add another program or two to my list now

    Did you have certification to be an SLPA prior to accepting the job in Arizona? or simply had your CDIS/COMD degree and applied? I am in California and it is pretty restrictive here.