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  1. soontobeslp2018

    Doubting my abilities

    I'm super excited that I have been accepted to a program! But I'm starting to worry that I won't be successful in classes or be a good clinician. I know I was chosen for a reason, I keep reminding myself that even though I was accepted off the waitlist that it doesn't change anything. The program I'll be attending is very competitive and very highly ranked which makes me nervous I won't be able to keep up with their standards. Anyone else feeling the same way? Any advice for getting over what I am feeling?
  2. soontobeslp2018

    Physics or chemistry

    Chemistry 100%. My department said that if you’re speech take chemistry and if you’re audiology take physics
  3. soontobeslp2018

    Note taking during class

    My main concern is if it’s raining and I have to walk to or from class, I don’t want to risk the rain soaking through my backpack to my laptop. I have a case I keep it in inside my backpack but I would be distraught if it got damaged
  4. soontobeslp2018

    Note taking during class

    I was wondering what you guys are planning on doing for note taking during class. For undergrad I hand wrote all of my notes, but I don't think that would be useful during grad school. All of my classes are 3 hours long. I was considering typing them on my laptop either in a google doc, or if the professor uses a powerpoint to lecture I was going to type notes from the lecture into the note section on the powerpoint. Since I will be walking to class (around a mile each way) I am worried about how the weather (rain) might damage my laptop. Also my laptop can be somewhat unpredictable with it's battery life, and since I'm not in a place where I can afford to buy a new one I was just curious to see what others are doing
  5. soontobeslp2018


    Got accepted to UNC-Greensboro! Accepted my offer, super excited since this was my top choice
  6. soontobeslp2018

    School Facebook Groups 2018

    UNC- Greensboro is UNCG CSD grad class of 2020
  7. soontobeslp2018

    Do people actually get off waitlists?

    It is possible guys! I just got into my top choice!!!!
  8. soontobeslp2018

    April 15th jitters

    It varies by program. I’ve seen people posting that they’ve gotten called and others saying they got an email
  9. soontobeslp2018

    April 15th jitters

    I swear, every email I get makes my heart stop for a few seconds haha
  10. soontobeslp2018

    April 15th jitters

    I’m trying but it’s so hard! I was told I’m very high on the list so I should hear from the program ASAP which is nice. Fingers crossed for both of us!
  11. soontobeslp2018

    April 15th jitters

    Thankfully my top program only sends out the number of acceptances that put the program at their target cohort size so I don’t have to worry about them not going to the waitlist. Really hoping to get good news come Monday or Tuesday. I was told I’m very high on the waitlist so I should know ASAP then
  12. soontobeslp2018

    April 15th jitters

    I think most schools have their waitlist ready to start accepting people on Monday. At least I hope they would be prepared but you never know. I was feeling pretty good about getting into one school based off an email I got from the department chair but now the anxiety of “what if everyone accepts their spot” or “what if I’m not as high on the list as I thought” or “what if they run out of spaces for me” is starting to kick in
  13. soontobeslp2018

    April 15th jitters

    Hey guys! For those of you waitlisted, how are you feeling as the 15th gets closer? I’ve been rejected and waitlisted everywhere so I’m feeling very anxious about the 15th. I know I’m not the only one! Feel free to post how you’re feeling below! Fingers crossed we get good news next week
  14. soontobeslp2018

    Dreams about grad school

    Have any of you had dreams about grad school? I recently had one about a school I’m waitlisted at. In my dream I got an email from the program director saying I was accepted off the waitlist! Just to wake up and find out it wasn’t real. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  15. soontobeslp2018

    Do people actually get off waitlists?

    If I were you I would email those 2 schools and tell them you're still interested (if you are). They might give you some more information! And also, the waitlists at schools change so frequently that you may have been 9/20 before but you could be higher as people withdraw themselves

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