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  1. Hello! I follow Dave Ramsey too!! I was/am in a similar financial position to you. I graduated from my undergrad with about $60,000 in debt, and had even more in credit card debt. Unlike you, the financial stability and great salary of a career as an SLPs WAS a huge part of my attraction to the field. I obviously love the actual work of an SLP and the help it brings to people, but having a stable, well-paying career is important to me since my 20s were filled with minimum wage day jobs. I realized that I was probably never going to pay off my undergrad debt with the jobs I was qualified for, a
  2. I got a C- in my physics class and am currently attending grad school! I agree with WesttoEast18 though- you should ask your program for verification, but I have a feeling that as long as you technically pass the course, you''ll be ok.
  3. My fees averaged around $100 per school, but I had 4 transcripts to send to each school. If I added the cost of the GRE it would average higher. I just kept reminding myself that my SLP salary will one day pay for all this debt!! ?
  4. I have a question! Do you use a computer at school frequently for non-notetaking tasks? I prefer handwriting my notes, but am wondering if I will find that I need a laptop with me at school for other tasks. While I obviously used my laptop a lot during my post-bacc, I never felt like I needed to actually bring it to school. I'm wondering if I should invest in a newer, light computer for grad school. Thanks for any advice!
  5. I declined my offer to Cal State Northridge and my waitlist spot at Cal State Fullerton!
  6. I don't know if anyone is still looking at this thread, but in case people are interested, I got an email from Cal State Long Beach and Fullerton today. I was formally rejected from Long Beach, and waitlisted at Fullerton.
  7. The same thing happened to me, although I wasn’t waitlisted, I just hadn’t heard back. I ended up getting accepted the next day. Someone on another thread said similar things to the previous posters though: that they got finaid packages from both waitlist only schools along with acceptance schools, if that makes sense. I called the finaid office and they had said according to their records, I was listed as a first year grad, but when I called the COMD office to confirm, they said I had to wait until I got an official email to know my admission status. I hope you get good news soon!!
  8. I got an acceptance email from CSUN today as well! I already accepted a spot at Cal State LA so hopefully I will be helping someone!
  9. @BeachySpeechy is right! Try not to feel like you haven’t done enough because a 4.0 is a major accomplishment. I got accepted to CSULA and I have good stats, but was also a post-bacc there. So getting accepted is not just based on grades. For example, I have a 4.0 and didn’t even get an interview at Long Beach. Good luck with the rest of your schools!
  10. Not to get your hopes up either, BUT I feel like a CSULA prof was talking about waitlists one day in class and said something like 10 people from the waitlist usually get accepted (because even some from the waitlist will get accepted then go elsewhere!) So 5th is a good place to be! Good luck!
  11. I am officially accepted to Cal State LA!! Still haven’t heard from Fullerton or Northridge yet but it doesn’t matter anymore! Who else got accepted? I only know one other person so far.
  12. I just received acceptance to Cal State LA!! Oh gosh so much relief. Who else got acceptance there?
  13. Okay so I’m trying not to be too excited but I just receieved a full financial aid package (loans and grant) from my top school, but I didn’t receive an admissions letter!! I’m even able to accept or reject the finaid offer. Does this mean I am admitted??
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