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  1. If you do have the opportunity to use an ipad or tablet, I HIGHLY recommend using the app Notability. You can download the slides to the app and then record the lectures while taking notes on the slide with a stylus (or your finger). When you go back to review the notes, you can click your notes and it will take you to that exact part of the recording so you don't have to skip around and guess where you were. I think the app itself was like $20 max (maybe $10?) but seriously soooooooo worth it.
  2. Hi all! I think I know where I want to attend graduate school, but I’m afraid I am not taking enough time to think it through. Does anyone have any wisdom/recommendations on how long is best to hold off on sending the “I accept your offer of admission” email? Thank you!
  3. Schools can't make you respond before April 15th!! It's a national date that schools must follow. There's a place you can report the school if they are not allowing you to wait until the 15th.
  4. To add to my response--I believe it's up to you to delegate $$ for living expenses. I think you get a certain amount and then you decide what to do with it. I could be wrong. So, you would take out as much as you need for tuition + living expenses.
  5. The 20,000 was including tuition. This link may help you: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/sites/default/files/graduate-professional-funding-info.pdf I can definitely relate to the excitement/nervousness. We do all of this waiting to figure out if we are even going to grad school and then once we're in, we have to consider how we will even pay for it! That price per year that you listed is really high. Are you going out of state and have you received any information on GA positions, etc.?
  6. Have you filled out the FAFSA for this fall yet? If not, you should do that. Mine gave me an estimate on how much I would receive in loans. Keep in mind that in grad school, FAFSA doesn't take into account your parents income like in undergrad. This is super helpful though because then you qualify for more money. I think mine was around 20,000 per year, if that helps you.
  7. To the original poster....are you talking about interview open house or typical open house? Because they are totally different. Open house where you're literally going to just learn more about the school is OK to bring a parent, but I would say that an interview/open house is not. I have been to both kinds and while I saw parents at the typical open house, I did not at the interview/open house. After reading the comments and knowing that it's interview season, I had to clarify that there is 100% a difference. Hope this helps!
  8. How much is the deposit everyone talks about to ensure your spot in grad school?
  9. Does anyone have any information on when we should expect to start hearing back for December 15th and January 1st deadlines? Already anxious. Lol.
  10. I submitted my first 4 applications on 11/5/17 and then the next two on 11/13 and 11/14. I got a notification that my applications were verified on 11/20. I'm not sure if this helps or not since I know the time it takes can depend on how many people are submitting. I think I sort of "beat the rush" because it took about 2 weeks where I hear it typically takes up to 4.
  11. You have to submit your application for it to begin verifying transcripts. The earlier, the better.
  12. Does anyone have any insight into what it is like to work during graduate school? Throughout undergrad, I have worked sometimes up to 35 hours per week while taking full time courses and I have managed. However, I know that grad school is obviously more intense and working 35 hours a week would be insane. My issue is that I have bills (car, phone, insurance) and can't afford not to work. I'm trying to ask around to see if anyone things there is a cap at the amount of hours grad students should work? I feel like this has been touched on lightly but not really. Any thoughts?
  13. UPDATE: I just submitted a few of mine and I am able to add experienced but not edit my completed ones.
  14. So I know that it's possible to submit applications separately on CSDCAS, but does anyone know if you can edit the content that is general for all applications after you submit one?
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