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  1. I agree. I've heard hospital positions are competitive but schools and clinics are not as competitive.
  2. Hi, One 'B' is fine! I got in with several Bs and your CSD GPA is very competitive.
  3. I am I am not sure if this is helpful but I was accepted to speech@emerson and was offered a little less 7k in grants/scholarships and my stats are less than yours.
  4. Good point, especially if NYU allows this!
  5. Your CSD GPA is amazing and same goes with your GRE score (wow!), I am really shocked you didn't get into more schools. Okay, if I were I would write a list of pros/cons about NYU vs waiting to next year to reapply. Everyone on here has different things going on in their lives such as marriage, kids, job, etc and our decision would be based on that. With that being said, NYU is extremely expensive so that has to be taken into consideration and while Portland as other grad schools NYU is a reputable school so I am sure finding a placement wouldn't be an issue. If I were you I would
  6. I agree. SLPAs in CA don't even start at 40k so a CF shouldn't be anywhere near that. I know a few CFs started off between 65-70k.
  7. I did! You have to submit your application as soon as it opens. It's too many future SLPAs and not enough programs.
  8. The fieldwork at LLU was a quick 12 weeks (if that). I emailed ~15 SLPs to ask if they would mind supervising me. Out of 20, only 2 responded with a yes....but just like grad school, all you need is one, lol. I loved that the program at LLU is all online and we only had to drive there one time for orientation. Summers at NAU is 8 weeks long and 12 units each summer. Not too bad but with kiddos it may be challenging. I think another girl from my cohort is bringing her kids as well.
  9. You're welcome and Haha, I went to LLU! Yes, I hope you get in your first try. Yes, I have decided on NAU. Emerson was more money and overall I like NAU's program more. Initially, I didn't think I would want to go to AZ for 3 summers but now I think it's the best decision. It allows me to really focus on school while I am there w/o any daily life distractions.
  10. No, from my understanding the ASHA prereq doesn't have to be taken within a certain time frame (some of mine were taken 10+ years ago), just the CSD courses. Yes, if it was 1-2 classes maybe it wouldn't have been so bad but 5 courses is a lot! However, as long as your CSD courses were within 5 years of the start of the program you're fine.
  11. Hi, I completed the prereqs at Coastline Community College in Garden Grove CA.
  12. My prereqs "expired". Anatomy, acoustic, phonetics, and language disorders were all taken at the start of the CSD classes in 2014 and since its been 5 years Emerson needed me to retake them... its their policy.
  13. I personally feel they do. My CSD GPA is 3.5, however, I majored in ASL ( and didn't do that well in some classes) so my "CSD" GPA was like 3.1 if you just looked at it on the CSDCAS paperwork. So in my SOI I explained my GPA, I personally feel it worked because this was my second cycle and I didn't do that in the previous one.
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