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  1. Hi! Has anyone done East Bays Online SLPA program ? Any insight ? Their website doesn’t have much info. Also how long did it take you to complete
  2. Have you heard anything back yet ? If you got accepted ..
  3. Same here! So annoying and unfair ! I have work in the AM so I don’t even know when I’m going to be able to try again
  4. I thought it was just me! How is this going to affect us?? Did u submit?
  5. I didn’t apply within the hour, I applied a day later lol and from what I can remember it gives you two options for two supervisors ,(if u want) also their emails, and contact info
  6. Just curious to see what your Plan B was? If you decided to pursue a Masters degree in something besides SLP? Or what kind of other jobs have you got with a degree in this field?
  7. Thank u! And no not yet! I’ve called on two different occasions to see when we would get notified and got different answers
  8. Did anyone apply to CSUN SLPA program? Do you know when we find out if we got accepted? Or if anyone who has attended can tell me how long it took to find out ?
  9. They said within two weeks, so I guess by this Monday coming up.... I work at a private practice for speech therapy so I’m doing my hours there.
  10. Yes I’m pretty bummed! I didn’t apply until the next day. I was told it had to be within the hour. Congrats on getting into grad school!
  11. Has anyone attended Loma Linda’s SLPA online program? I applied for summer session and I was told by many former students that if I didn’t apply within that hour once the application opened, my chances of getting in are slim......
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