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  1. soontobeslp2018

    How to get off a waitlist?

    When I was on the waitlist I emailed the person in charge of admissions and told them it was my top choice and if I got in I would 100% accept my spot. I knew I was high on the waitlist so I’m not sure if the email did anything to help. But it’s a good idea to remind them that you’re still interested
  2. soontobeslp2018


    I go to school in Greensboro. Durham is a decent sized city, some people give it a bad reputation but it isn’t that bad! Hope you enjoy your visit!!
  3. soontobeslp2018


    I go to a grad school in NC, the only rural ones are the 2 programs in the mountains and maybe EUC could be considered rural. But the other 3 are in fairly large cities! Which schools are you looking into in NC?
  4. soontobeslp2018

    M.A. vs M.S. degree

    Nope! Simply just depends on which “college” the program is housed in at the university. It’s interesting though because I’m getting my masters at the same school I went to undergrad for and the bachelors was a BS and the masters is an MA. So not really sure how it works
  5. soontobeslp2018

    Open houses

    Hi everyone, I’m a current grad student who will be speaking during a Q&A for prospective students. Regardless of the program, for those applying to programs what kinds of questions do you guys have. Related to classes and clinic, grad school life, etc. I just want to see what kinds of questions you guys have so I can have some beneficial answers
  6. soontobeslp2018

    Anyone else feeling completely unprepared??

    I’m in grad school and still feel unprepared! Take some time to digest what they told you and take some time to decompress the overwhelm. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the program if you need clarification on something.
  7. soontobeslp2018

    Acceptable or desperate?

    I would just say something like “thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I enjoyed hearing more about xyz and look forward to hearing more from you soon.” It doesn’t need to be long just a few sentences will work. It’s always good to send a thank you after any kind of interview, it’ll show your continued interest and keep your name fresh in their mind.
  8. soontobeslp2018

    CSDCAS "picking" letters

    I know some schools said that if you sent more than required they went in alphabetical order by last name of your recommenders. Maybe email the schools and let them know that csdcas sent all the letters to all the schools and there wasn’t a way to change it
  9. soontobeslp2018

    Pregnancy during SLP grad school

    I go to a school in North Carolina
  10. soontobeslp2018

    Pregnancy during SLP grad school

    There have been several pregnant women in my program. All of their accommodations were different based on where they were in the program. Specifically the girl in my cohort is taking 2 less classes than everyone else (clinic and then one of her choice). As her due date came closer and after she gave birth, she was allowed to FaceTime into class and take her exams online. My program is a 2 year program so a few of them ended up graduating late but some of the others didn’t end up needing extra time based on when they were due. I would talk to program directors to see how they typically handle the situation but they can’t discriminate against you and not accept you because you’re pregnant so don’t stress too my about that
  11. soontobeslp2018

    AW score

    Your GRE scores don’t make or break your application. Use your personal statement to showcase your writing abilities. I got a 3 on the AW and my personal statement saved me according to the admissions committee
  12. soontobeslp2018

    SLP student

    There’s a girl in my grad program with a geographic tongue. I don’t see why it would be an issue since it’s doesnt prevent you from being able to do anything
  13. soontobeslp2018

    How rigorous is this Masters?

    I just finished my first semester. I was in class 16 hours a week and in clinic for 5 and a half. I don’t think I spent 40 hours a week on course work this semester. Maybe 25-30, but that’s because of the type of clinic placement I had was very laidback and I didn’t have to do any paperwork like my classmates. But next semester will be a different story, for example on Wednesday I’ll be at clinic from 7:45-11:30 then I have class from 12:30-8:20. There will be days that you’ll but doing nothing but classwork the entire time. For the sake of your family I think part time would be better, especially since you have the option to. No matter how great your organization and time management skills it will be very challenging. Best of luck!
  14. soontobeslp2018

    financial aid

    I would contact the financial aid office just to see when you should expect to find out what they're offering you. Anything from the department (GA/scholarship) may be included in the official letter. but go ahead and ask the university's financial aid office
  15. It is hard to say what makes a "good" application. It changes so much each year because of the applicant pool. I think you have strong scores and a strong GPA. Don't downplay your experience with biology research and stuff, it is still relevant and important to include! I was accepted into a top 25 school with a major GPA of 3.79, overall GPA of 3.48 and GRE scores of 145V 144Q and 3AW. But I did have an internship with an SLP at a private practice, research and worked with kids for 5 years. I always tell people to focus more on things like their personal statement because that is what you have total control over, and also choose your recommendation writers carefully!

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