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  1. Where are you from and did you learn to pronounce Wernicke with a v or w? Just curious In my linguistics program it was a strong "v" !
  2. I think this is a good point! I'm assuming your F wasn't in one of your CDS courses right? As long as you're doing well in the speech classes and proving you can succeed via other experiences I think programs will give you a shot
  3. I think you'll be fine! The FAFSA lets you file as independent if you're over 24 years old or entering a graduate program. So they shouldn't impact you! Your expected family contribution will be based on your salary from the previous tax year
  4. Didn't happen to me but someone i'm close to was told this! She got into a super competitive program based on work experience, high major GPA, and research. Still so much opportunity!
  5. Hi guys! I don't know if this is allowed but I live in NE Portland right now, about 15 minute drive from campus. 45 minute bike ride. I'm going to Maryland for grad school so we're trying to find someone to do a lease takeover! I'd be happy to send more pictures and talk further if anyone is looking for something. It's a one bedroom, one bath, 1444 a month. Pet friendly. Building is called grant park village. They still have openings but we got a reduced rate so we have an 800 square foot apartment for a lower price than they're going for now. Walking distance to one of the nation's top tiki bar, Hale Pele . Shoot me an email aterhune@pdx.edu
  6. That's such a good question?? I have no idea! Does your transcript show the % you earned? Like my B- meant I had an 82%. Hm.
  7. Okay so I got accepted to NYU's residential program and has a B- in phonetics. What ended up happening is they would've required me to retake that class through them in these online 8week intensive classes they do in addition to your graduate coursework. You also can't start clinicals until those are done! I guess you need a B+ or they make you retake!
  8. I got into speech@NYU and it seems like a really amazing option if you're looking for an online program. I managed to find people in the program on facebook and reached out to them, sounds like they feel super prepared in clinicals, feel supported by their classmates and do a lot of a facetime hang outs, and that the only downside is the cost. There isn't funding, when I asked about it she was like "oh here's a list of scholarships" but it wasn't anything internal it was just scholarships you could find from googling. I really, really considered it! Turned it down because of unrelated personal circumstances.
  9. I did okay, I studied (sort of) but it's hard to really prepare for just sitting in a room for such a long time. I ended up with 158Q, 142V, and 4.0W. Have had a horrible application cycle but not sure my scores being higher would've changed anything!
  10. Hi! Anyone have advice for resources to brush up on phonetics? I took phonetics in a linguistics department 5 years ago and, while I survived speech disorders in post-bacc, it was a struggle. Starting a grad program in August and wanna be ready!! Let me know
  11. Thank you all so much for your advice! You're all right that there are a ton of pros and cons each way. It's hard for family and friends to understand just how hard it is to predict speech school admissions and oh my god that application process I don't think i've ever cried as much as I did just WAITING to hear back through January and February lol. These are all great things to keep in mind, congrats to all of you who are heading into programs this fall!! If anyone knows anybody who's in/has done NYU's online program please let me know. Would love to chat with someone!
  12. This was my 2nd round applying, I got waitlisted to 3 schools (all of which sent very kind letters when their classes were full), rejected from 5 schools, accepted to NYU Online. So, now comes the decision. Do I reapply or start grad school online? If I reapplied I would retake the GRE (Current stats = V158, Q142, W4), do an SLP second degree program (already did a postbacc. Undergrad GPA=3.3, Department GPA=4.0), and continue with my extraccuricluers like NSSHLA and newborn hearing screenings while looking for more ways to get hands on experience. I would leave my full time job, go back to being an undergrad, and invest as much time as possible into these apps unlike this year, where I was working full time and honestly could have tried harder. OR Do I accept my spot in the September Speech@NYU class and get this ball rolling?? I do like the idea of the live classes and access to WeWork spaces so I can leave my apartment sometimes (lol) but really worry about finding clinical placements in a city like Portland where there is competition from two other grad programs. I might have to be commuting to rural areas for clinicals and that does worry me. I also worry about feeling isolated. Any advice? Experiences applying more than 2 times? Know anyone who's done an online grad program? Thanks in advance everyone!! I'm going to be an SLP, it's just a matter of when and how
  13. I don't know about cheaper but the west coast has way fewer programs than the east coast so they tend to be a lot more competitive! Something to consider. For example, the state of Oregon has something like 3 total programs where back east you get 2 or 3 in one city alone :)
  14. I'm in a second round of applications after turning down my only offer last year! I was rejected from UW's med slp program last year and found out 3/2 Not that that's helpful for this year, but that's what I have to add haha. All the PNW schools are mid March decisions and stick to that. So it tracks
  15. I ended up getting the portal activation email but it doesn't look like there's a decision in mine. Looks like they must've sent out first round of acceptances and will do more as people turn down? Trying not to lose hope....
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