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  1. soontobeslp2018

    SLP student

    There’s a girl in my grad program with a geographic tongue. I don’t see why it would be an issue since it’s doesnt prevent you from being able to do anything
  2. soontobeslp2018

    How rigorous is this Masters?

    I just finished my first semester. I was in class 16 hours a week and in clinic for 5 and a half. I don’t think I spent 40 hours a week on course work this semester. Maybe 25-30, but that’s because of the type of clinic placement I had was very laidback and I didn’t have to do any paperwork like my classmates. But next semester will be a different story, for example on Wednesday I’ll be at clinic from 7:45-11:30 then I have class from 12:30-8:20. There will be days that you’ll but doing nothing but classwork the entire time. For the sake of your family I think part time would be better, especially since you have the option to. No matter how great your organization and time management skills it will be very challenging. Best of luck!
  3. soontobeslp2018

    financial aid

    I would contact the financial aid office just to see when you should expect to find out what they're offering you. Anything from the department (GA/scholarship) may be included in the official letter. but go ahead and ask the university's financial aid office
  4. It is hard to say what makes a "good" application. It changes so much each year because of the applicant pool. I think you have strong scores and a strong GPA. Don't downplay your experience with biology research and stuff, it is still relevant and important to include! I was accepted into a top 25 school with a major GPA of 3.79, overall GPA of 3.48 and GRE scores of 145V 144Q and 3AW. But I did have an internship with an SLP at a private practice, research and worked with kids for 5 years. I always tell people to focus more on things like their personal statement because that is what you have total control over, and also choose your recommendation writers carefully!
  5. soontobeslp2018

    Housing While in School

    My school offers off campus apartments for grad students. Since it’s university run I use my loans to pay for it. No monthly rent because it’s paid for when I pay tuition and my financial aid covers most of it.
  6. soontobeslp2018

    Ask Away: 1st Year Grad Student

    It’s actually pretty easy to find time for your social life! Even if you have to schedule it haha. There are some times that it is harder to do non school stuff, like midterms. But generally speaking you’ll figure out what works best for you in terms of school-life balance
  7. soontobeslp2018

    Ask Away: 1st Year Grad Student

    In my program we started clinic a month into the program. I felt very unprepared just because everything was so new and I’m in a very unique setting. Just remember your supervisor knows you are new and have never done this before. They are here to guide you, especially in the first few weeks they will make sure you have everything ready. I think it is important to remember that this is a time for growth. If you already knew how to do this, you wouldn’t be in school. Even your supervisors and professors were in your shoes so they know how it feels. Good luck!
  8. soontobeslp2018

    Ask Away: 1st Year Grad Student

    I’m a first year student too, this is what my typical week looks like. I figure a week is a better way to see the bigger picture rather than one day. monday: class 5:30-8:20 tuesday: clinic 9-11, class 12:30-3 the clinic again 3:30-5 wednesday: clinic 9:30-11:30 class 12:30-3:30 then I do planning for next weeks clinic thursday: meetings in the morning then class 5:30-8:20 friday: twice a month I go to a public school to do assessments. Also keep in mind that there will also be various assignments scattered through the week. I also see virtual clients and have other assignments for my clinic class. We also have to complete 5 hours of hearing screenings before we graduate. And even though yummy Monday and Thursdays are pretty free until class, I still spend the day doing work
  9. soontobeslp2018

    GRE Super Score?

    If you submit from both days most schools look at your highest score in each section. At least that’s what I’ve understood
  10. soontobeslp2018


    I emailed a practice I observed at and asked if I could intern with them over the summer. They said yes and I got SO MUCH experience and learned so much that is already helping me in grad school. Obviously not everyone will get the experience as easily as I did. But definitely ask around and take what you get, if they say no to an internship but yes to volunteering/observing that’s just as valuable!
  11. soontobeslp2018

    Just Took the GRE

    I think you’re fine!
  12. soontobeslp2018

    Must have school supplies for Grad school

    We’re required to have one for clinic. But my placement doesn’t need one so I’m holding out to buy one
  13. soontobeslp2018

    AWA GRE Score

    A 3.5 isn’t that bad, standardized writing isn’t really comparable to day to day writing. I personally wouldn’t retake it if those were my scores. Use your personal statement as a place to show off your writing skills.
  14. When I submitted my applications I had a 3.48 overall gpa, but it was a 3.72 in CSD major classes. On the GRE I got 145 V 144Q and 3AW. I applied to 5 schools rejected from 3 and waitlisted at 2 and then accepted off the waitlist at one of the schools. Remember that your GPA and GRE are just part of your application. Make sure you have a strong personal statement and letters of recommendation. You can do it!
  15. soontobeslp2018

    Low GRE, what do I do?

    My GRE scores were 145 V 144 Q and 3 AW. I was accepted to my top choice which is the second best school in my state. Raising a verbal score is more difficult than math because there’s not a whole lot you can do in terms of studying because it’s not really realistic to learn and memorize all these new words that may or may not be on the test. I think retaking the GRE is a good option for you if you have the time and the money. Just make sure you send the test scores from both tests to all the schools that you apply to so that way they can see the highest scores between the two tests. also remember that GRE scores are not everything. When you see the averages for certain schools make sure to remember that there were people who scored below that and still got in. Spend time focusing the aspects of your application that you have more control over like your personal statement. Good luck!

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