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  1. hopefulSLP2be7

    Salus University

    i believe longwood has online classes. I'm not sure specifically what kind but they offer CSD classes.
  2. hopefulSLP2be7

    Loyola Maryland Waitlist

    saw the email today, really bummed the class is full
  3. hopefulSLP2be7

    Loyola Maryland Waitlist

    I expected to hear something, but I didn't. Do you think that means they are most likely full? They were good at responding when they said they would in the past so this was strange to me.
  4. hopefulSLP2be7

    Loyola University

    the fb group is public so i can see it has 44 members
  5. Hi, I am looking for fellow classmates in Longwood University SLP class of 2020. I'd love to talk and share info! let's make a facebook group!
  6. hopefulSLP2be7

    Loyola University

    and you said you were in the first third correct? that makes no sense to me! if you didn't hear today how long is their first third?! I highly doubt everyone in the first tier stayed on the waitlist let alone stayed on for this long. How could they have not gotten through the first third in the second round of waitlist acceptances? Seems crazy to me. Im in the second third so i have lost pretty much all hope
  7. hopefulSLP2be7

    Loyola University

    I did not receive an acceptance email (did anyone?)
  8. hopefulSLP2be7

    Longwood University

    Anyone else attending?
  9. hopefulSLP2be7


    Thank you all so much for your help and amazing evidence! I actually got into a program today!! but this advice is awesome and I hope anyone else who reads your messages can benefit from it!!
  10. heard from longwood on wednesday
  11. hopefulSLP2be7


    Thank you
  12. hopefulSLP2be7

    School Facebook Groups 2018

    is there a group for longwood?
  13. hopefulSLP2be7


    is there a group for Longwood University?
  14. hopefulSLP2be7


    I'm starting to make a plan if I don't get into grad school. I want something to add to my resume that is actually speech related (currently working as a preschool teacher). I am from a state that doesn't do SLPAs. Does anyone know where I can find SLP internship (or jobs near me)? Thanks so much for your help! p.s last summer I tried reaching out to speech therapy practices and etc and barley any of them got back to me and the ones that did say they didn't have a position.
  15. hopefulSLP2be7

    Loyola University

    I agree, it seems like it is a lot of people especially because not everyone on the first tier heard from them yet. You would think if they split them up in thirds it would make sense for all of the first tier to get acceptance in the same wave.

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