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  1. I'm currently in graduate school and I work for a research grant doing assessments. Other common jobs from those in my cohort: 1) Uber/Lyft/Uber Eats 2) Babysitting/Nannying 3) Respite care provider 4) ABA tech 5) Preschool assistant 6) SLPA 7) Tutoring in some capacity
  2. I was accepted to PrISMS! Sorry for the late reply but if you're interested let me know and I can give you some info!
  3. I received funding from Arizona State last year. However, it's very selective and only 4-5 students out of the cohort received any funding (out of 45). My out-of-state tuition was waived and half of in-state tuition was covered. I also receive a stipend for living costs.
  4. I want to University of Redlands for undergrad and have several friends attending for grad school! PM if you have any questions!!
  5. Absolutely play up Spanish in your applications! I did and tbh I feel like that plus my volunteer experience is what got my foot in the door. If you're interested in bilingual/multilingual programs I'd suggest checking out programs on edFind! San Jose State, San Diego State, and Fullerton all have strong emphasis programs if you're looking to stay in Cali.
  6. My parents also didn't understand why I was so concerned with costs! I feel like a lot of older adults don't understand the debt a lot of younger adults are faced with. I hope they're understanding!!
  7. Honestly? If I felt like I couldn't afford a program, I wouldn't go! It's important to consider how long it's going to take you to pay this degree off. Unless the program is offering you something specialized that you wouldn't get anywhere else I would rescind or see if I could defer my acceptance.
  8. My back up plan was substitute teaching or being a paraprofessional. Here in California it's relatively profitable ($160 a day I think, and there's a pretty good demand) and since I already had to take the CBEST for grad school, I figured it'd be fine. If you live somewhere where it's possible SLPA can be a really good career, if not lasting, especially for getting experience for grad school!!! Many of the grad students at my undergrad institution have told me that being a SLPA really prepared them for grad school! I think ABA therapy is also a good route. If you end up really enjoying it
  9. I have not done this but I would take some time to research schools that would accept grad schools credits from a different university. You'd then have to go through the application process I believe. You could also possibly contact programs you're interested in and more information. Best of luck!
  10. For me cost was the biggest thing, followed by interests. Unless you're planning to go on to get a PhD, ranking doesn't matter! When it came down to it the school I picked offered me the specialized training I wanted in multilingualism and a really nice grant package that will pay for a good chunk of my schooling. It also happens to be relatively high ranked, but that wasn't really a factor in my decision! I think for our field it's more of a balance between cost, interests, and ensuring you get the training you need (i.e. how hard is it to get a hospital placement, is there a good balance bet
  11. I don't think there's any magic number. There's people on here that apply to 1 school and then there's people who apply to 15. I think you need to be aware of your financial situation (you'll easily be spending over $500 on the GRE and applications), where it is realistically possible for you to move, etc. I would just take some time look through ASHA edFind and finding schools that accept people around your GPA/GRE scores!
  12. Yes, by the 15th. But based on other schools and their response I think next week is more likely to hear about wait list stuff
  13. If it makes you guys feel a little better I am turning down my spot!! I imagine they're just sorting through who isn't accepting. Best of luck!
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