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  1. What are good GRE scores to aim for? The schools I am looking at applying to have varying average GRE scores according to ASHA EdFind, so should I aim to get at least the average of my top school? I am worried my scores will be too low and impact my chances of getting in, though I have a high GPA.
  2. Does anyone know of some graduate schools located in the midwest that are considered to be more medically based for SLP? In addition, what are some really great SLP schools in the midwest and what makes them great? Thank you!
  3. I am currently an undergraduate studying Communication Disorders and was wondering about different experiences in the field of speech pathology. I currently volunteer once a week at a hospital mainly with kids, but I also get exposure to other patients with communication disorders too. I volunteer once a week in a preschool for kids with communication disorders as well. I job shadowed an slp in a hospital once, and I am also a pharmacy technician. Should I get more volunteer/job shadowing/or other experience in the field for grad school?
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