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  1. Thanks! I'm worried about going for a PhD because I don't have research experience. It was not required for my Master's (most of my time outside of class was spent in clinical placements).
  2. I have both my bachelor's and master's in speech & hearing science (also known as communication sciences and disorders, or speech-language pathology). I plan on working for this field for a little while, but it is not sustainable for me. I realized I like this field in an academic sense but nothing more. I recently discovered public health and have been reading up on it a lot, and it sounds perfect! Especially epidemiology, biostatistics, and urban design. I regret not doing something that was more closely related to math and science, although my programs did require a lot of neuroscie
  3. I worked 20-30 hours in undergrad, but I am finding it very difficult just to balance an online TA position (mostly just grading) with course work. In total, I am doing school work and working around 65 hours a week. I was told to spend 10 hours a week grading, but I do it really quickly and spend ~6 hours because I just don't have time.
  4. Okay, so I just had an interview for an unpaid RA position in a cognitive development lab. I would be doing data entry, running tests, cleaning, entertaining children, etc. Is this worth it just to get the feel for research even though I wouldn't be designing experiments or interpreting results? I would only get to see the PI occasionally.
  5. I have a lot of clinical experience in speech-language pathology in diagnosing and treating speech, language, swallowing, and cognitive disorders. I have no clinical experience in psych. How can I get that without being in a psych program? Also, do you find it extremely difficult to do research for your PhD when you didn't have experience with prior research projects?
  6. You're not alone. I transferred undergrad institutions due to depression caused by homesickness, and so when I chose a grad school, I definitely put a lot of weight on quality of life. However, even though I am only 2 1/2 hours from my friends, family, favorite city, and my boyfriend, I still feel depressed here and sometimes wish I chose one of the universities in my old city. Unfortunately, we cannot go back :/ We made our choices and now we have to stick with them or tarnish our reputations. You have to stop thinking in the past, in "what ifs". Embrace your new place, especially o
  7. Attire: I would wait. I ended up being in a clinic where we could wear basically whatever we want except graphic Ts or open toe shoes. I don't even have to cover my tattoos, and they are quite large. Also, I had a different dress code for each external placement. School supplies: I don't use a notebook at all. I have a laptop, a planner, and a couple folders. Most people I know use notebooks, so it kind of just depends on your preference. Therapy materials: Have you not toured your clinic yet during the admissions process? I made most of my own materials rather than us
  8. I thought I responded to this, but I guess it didn't post. Thanks for the helpful advice. I have an appointment with a neuro professor next week, but that is also a good idea to talk to admissions.
  9. Thanks. I have taken classes in study design and quant reasoning, but they are in speech and hearing science, not psych. I have been looking at classes I can take online in psych research design specifically from other universities (Colorado State, UC Berkeley, and University of Missouri). Also, I signed up to take a class called Behavioral Neuroscience Lab next fall. I could either take that or Intro to Statistics for Psych. I am thinking it would be better to take the lab since I could easily find a stats class online. Here is the lab course description:
  10. Do you think a post-Bach might be a good idea for me? Or maybe I should just try to volunteer in a lab for a little while (would be less than a year at this point) while taking pre-reqs (research design, statistics [I have taken statistics, but it was considered the "easy statistics" course], etc.)?
  11. 1) Do you have time for a job? If so, is it usually a part time job on the weekend? I just finished my first year. I did not have a job last year, but I am starting a 10 hour a week TA position next Fall. I really don't feel like I have time for a job, but I need the money and experience. I expect my grades to drop a bit and have decided that I'm okay with that. 2) any job recommendations? TA, RA, tutor. Almost everyone in my cohort who has a job is one of those three things. 3) Is there time to participate in college events...football games...on -campus events? Yes.
  12. I haven't started yet, but from what I understand, I will just be grading assignments. I don't have to teach.
  13. I'm in grad school, and if I had to take care of a kid right now, I would die. I know someone who raised a baby during SLP grad school, but ended up never entering the work force afterward. But I'm sure it's possible.
  14. This is my experience as well in SLP. I also find it difficult to balance coursework with clinical placements. However, I seem to put more effort into clinical placements than most of my classmates, who seem more concerned with maintaining a 4.0 GPA than learning via practicing.
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